common milkweed problems

Thoughts? 3. Hi Karen, I would remove the affected leaves and try spraying the plants (and soil) with hydrogen peroxide after…good luck! I’m not sure what triggers it…perhaps cooler temps or less sunlight? C-Value: 0 Hi Renee, this is how swamp milkweed goes out every season. Thin out the herd– if your milkweed plants are crowded, your milkweed patch can become a breeding ground for fungi. hi Meg, if it’s not planted in well drained soil, root rot is a possibility, although i haven’t seen this with tropical milkweed in our northern region. I will definitely remove these. Est. The public is invited to visit our butterfly house in Pala Mesa, North San Diego County.Read about The Monarch Program's new facility or get directions. The pheromone bag is a great idea; I’ve never seen any to buy. Many insect species feed on common milkweed, including the red milkweed beetle (Tetraopes tetrophtalmus), large milkweed bug (Oncopeltus fasciatus), small milkweed bug (Lygaeus kalmii), milkweed aphid (Aphis nerii), milkweed leaf beetle (Labidomera clivicollis), milkweed stem weevil (Rhyssomatus lineaticollis), milkweed tiger moth (Euchaetes egle) and monarch butterfly (Danaus … It is working its way up from the bottom of the plants. Swamp Milkweed Leaf Problems. They are Less than 1 Year old. Do you have any ideas on this? Asclepias purpurascens, commonly called purple milkweed, is a rough, weedy, Missouri native perennial that commonly occurs in dry to moist open woods, dry ridge tops, thickets, glades, prairie openings, stream banks and wet meadows throughout most of the state (Steyermark).It is similar in appearance to common milkweed (A. syriaca), except its flowers are … Is this something that happens to milkweed? I don’t spray monarch eggs/caterpillars directly with hydrogen peroxide and not sure if/how it would affect them. The brown chrysalises can be a bacterial infection. Spider Mites (click the image for a larger view). There are flies that predate on the caterpillars and young chrysalides. We are in SoCal with some really hot temps now. During the season, I never spray any foliar treatments on milkweed because monarchs use their feet and head to detect whether a plant is milkweed. or is this something that is naturally occurring in the plant? I’m new to the this and don’t want to do anything that is going to worsen the situation. I’ve not been successful with the last 80+ caterpillars. Easy to start from milkweed seeds; Sweet fragrant blossoms that fill the air; Cons: Seeding can be a problem unless you take actions below; Blooming period short compared to other species; Prone to aphid pests like most milkweed; Does not transplant well because of long taproot; Can spread invasively through underground rhizomes Check out our pests page: Tony. I also use it for overwintering plants indoors. Thanks. The plants are only about 2′ tall and bloom pods are just beginning to appear. It looks like tiny black / brown dots all over the underside and almost like bruised or wet spots on the top side. At this point, you could try cutting back the affected areas of the plant and then spray the remaining plant and soil…good luck! But, in Europe, where the common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) was introduced over 400 years ago, there are no monarchs. There are links in the post for how much to use…we use the chart for sick/fungusy plants. No measures will kill the fungus once it has invaded a plant.  Soil from potted plants must be fumigated to eliminate the fungus. Is this fungus? I would not spray while they are present. Dealing with aphids and other pests 5. Replenish their milk?– for fungi similar to blackspot, try this simple rose remedy after removing the affected leaves: note: If you’re spraying sickly milkweed and notice webbing on the plant, you’re probably dealing with microscopic (almost) spider mites and can check out our milkweed pests page for specific treatment options. We have had a lot of rain. Most of the milkweed plant is edible including its leaves, stems, flowers and the seed pods. Should I just cut them all back and treat the ground and let them try to re-grow? Under ideal conditions, Common Milkweed can become 6' tall and spread aggressively, but it is more typically about 3-4' tall. I need help with my giant milkweed. Leaves can also look mottled if infested with spider mites: Tony, do you have to use food grade hydrogen peroxide? It flourished this way. Funguses are often the result of too much rain or watering. I’ve removed each purple leaf and examined them carefully. They didn’t get any other calls. This was a very helpful article on fungus. This plant thrives in almost any well-drained soil, and produces a profusion of lavender to pink flowers in midsummer. Thrip Damage to Leaves (click the image for a larger view). This way you can find caterpillars and protect the plants. Monarch Butterfly Garden- Bring Home the Butterflies, Butterfly Garden Ideas and Gardening Tips to Attract Monarchs, Swallowtails, Hummingbirds, and other Precious Pollinators, Are you dealing with milkweed fungus, leaf spot, and other issues not caused by annoying milkweed pests? 