Episode 25: The Triumphant Return


After a week off for power outage shenanigans, Kyle is ridiculously hyped for EVO, and Kaz finally gets her legendary ring in WoW. We cover the past two weeks of news, including the CS:GO lottery scandal, Pokemon Go, and shady marketing from Warner Bros. Come pause with us!

Short Stories




  • Xbox subtly backtracks on E3 promises for PC and Xbox One crossplay



  • Blizzard sues Overwatch cheat maker for $10 million



  • Evo is coming, Evo is coming! Watch it this Friday through Sunday on twitch.tv.


  • Evolve is now free to play on the PC, sees a 16,000% boost in players


  • Battlefield is getting its own TV show, featuring the series’ “trademark robust storytelling”



  • Street Fighter 5 finally has a story mode out, people apparently like it


  • Pokken Tournament is getting a new fighter even though they told us that wasn’t going to ever happen


  • Wreck-It Ralph 2 is a thing!


  • Microsoft has now made 1 million Elite controllers


  • Tetris movie is now going to be a trilogy, because the story is “too big”


  • CSGO faces yet another scandal, this time with skin betting sites



  • Rocket league getting unlockable crates a la Team Fortress 2, but with some nice improvements