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Ingredient Weight. In … Prepare 200 gm of condensed milk. Dec 20, 2017 - Once you step out of your home, you simply can’t deny that christmas is in the air. The original recipe was suggested by Archana of Tangy Minds and the recipe had eggs. However, as with any other cake recipe, I also got a ton of. Eggless Plum Cake Ingredients: – 2 tbsp Dates (chopped) – 2 tbsp Tutti Frutti – 2 tbsp Cranberries (chopped) – 2 tbsp Glazed Cranberries (chopped) – 2 tbsp Black Raisins (chopped) – 2 tbsp Golden Raisins – 1/2 cup Aerated Orange Drink – 1 cup Refined Flour – 1 cup Powdered Sugar – 1 tbsp Cocoa Powder – 1/2 tsp Baking Soda Better late than never. Christmas Cake | Plum Cake | Fruit Cake, is a cake loaded with dried fruits, peels and nuts and is quite boozy.This recipe is an easy and instant version of the popular Christmas Cake. I am always fond of plum cakes and today I have tried to baked a non-alchoholic version of fruit cake and the outcome was amazing. Don’t be like me and worry about it, it’s really not that hard, you just need to be careful while doing it. 1 tbs black raisins. But this version I have given below is an eggless, non-alcoholic version. It's 1/2 cup of oil. Eggless Christmas Plum Cake instructions. Eggless Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe | Christmas Plum Cake (no eggs, no alcohol) Eggless christmas fruit cake is a delectable cake that is super-moist and packed with flavours. This rich orange juice soaked dried fruits cake is absolutely… All the supermarkets, stores and malls are dressed in beautiful red and green. The nuts and dry fruits are steeped in the liquor of choice or in fresh orange juice, and the cake is additionally loaded with nuts making it a wholesome cake full of bites. This is my first post on Eggless Christmas Fruit cake recipe without alcohol/ rum and condensed milk. Here is an easy microwave plum cake/ dry fruit cake recipe that can be prepared under 3 minutes for you all. Eggless Christmas Plum Cake. Method 1. 5.Bake the cake at 180 deg C for 1 hour 15 mins. cake is too This eggless fresh plum cake is also a dairy-free and vegan cake. Pillsbury™ Egg free Spice Cake Mix: 1000gm: Water: 400gm: Oil: 300gm: Cocoa powder: 25gm: Black Jack (Caramel) 25gm: Mixed fruits: 400gm: Preparation. Plum cake is a special cake with lots of dry fruits inside the cake made during Christmas season or for the Christmas festival.. Eggless Plum Cake Is A Christmas Special Cake. but one doubt …I feel the amount of butter is a bit less compared to other recipes…will it be dry because of reduced amount of butter….I want a moist cake….. We celebrated the last two years of Christmas with cakes made out of this Eggless Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe and this year also I made cake using the same recipe and also made several bakes as shown in the picture at the end of the post. The music and the variety of goods on display only adds to the charm. Plum pudding (otherwise known as Christmas pudding) is a traditional Christmas dish served in Britain, usually aged for months, soaked in alcohol and lit, creating a blue flame. A must have for your Christmas menu. Add roughly chopped mixed fruits, fruit juice (or rum/brandy if using) in a bowl and mix well. Let us celebrate Christmas with this delicious eggless Plum Cake. eggless christmas fruit cake / kerala plum cake Christmas fruit cake is soft, moist and heavenly filled with dry fruits and nuts. Here is how you achieve it. 2 tbs dry cranberries. Fistful of dry fruits (chopped cashews, walnuts and sliced almonds). Come December and my kids talk only about the Christmas and their presents by Santa. Recently I Made This Cake … The recipe is pretty simple, and we will make a soft and moist cake with fresh plums. Having gone to a convent school, we celebrated christmas … 1.Grease a cake loaf pan with butter & Preheat your oven to 170 degrees celsius.. 2.Seive 1/2 Cup whole wheat flour, 1 Cup all purpose flour, 1/2 tsp cinnamon powder & 1/4th pinch grated nutmeg along with 1 tsp baking powder.. 