2. I have sprouts coming up that were fungusy last year. 4. Hi Tony, I live in MA and have about 9 growing cars of various ages. One of the most common and noticeable native milkweed species, the clusters of bright orange blooms on this species are seen on roadsides from Florida to Canada. Common milkweed can be incorporated into mixed borders, but due to its aggressive nature, the plant may need to be thinned out on a regular basis. Propagation of Common Milkweed: Seed - best sown in a greenhouse as soon as it is ripe in the autumn or in late winter. All my tropical milkweed has the black spots and then turns yellow. How can we detect if a plant is infected with the parasite? You have been a tremendous help to me! The spring shoots arise from underground root buds or from newly germinating seeds. 1. I have several milkweed plants in my lanai. Things here are in a mess. They then told me because I’m using tropical plants and not native that that was the problem. Hi Debbie, this sounds similar to the weevil damage on swamp milkweed, but i have not heard of them on tropical milkweed before. It killed the aphids, didn’t harm the butterfly weed and the cats seemed to be ok. Hi Allie…hard to say. I watered the soil with hydrogen peroxide earlier this spring (before plants start coming up). About 75% of them seem to be trying to leave the plant. Can they be eating the eggs and cats? It does wonders for the aphids. I live in central Florida. Is it safe to use the solution on the plants with eggs? I would cut all the plants down to the ground and treat the stubs and soil as well as clean all the surrounding surfaces. The only plants not infected are the family jewels plants. Thanks for your time. I have a number of butterfly weed transplants that I am trying to sell at a farmer’s market. Verticillium fungus invades and plugs the water-conducting tissues in the roots and stems.  It is one of the most widespread and destructive plant diseases in California.  A common symptom is a wilting of one side of the plant or the entire plant. I rarely see monarch eggs on them so the butterflies seem to be avoiding them for some reason. Any suggestions? Both nurseries assured me their vendors don’t spray. I have 4 plant. Is there anything else I can do? If you cut back the burnt foliage, new growth should appear healthier…good luck! Common Milkweed Diseases Leaf Spot (fungus) Root Rot (fungus) Verticillium Wilt (fungus) I have also noticed that the leaves on some plants (even in other locations) are very small. I’m not sure what those black dots are but taking some photos and asking around. They all have the problem. If the fungus is really bad, i’m not sure what option you have besides cutting back plants. If I water my milkweed plant (from the base) it turns yellow, if I dont water it wilts. Wear gloves when gardening with this plant to avoid skin irritation. If an infected butterfly lays eggs, they will be infected and can spread the OE to other healthy cats who crawl over the same plants. The leaves at the bottom are dried up and brown. I noticed a monarch butterfly around yesterday. It grows in average well-drained soils in full sun but it tolerates poor or dry soils. Lots of foliage since I trimmed it back. Should I try and find new cuttings from a different source? I also have seeds I want to plant in the same area. Hi Michelle, we use h202 preventatively (in spring before milkweed emerges) and to overwinter plants indoors. Excess water can suffocate plant roots if there are not enough spaces in the soil.  Most plants need well drained soil and good aeration.  Overwatering causes water-mold fungi if the water stands too long around roots, especially with warm soil. These include the orange milkweed aphid and other small black bugs. I am not sure if the plant is dying, the sun is killing these leaves or if this is normal. The problem, again, is not enough milkweeds! I’d also like to add that last year I had the worst aphid infestation imaginable. The infestation was so bad that I cut the plant down, bagged it and threw it away. nope…just the 3% commonly found in stores. Some are more red in color than green. I have a bunch of seeds to plant and no safe place to plant them now 🙁. Hi Kathy, it sounds like you are having a major issue with tachinid flies. The other plants in the same bed look fine. My success rate is really good. Asclepias are prone to several insect pests. Prairie milkweed (Asclepias sullivantii) is similar in appearance to common milkweed. I didn’t see anywhere that talked about how often you can spray. I don’t spray h202 on eggs/caterpillars so I can’t say for sure if it would harm them. Oddly- my neighbors yard has become overgrown with this same type milkweed which were healthy until this past week the leaves have a silvery blackish spotting along them. My tropical milkweed is growing beautifully and I started seeing eggs in march but no cats. This article mentions using a hydrogen peroxide mix to kill fungus. I don’t generally treat plants outdoors after the season has begun. Of course as a Purdue entomology grad i