how to ask for a residency interview

Fortunately, there is a systematic way to excel in the residency interview process. You have exactly one chance to say it, so choose wisely. What was your first exposure to this specialty? This list will offer the answers for many questions interviewers may ask, such as, “What makes you stand out from other candidates?” and “Why should we select you as a resident for our program?”. Is there an example you could share that would showcase you in a positive light, perhaps bouncing back from adversity or demonstrating your commitment to your chosen career in a way that still demonstrated your even-keeled demeanor? The first step in preparing for your interview is to study your ERAS application inside and out. Knowing which questions to ask at your residency interview can make a good impression with the people who may decide if you are a good fit in the program. What is your vision for the program over the next 4-7 years (however long your residency training will be)? You can review the footage later to see what others see and consider if there are any gestures or tics you want to avoid, and any other body-language elements you may wish to incorporate. Menu. These are a great time to informally meet with residents and find out more about the program and see if it is a good fit for you. answer might be acceptable? While the number of interview coaching sessions you sign up for is up to you, we recommend signing up for two or more sessions to maximize your odds of matching to your top-choice programs. Clearly, what you say is not as important as how you say it. If the example draws on items listed in your CV or personal statement, it makes your answer stronger and helps you add depth to the interviewers’ understanding of materials they’ve already seen. You can treat this as a “practice interview” before you assimilate the interview format in preparation for your top programs. Finally, avoid putting them on the spot for breaking a rule. Here we’ll provide an overview of the most common residency interview questions and why interviewers ask them. Your Trusted Advisors for Admissions Succes, PRACTICING RESPONSES TO COMMON RESIDENCY INTERVIEW QUESTIONS IS AN ESSENTIAL PART OF INTERVIEW PREPARATION. Deciding if Medicine is for You. How you address awkward or probing questions—legal or illegal—is a personal decision, but declining to answer a question may introduce unease into the interview committee, which you want to avoid. I ended up getting very interested in radiology, which can actually feel a lot like a darkroom at times…”. As with everything, handle such a situation with tact and positivity, but remain noncommittal. Who is your hero? Make special note of any advice or guidance they provided, because you should incorporate those notes into your letters. After you sign up, simply email the following information to using "Interview coaching purchase" in the subject line: Shortly after, we will schedule your interview coaching session during one of your listed times. Inspiring Stories. In addition, list your strengths, values, accomplishments, and abilities. In 100% of cases during our 15+ years of supporting thousands of students, we have been able to schedule coaching sessions in time for upcoming interviews. Find the sweet spot toward the beginning-to-middle of the season when you’re energized and capable, and when the early date of your interview can still reflect your enthusiasm for the program. The program as a whole? Plus, committees are not only hiring an apprentice to learn in their program—they are hiring a colleague whose personality must complement those of their existing team. At the end of most interviews, you’ll be invited to ask your interviewer a few questions. Program Directors (PDs) play different roles depending on the program. This process involves both “selling” yourself to a program, as well as collecting the information that you will need in … A common misconception: Applicants think they should immediately start talking about their medical experiences, especially ones related to the specialty they intend to pursue. Here we provide best collection of residency programs questions. Your Step 1 score is much more important than you think. How do you expose your residents to the varying options of post-residency career trajectories? In cases such as these, use your judgment. Was it the most patient-centric specialty you encountered? They can encourage you to rank a certain way, tell you they would Match you if you ranked them, but they cannot ask you where you intend to rank them, as it is a violation of Match tules. Dear Dr. Yoffe. Top rated questions to ask residency programs. A weakness?”. One thing I am trying to find out about is how much the programs I’m looking at prioritize residents’ wellbeing. - Do most residents in your program do an AP/CP track? You should go into the discussion with a few questions prepared to ask the interviewer about the facility and the residency program. Your official interviews can be stressful. Most illegal questions fit into one of three broad categories: It’s important to keep in mind that these questions are generally not malicious, but they may be ignorant.

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