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There you can view the best-performing posts over a selected time period to find evergreen content. We can strategically target relevant subreddits and have our content, which appears the same as every other submission, appear at the very top of the subreddit page. ... here and there completing small tasks. A good way of doing this is going into the multi-subreddits and looking at the top tabs. To create an account all you need to do is come up with a name and password. Here is an example of how Fathead, which is a company that designs and sells vinyl wall graphics handled the situation after receiving negative feedback on Reddit. In case you're not familiar with the term, subreddits are niche communities. Avoid using your real name or personal info. The r/deals subreddit is made for business owners to promote their products, which is a great way to start on this platform. One of the ways you can do this is by looking into multireddits and clicking the Top tab. Reddit has raised about $550 million in funding, most recently raising $300 … From tips for running a business, to pitfalls to avoid, /r/business teaches you the smart moves and helps you dodge the foolish. Here is a post written by Ryan Luedecke, who used Reddit ads to generate more sales for his online business. search. In all of the subreddits we looked at, the most upvoted content were posts that were made up of text. This doesn't mean you shouldn't promote your own original content, because you should, but you can also make use of videos, GIFs, memes, images, infographics, and articles which are relevant to your business, and which the Redditors might find useful. In fact, the only subreddit where half of the amount of posts in the top 20 were images was /r/Productivity: As mentioned above, Reddit is a place for discussion. In addition, you can find all the content you want to curate inside of subreddits, because Reddit has so many different pages with tons of content. Reddit enables you to get in touch with your followers and customers directly and receive valuable feedback, which can help you improve your product or customer experience. | Don’t use your name or personal information, instead use a pen name (a fake name). Focus on addressing their issues and pain points, and sneak in a mention of the original, more in—depth post which contains even more info, and which is located on your blog or website. Morrison’s approach to growing his business via Reddit is simple. Not just in terms of looks and functionality, but also in terms of its users, which it has plenty of, whose visits amount to over 8 billion page views per month. People have been doing this for years and it has made their business grow exponentially. Furthermore, you don’t have to spend countless hours looking for the next viral story, instead all you have to do is see what the Redditors are talking about. Learn the Reddit language, so when you are engaging in each Subreddit, you sound like you belong. Shares of AMC … Reddit also sells an ad-free Reddit Premium product for $5.99/month. Whether its a question, picture, or information. Unlike all the other platforms and social networks, where you have to spend countless hours trying to address your target audience, on Reddit, it can be found inside the appropriate subreddits. Reddit gives you a lot of flexibility over the look of your page, so at the very least get your logo up top. Reddit has algorithms that check posting history, comments and other elements, this is to determine the authenticity of the post. Subreddits are sections of Reddit where you can find more related information. To find content which is about to break or go viral, check out the Rising tab on the front page of Reddit and use it to help your business. The reason why is they get paid once the task has been completed, which is a great feature as you will not get scammed. Marcos Bravo, Customer service is so much more than just a department for complaints and answering calls... read more, 24 min watch Thank you, Reddit. LiveChat is a complete customer service platform that delights your customers and fuels your sales, 54 min watch The best way to do it is give out a free product, thus it will get more shares making it go viral. For example, the Phillies are using their subreddit to share interesting news and updates about the team, as well as their game schedule and rank board. Another method of keeping your followers engaged and informed is to set up a calendar. There is no comparable forum site like Reddit when it comes to popularity with 8 billion page views per month, this makes Reddit the 7th most popular website. We have looked at some of the methods used by companies to have a greater presence on Reddit, therefore making their business grow. Using the anonymity feature on Reddit to promote or your company/product will not work. Once your business starts going big, you're not going to be able to do every single thing on your own, which means you will need to hire someone to help you out. 10 Best Subreddits for Entrepreneurs on Reddit's 10th Birthday Here are some daily reads for founders who want to stay in the know. Subreddits are sections of Reddit where you can find more related information. Find her, When it comes to social media Reddit often gets put in the same category as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. | How Customer Service Can Make You Succeed, The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Ecommerce Sales. Not only that but you don’t have to persuade them to buy, they are already looking to spend their money. Just introduce yourself and your company inside r/AMA, and encourage Redditors to ask you what's on their minds. r/startups. To hire a virtual assistant you’ll need to make an account on one of the following sites: Upwork, Freelancer or Fivver. Find more subreddits like r/small_business_ideas -- What would be your backup job if you ever stopped doing your current job? Use RedditAds | Relevant clearnet sites and links are also accepted as long as they clearly pertain to a darkweb subject or site. Now, you may be asking yourself, “What’s Reddit?” Reddit calls itself the “front page of the internet” but it’s really just a collection of communities, called “subreddits” where users participate in threaded discussions on topics of all kinds. Niche subreddits are full of engaged users who are easy to convert. You must focus on the customer’s issues, that way you know what they want and then you can offer your product. For example, you may have guidelines for the types of comments that are allowed. | GameStop's stock is skyrocketing, thanks largely to the subreddit WallStreetBets. The great thing about it is that is so easy and intuitive, you won’t have to spend weeks or months targeting the right people. As Reddit allows you to post in subreddits, let’s pick an actual subreddit where a lawyer might like to post to help drive new business. Subreddits have to abide by Reddit’s community guidelines. Now you know how to market yourself correctly and you should start implementing the strategies immediately. If you’re a lawyer, were you aware Reddit could be a good way to boost your business? Where Twitter users follow individual accounts to tailor what kind of content appears in their … To target a specific audience or niche all you have to do is set up an ad in the appropriate subreddit, but have in mind that the ads are based on CPM. Plus, your post will rank higher than the others, which means more shares. A … Registered members submit content to the site such as links, text posts, and images, which are then voted up or down by other members. Ikea used this to their advantage, and they haven't even posted a deal on Reddit. With the Success Video Team. 64% of the sales which were a direct result of their social media activity, came from Reddit. You can use Reddit to answer questions, provide top quality help, and comment on relatable posts. A great way to tackle this problem is by hiring a virtual assistant, which you can find easily on various freelance websites. Text Based Posts Drive The Most Upvotes In Business Subreddits. It will soon add up. There is a small business subreddit … 64% of the sales made came from Reddit, just by being active on the site, A good example of this is Peter Dinklage, who is now a famous actor, used AMA to answer questions regarding the series “Game Of Thrones”. Even though it often gets lumped into the same category as all the other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, Reddit is rather different. Depending on what sort of business you run, keeping your followers informed about the upcoming events, deals, sales, and offers will help you keep the engaged. To hire a virtual assistant you’ll need to make an account on one of the following sites: Upwork, Freelancer or Fivver. … Find more subreddits like r/small_business_ideas -- What would be your backup job if you ever stopped doing your current job? Taking advantage of the anonymity to shamelessly plug your company or product will not work on Reddit. You need to get some karma so Reddit knows you’re not just on there to plug your thing and leave. The posts are organized into subreddits, by topic. Since you are able to remain anonymous and have multiple accounts, Reddit tracks your activity and awards Karma points, which are a reflection of your contribution to the conversation. Savvy small business owners can use these subreddits to their advantage. search. search. If they respond positively, they will post about your contest, which will attract the attention of the users, because they trust the mods. Run a contest in a subreddit They have to be relevant to your niche, otherwise you will get bad votes, which will lead to your posts not ranking high. You can also set your own forum rules that Redditors have to follow if they want access to your subreddit.

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