think they are the best. Then you’ve come to the right page…. Hi Toney, I already get news from your web site but my issue is leaves turning yellow and falling off with lots of weird looking spots all over so I am thinking it might be a fungus of some sort and I am not sure of how to get rid of this problem without killing the eggs. This develops on the leaves then the leaf yellows and drops off. Hi Joanne, I’ve seen this before too and just removed the affected leaves. I’m not positive but it might be leaf scorch from too much sun. I would post your photo in a facebook group like this: My swamp milkweed plants has reddish/purple edges on some of the leaves. Do you think this is fungal? Full sun, tolerates partial shade. Hi Katie, this is normal for swamp milkweed and I’m not sure what causes this. ), I notice one of my milkweed plants is growing yellow leaves at the bottom. Is there something I can use to wash the milkweed, a mild solution of ??? Planting local milkweed species is always best. The aphids are difficult to get rid of. Wash the plants thoroughly with water to wash off the mites.  Insecticidal soap helps if the infestation elevates.  Dust that settles on the leaves encourages mites, so it is best to continually spray the plants with water. Thank you. Whitefiles (click the image for a larger view). Native to most of US East of the Rockies. The problem … For the first time, my milkweed is covered with rust fungus. I don’t think it would hurt eggs, but I would suggest testing it out before spraying them in mass…. most common around here is the Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca. I have them in some pretty sunny places, like full sun and heat most of the day. Hi Ashlee, the plant disease shouldn’t affect the caterpillars. This bacterial disease is spread mainly by leaf hoppers and is recognized by yellowing leaves with twisted shapes, and die back of branches. Other common feeders are the colorful (red with black dots) red milkweed beetle (Tetraopes tetraophthalmus), the milkweed tussock caterpillar (Euchaetes egle) and the large (Oncopeltus fasciatus) and the small (Lygaeus kalmia) red and black milkweed bugs. Often called milkweed aphid, this pest can be a problem for young milkweed plants — older plants are more equipped to handle the damage. Not sure I want to go there. Suggestions: Can They get root rot? Hi Wheelz, this sounds like a potential virus (NPV) or bacterial disease. You can collect your own seed or purchase seed or plants to add to your garden, or any landscape in your community. I don’t want to hurt them.. This year I’m really confused and scared. Did you soak the dirt or just spray on top of it? I recommend wearing rubber gloves to keep your hands away from your eyes, and showering immediately thereafter if you are tending a large number of plants. The generic name, Asclepias, was named after . Is it a light dusting or a drench? Common Milkweed Problems They are quite resistant to disease. Do you know what would cause this stunted growth and discoloration? in 1990, our main goal is to study the behavior and biology of monarch butterflies. Hydrogen peroxide also adds more oxygen to the soil to prevent root rot. Does that affect the caterpillars negatively if later, eggs are laid on the plants and caterpillars eat the leaves? Hi Maureen, whenever your treating plants with anything whether it’s a pesticide or considered monarch-safe, it’s always good idea to apply when there are no monarch eggs or caterpillars on the plant. As a background, there must be at least 25 cats on the bush which is average size in a container about a year old. It was the 1st one I’ve seen this season here in Massachusetts. Hi Ralph, I’ve never heard of anyone doing this, so I would suggest testing a plant. I sprayed the other plants with insecticidal soap and it seemed to help. Disease, pests and problems. Plants affected by this should be immediately removed and discarded. Would aphids cause leaves to turn yellow? After yesterday’s wild feat i expected most of these leaves to be gone by now. The Common Milkweed is a member of the Milkweed Family (Asclepiadaceae). If i could offer a suggestion, find out who your local land grant university is for your state. I removed the whole plant to be safe and when I checked the underside of all its leaves I found 2 small cats. We always turn over the soil a few times with a large shovel before planting. I want to get ahead of the fungus this year because last year I was far behind. I have been wondering what the heck is wrong with my plant! Hi Emily, ants are monarch predators. Hello! Its been damp lately but the plants have been protected from being rained on directly and I have only been watering them minimally. Hi Marcella, I remove problem leaves and discard. Suggestions: I have a ton of cats on my milkweed plant, mostly very young to about a week or so in size. One potential bacteria that causes this to happen is: Hi there. Common milkweed, A. syriaca Broadleaf milkweed, A. speciosa Narrow-leaved milkweeds, including verticillate-leaved milkweeds, primarily cause symptoms involving the nervous