3.Add 2/3 Cup melted butter & mix gently. Now there can be many variations to this recipe – you can choose your favourite dried fruits and nuts and also juice in which we soak the fruits. This Recipe Provides Step By Step Instructions To Prepare Fresh Plum Cake With Photos And Video. Though I’ve tried some eggless plum cake recipes earlier, I couldn’t post any. Having gone to a convent school, we celebrated christmas … eggless and vegan plum cake recipe. Wishing everyone reading this blog a Merry Christmas This non-alcoholic fruit cake recipe is super easy and taste divine. You need 1 tsp of vanilla essence. Eggless fruit cake recipe or eggless plum cake recipe, a great cake for Christmas season that requires no eggs to prepare. It is easy to put together. In India, Christmas and plum cake go hand in hand, an idea the British left behind. This special plum cake requires soaking of dry fruits at-least 2-3 days in advance. 1 tbs chopped dried apricots. In my baking experience, I have made many fruit cakes that were dense and not very appealing. Soak the dry fruits in orange juice overnight or at least 2 hours. I saved it for Christmas. All the supermarkets, stores and malls are dressed in beautiful red and green. 2 tbs chopped seedless dates. The plum cake was the one that added sweetness to the special celebrations of Christmas. Dec 23, 2011 - Once you step out of your home, you simply can’t deny that christmas is in the air. I googled & found this eggless plum cake is the one which is mostly prepared for Christmas. This was the other recipe which Swathi gave for the Baking Partner’s challenge this month. The music and the variety of goods on display only adds to the charm. To make the caramel syrup:- in a pan add 3 tbsp sugar with 1tsp water and melt it till caramelized. Recipe Ingredients. It is loaded with loads of fruits such as almonds, cashews, pistachios and other ingredients such as raisins which are available in different colors such as green raisins commonly called as kishmish, black raisins and red raisins. The Recipe Follows Quick And Simple Steps To Prepare Dry Fruits, Batter Preparation And Bake It. So, we are here with an eggless Christmas plum cake recipe that will give you some Christmas vibes. It's 1/4 cup of coke or pepsi. This is a fail proof recipe and planned previous… It's of For the cake (Wet ingredients). Eggless Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe / Plum Cake is usually light or dark brown in colour, have a crumbled texture, enriched with dry fruits and nuts. Grease the cake mould with butter. I should have posted this eggless, microwave fruit cake recipe without alcohol/ rum before Christmas. Mine was done exactly in 1 hour…check if the top has browned and if a tooth inserted in center comes out clean.Check after 1 hour then proceed baking.Immediately transfer and place the cake tin on a wet cloth for easy unmoulding. This cake has wonderful … The key in making plum cake is the baking time. 1 cup orange juice. Christmas fruit cake is a must. This Kerala plum cake recipe requires you to caramelise sugar into a thick sugar syrup. This vegan fruit cake is one of my family favorite. I shared Omana Paul's Plum Cake Recipe last year and quite a few people have tried it and shared feedback. Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe Here Does Not Include Any Alcohol Or Egg With The Replacement Of Fruit Juice And Yogurt. As my son can’t have eggs I am planning to make your recipe for eggless plum cake…. Preheat the oven to 180 degree Celsius. An eggless Plum Cake recipe for your customers. Christmas Plum Cake Recipe is a boozy, dark, intense cake that is made in advance for Christmas. This Eggless Christmas Fruit Cake is much more richer in texture & taste. It is said dry fruit and nuts are soaked in rum/wine before six months itself and allowed to ferment. eggless plum cake recipe with stepwise photos. But I couldn't do it as I was busy with some personal work. Step by Step Kerala Plum Cake / Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe. 1 tbs green raisins. I wanted to post a perfect eggless fruit cake recipe for christmas. Though 8 hours of minimum soaking is also enough. Add 1 Cup Powder Sugar & Mix.. Leave to stand for overnight or at least 3 hours. From that experience, I can definitely say that this eggless plum cake recipe is one of the BEST. The local supermarkets and bakeries stock up on plum cake for the Christmas season. This cake is baked at lower temperature so that the texture comes out right which indeed make this cake more flavourful. You can have Eggless Christmas Plum Cake using 27 ingredients and 11 steps.

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