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She revealed she experienced a certain incident with her husband Jason back in 2014 and finally decided to move away after feeling unsafe to be with him, Hiromi said: "I am not that good at expressing myself to people. I really don't know how to handle the situation. There were also rumors of Hiromi suffering domestic abuse from husband and Hiromi exchanging inappropriate texts with Hugo. The now divorced actress who avoided media attention during the incident revealed that she is … Singers Hiromi Wada(裕美) has been accused of cheating behind husband Jason Lam(林恩浩) with TVB actor Hugo Wong(黃子恆) in recent days. 29 Jun – Hong Kong lawyer-turned-entertainer Joseph Lam surprised many recently by revealing that he is now dating controversial actress Hiromi Wada.. As reported on Mingpao, the confession came in an Instagram post, in which Joseph defended the actress for being a divorced woman, saying that Hong Kong netizens and their mothers still have an old-fashioned thinking and … Hong Kong-based actress Hiromi Wada has broken her silence to defend herself from rumors involving her and TVB talent Hugo Wong. TVB actor Hugo Wong(黃子恆) was also dragged into the matter after being photographed on a date together with Hiromi. But not just that, she additionally admitted that she is in the process of divorcing her businessman husband, Lam Yan Ho. The situation was triggered by Jason's recent video confession, where he admitted to have been surprised by Hiromi's statement about an impending divorce. Hiromi later claimed she's currently in the process of a divorce. After Grace Wong (王君馨) and her husband Daniel Zhang held their wedding in New York last month, the couple once again celebrated their marriage union with a wedding banquet in Hong Kong today. With over 300 guests present, it is estimated that the banquet cost a six-figure sum. In late 2018, a Chinese fan claimed he abandoned her after hooking up with her and got her pregnant. Hong Kong-based Japanese actress Hiromi Wada is making a comeback with a new movie after coming clean about her cheating on her husband Jason Lam with TVB actor Hugo Wong. At around 9 am, Hiromi appeared before the media with a serious look on her face. Many famous names filled the positions of bridesmaids, including Linda Chung, Leanne Li, Janice Vidal and Hiromi Wada. According to Asian Pop News, the Japanese-born actress spent a night at Hugo’s place. This can be considered a clean slate for Hugo Wong. The Hong Kong actor will remain friends with the Japanese actress despite recent rumours In 2016, Hugo had an affair with married woman, Hiromi Wada (裕美). The two had reportedly decided to hold the ceremony there as it was the place the couple had originally met, reports Jayne Stars Online.. Singer Hiromi Wada(裕美) and her husband Jason Lam(林恩浩)'s "divorce controversy" has been the talk of the Hong Kong entertainment world in recent days. She was photographed airing her bra in Hugo’s balcony at home. In 2016, he was accused of being the third party in singer-actress Hiromi Wada’s (和田裕美) marriage. Afterward, Hugo claimed he didn’t know Hiromi was not officially divorced yet when they got involved. The Japanese actress says that she has been single for six months now 20 Jun - TVB actor Hugo Wong has recently addressed the apparent love triangle that has existed between him, Japanese actress Hiromi Wada, and her estranged non-showbiz husband, Jason Lam.. She was photographed airing her bra in Hugo’s balcony at home. Grace Wong wedded longimte boyfriend, Daniel Zhang, in a church wedding at New York on Monday (Jun 12).

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