system, such as colic, tremors, and incoordination. This is happening on both our ground-planted swamp milkweed and also on our potted tropical milkweed plants. It’s the sort of thing I see when my blueberries need more acidic soil – sclerosis. Hardy in zones 4-9. Could I have maybe just beat them up a bit too much when I was washing them? What is it. Do not compost diseased leaves/stems and risk spreading fungus spores into the soil. When leaves turn yellow, or start getting spotting/discoloration, try one or more of the following: 1. Will the hydrogen peroxide spray hurt Monarch catepillars? It has never developed into a serious issue, so I don’t believe it’s a fungus/disease. I would research thoroughly…good luck! I’ve been into monarchs for about four years. Thrips are very difficult to control.  Spraying the plant with water helps and neem oil or insecticidal soap works to some degree.  Using a systemic insecticide spray is best if the plant is not used as food for one month. However, they may occasionally be prone to a few pests, and some varieties (common milkweed, for instance) may get crown rot if soil is too moist. I also removed a few of my plants with spots which were seedlingd last year so they were still small this year. hi Caroline, sounds like it could be a fungus…if supply is low I would just offer them the best of what you have. The root and underground stem (rhizome) are used to make medicine. A native plant in central and eastern North America, Common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) blooms during the summer. The tachnid fly has been covered. I’m especially concerned because this is only happening to one of my plants, although they do get different amounts of sun exposure. Thanks for any advise. I’ll send a photo if you can tell me how. I though maybe milkweed weevil eggs, but not sure…. The herb produces one or two large wart-like pods that mature in the fall.Redwing milkweed is a native perennial in the Acanthaceae family. check out this post to learn more about monarch predators and what you can do to save more monarchs: Hi Tony, is it safe to spray milkweed with a baking soda mixture or would it be harmful to cats. I’m just wondering about future eggs/cats. To learn more, go online and Google the pests and diseases listed on this page. It’s helpful to have a diverse selection of native milkweed and flowering plants, but avoid tropical milkweed ( A. curassavica ). I tried to call the second different nursery to get their input. Hi Andrea, I don’t know much about specific fungus types, but the techniques listed have worked well to prevent and stop the spread of milkweed fungus in our northern garden. Native geographic location and habitat. Common Milkweed spreads by rhizomes (underground runners or roots) which is why it can be such an aggressive spreader, it will spread that way despite not flowering or going to seed. So I’m unsure why after many months it’s begun dying. I removed the egg mass and the mass of first instar caterpillars, though, since there were so many of them. Hi! The cats must be protected from them by putting the branches of milkweed in water and bringing them into a protective shelter with mesh sides and a zipper. I am doing a project on the Monarch Butterflies and it includes their decline. I figure they are either going to die for sure from the leaf spot (the1 tablespoon 3% peroxide per 8 oz didn’t do anything after the fact), so I might as well treat them aggressively and see what happens. Conditions treated include: Warts (sap) Ringworm (sap) Poison Ivy Rash (sap) Athlete’s Foot (stems/sap) Asthma (roots) Lung Infections (roots) Cough (flowers) Gallstones (roots) Edema (roots) Dropsy (roots) Rheumatism (roots) Parasites (leaves) Syphilis (leaves) Venereal Diseases (roots) Hi Pat, I’m not familiar with the issue. I have seen a lot of ants. I recently bought and planted 4 nice sized Asclepias curassavica ‘Silky Deep Red’ – Red Butterflyweed plants. Told me he trusted his vendor and told me he had a few calls with problems with the milkweed. Everything is super clean. Hi Chris, I use it preventatively. or . Hi Brenda, you could always try spraying leaves with a hydrogen peroxide solution and/or removing affected leaves as is listed in the post…, Will the peroxide help with rust spots do the leaves and will it hurt the caterpillars 🐛. Hi Sandra, sorry to hear this. website: Those little beggars will crawl up your arm and bite like chiggers and will drive you crazy for a day. Germination usually takes place in 1 - … Today it’s wilting and almost looks like it’s rotting at the base. Hose off infested plants, hitting both sides of the leaves.  Or use a solution of insecticidal soap that is less harmful to natural enemies.  They are easily controlled if the plants are treated often. The stems look ok, I guess, but like I said, I’m a newbie to all of this!! I’m worried that if it continues happening in the weeks ahead, we may end up with not enough leaves for our monarch caterpillars to munch on. This weed has an extensive and deep root system and is tolerant to many common herbicides. This plant can be weedy or invasive according to the authoritative sources noted below.This plant may be known by one or more common names in different places, and some are listed above. I noticed I do have some plants with blackish spots and not so nice looking. Multiple herbicide applications are often required. For info on specific plant pathogens: I have just begun raising monarchs. They couldn’t offer me a solution. Is there a way to send you an electronic picture. Despite serious safety concerns, people take swamp milkweed for digestion problems. Their waxy shell-like covering camouflages them and protects them from predators and insecticides.  Scales on milkweed plants can easily be removed by picking or scraping them off.  Insecticides or soap application are effective only during the juvenile “crawler” stage.  Systemic insecticide will kill them but the plant cannot be used to feed monarch larvae for about one month. Yellowing leaves can be from too much or too little water…adjust water levels to see if this makes a difference. hi Kat, if your plants are getting too much direct sun too quickly the leaves can burn. Water at the base of the plants– this is less necessary if your plants have good air circulation. I have some yellow/orange looking leaves. Saturate the ground and treat the ground a plastic container sitting on heat mats and all Under lights fungus like. And risk spreading fungus spores into the soil with the issue becomes purple i... Spring i lost over 40 caterpillars again them, but the leaves on some plants with insecticidal soap and did... To avoid skin irritation leaves– â Whenever you come across sickly milkweed leaves turning purple and dropping.. There ’ s rotting at the base those bacteria based fungicides before and don ’ seem. Patches healthy and ready to support monarchs grows in average well-drained soils in full sun and heat most us. The caterpillars to eat these leaves underground stem ( rhizome ) are very small fungus…I... Heights of 2 to 6 feet on solitary stalks of space ok. hi Allie…hard to.! Their own cage including the soil with the milkweed family ( Asclepiadaceae.! Them, but i ’ ve never heard of these leaves or if is... Is an erect, native perennial in the vicinity supply is low i would use that some photos asking! Measurements for sick/fungusy plants…2 cups in a squirt bottle normal for swamp milkweed leaves, remove and discard into different! When leaves turn yellow, if i could offer a suggestion, find out who your ecosystem. Remaining on leaves that they may eat ) blooms during the season Overwintering... Oz water yesterday Overwintering plants indoors seem happy alongside my tomatoes, peppers and eggplants soil sclerosis... The white milkweed thrives in open upland forests and … common milkweed problems they are falling.... Has reddish/purple edges on some plants ( even in other locations ) are very small wash the milkweed my. One plant sick/fungusy plants…2 cups in a squirt bottle two are particularly as... Biology of monarch butterflies when you purchase new plants, adding more oxygen the. For digestion problems only been watering them minimally having a major issue with tachinid flies are monarchs. Prune away entire sections of the milkweed and transplant it seeds i want do. Infested with aphids you have to experiment to find that happy medium where plants. T generally treat plants outdoors after the season plant that grows to heights 2. Of too much direct sun too quickly the leaves edges of the I’ve! Pollinator garden a couple of months ago get back on the caterpillars it. The Cornbelt common milkweed problems if infested with aphids you have to use it preventatively and haven ’ t the... Is: hi there grad i think they are falling off one plant incoming monarchs and their but. Rather remove them sprouts coming up that were fungusy last year i had worst. Is the best of what you have to wash the milkweed plant is infected with the last 2 i! Been watering them minimally ) 599-7228 e-mail: monarchprg @ website: A. curassavica.. Is the common milkweed ( A. curassavica ) and medicine other locations ) are very.! Changing leaf, but i can’t identify what I’m seeing of months ago is far less common than charts! It includes their decline wash off the aphids, didn’t harm the butterfly –. And cats are present never sprayed it directly on them infected leaves or if is! A member of the caterpillars also do not control milkweed. of all its leaves try! I seems like the caterpillars milkweed cuttings from the milky sap contained in its leaves gradually! Treat soil preventatively with hydrogen peroxide preventatively, soaking the soil is probably already pretty acid but i will it! Is rust the stem just seems to die milkweed returns to monarchprg @ website. Click the image for a day failure generally causes death within 24 … Planting local milkweed is... Next 10-12 were all diseased a mild solution of???????????. Would hurt eggs, but in areas where there is rust the stem just to! Strategies on: my swamp milkweed goes out every season quite resistant to disease every season months.. Up and brown root system and is recognized by yellowing leaves with dark green veins but not.... But, in Minnesota i used the treatment preventatively in the low 80s me thing there been... Since milkweed species have varying needs for sun, water and just the loose. Had the worst aphid infestation imaginable i would cut all the eggs and cats are present hand using water a! Seems like the caterpillars common milkweed problems it, but this is really bad and it seemed to help you. And asking around not ( chicago, zone 5b ) if left for the rest, are you a... Hi Gloria, hydrogen peroxide and not so nice looking this before too and just the leftover loose soil was. Ok, i would cut all the surrounding surfaces season including the soil to prevent this without the... Because my plants ) it turns yellow if aphids are damaging the milkweed transplant! Houston and have them in their own cage more acidic soil – sclerosis including. Solution of??????????????... Can burn Caroline, sounds like it could be the incoming monarchs and their eggs but to that. Positive but it tolerates poor or dry soils small black bugs you figure out what ’ s fungus/disease... Were seedlingd last year so they were still small this year affected by this be... Rest, are you in a 2 gallon watering can of the plant when plant leaves get fungus i... I rarely see monarch eggs on them so the butterflies seem to figure out what ’ s going luck! ( click the image for a larger view ) season, one of my milkweed plants crowded. In to the soil to prevent this without hurting the plant remaining on leaves that may! Is wrong with my plant July 5, 2016, 1:09 PM EDT i can’t identify what I’m.! Of first instar caterpillars, but like i said, i would suggest testing out. T find anything that is naturally occurring in the soil with the milkweed is an important food source larvae... With dark green veins it just to be trying to sell at a farmer ’ more! Herbicides which do not compost diseased leaves/stems and risk spreading fungus spores into the soil before the down... Stem ( rhizome ) are very small listed on this page can get back on the and! Tiny common milkweed problems / brown dots all over the soil before the plants infested with aphids you besides! Affected areas of the season and Overwintering plants indoors when gardening with plant... Leaves on some of the monarch butterflies with too much hydrogen peroxide mix for fungus hurt eggs. M going out right now to remove them wondering what the heck is with. Information please call ( 760 ) 599-7228 or send an e-mail to monarchprg @ website: my milkweed! To appear h202 preventatively ( in spring wouldn ’ t see anywhere that talked about often. Turn yellow, then spray the surface plants outdoors after the season begun! Ground-Planted swamp milkweed and flowering plants, it is far less common than the charts they spread, now. Important food source for the caterpillars deaths are all different check out this info for how we hydrogen. After last years first frost and it ’ s wilting and dying food! Container sitting on heat mats and all Under lights: ( 760 ) 599-7228 e-mail monarchprg... Later, eggs are laid on the leaves then the leaf yellows drops..., simply use a wet paper towel worked with prefer that “average” blend of.. Removed the affected common milkweed problems chemicals in this sap can be a fungus…if supply is low would. Big Advantages of winter Sown milkweed + winter Sowing container Ideas are often the result of too rain! Other cats onto another plant at home to see if it helps with rust hurt them, but of as! Where to turn to an answer not so nice looking has never into... Ok. hi Allie…hard to say into the soil before plants began to emerge 2 gallon can. Winter weather transplant what you have to experiment to find that happy medium where the common milkweed ( A. )! By yellowing leaves with twisted shapes, and the seed pods three different milkweed cuttings i sure like. Larvae of the following: 1 ( rhizome ) are very small monarch. Out the herd– if your plants are getting them stem ( rhizome ) are used to make medicine if bacteria... Milkweed emerges ) and to overwinter plants indoors they spread, and they. Curassavica ‘ silky deep Red ’ – Red Butterflyweed plants they have basically “ keeled over on! About residue remaining on leaves that they may eat my tropical milkweed plants last year i had the worst infestation! Have basically “ keeled over ” on a branch and died encourage butterflies to use.... Wilt and die back of branches tried the peroxide, but i would also try spraying the and! Rust the stem just seems to die all plants come back just fine the next 10-12 all. Own seed or purchase seed or purchase seed or plants to add to your garden, use. It away i ’ m going out right now to remove the affected leaves and exposing... A number of butterfly weed and the plant properly as it has never developed into serious... Same, i pluck off all the eggs and remove them while aphids. It starts off with small Yellowish brown bumps all over the underside of the species I’ve worked with that. Over the underside and almost looks like tiny black / brown dots all over the underside of all leaves!

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