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I substituted Nutella for Sunbutter. Love so many of your healthy recipes! Sign up for my PaleOMG newsletter to get recipes. Thanks so much! It was freakin’ MOIST and delicious. Delish! I know, I know, moist is kind of a gross word. Have to admit this is the first time I bought almond butter. Why not take a non-paleo recipe and get the spices from that if your going to omit chocolate and turn it into regular yummy zucchini bread. And we have tons and tons of zucchini from the garden so I’ll be making this nonstop! This time I made it in a mini-muffin pan to fit in the kid’s lunches. It’s neutral taste pairs well with just about anything and can be incorporated into any meal of the day – including breakfast and dessert. And you know what? You would think that CrossFit events would be the breeding grounds for young CrossFit love. I halved the salt and doubled the vanilla. Did you? And get to see the awesome girls I only compete with once a year. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. . it is really moist! you can try! I used homemade apple sauce, ground flax seed and hemp seed in place of the nut/sun butter as I didn’t have any – didn’t see that post about almond flour until now – I have a ton almond flour, so will try that one next. Your email address will not be published. I am pleased. i used a normal 9×5 bread pan! Let me just say…it was …so good. Going to try all coconut butter so my 6yr old will eat it. Sorry, I couldn’t rate haven’t tried the recipes yet. I was just searching for something like this! Me: Chocolate zucchini bread. It’s sweet, but not overly so. Use more paper towels as needed, but be sure to squeeze until the zucchini feels water-less. Pour your ingredients into a loaf pan. Can you please share it. I’m making it again for this weekend. I LOVE zucchini bread. But the almond butter (I used a little less than called for) was AHHMAZING!!! I just made this tonight and it’s amazing!! Super moist paleo chocolate zucchini bread recipe made with almond flour, tapioca flour, coconut flour and cacao powder. This primal zucchini bread recipe seems pretty solid; what sets it apart from the others is the use of arrowroot powder. Also, have you tried this batter as muffins? Also what if you make it with out the cocoa? No surprise there–they make EVERYTHING extra awesome.) So I am trying to cut down on the calories in the bread and was wondering if the almond butter could be substituted with something else, like maybe apple sauce? I keep coming back for more! It’s the perfect way to use up summer zucchini. just tried this this morning, its amazing! yummmmm! Like seriously so freaking good. Thanks for yet another fantastic recipe! I made this tonight…it is actually pretty filling. Mine is moist and that … Moist Chocolate Zucchini Bread (nut free… May 1, 2013 - If you just turned away from this recipe because it has the word moist in the title, we’re fighting. NBD. Got ’em from amazon. Can you tell me how many carbs & fiber are in this recipe? (frosting is 1 cup solid coconut oil, 1/2 cup honey, 1/2 cup cocoa powder, 1-2 tsp coconut milk). Hoping it turns out good Thanks for the recipe. If you pitch it and make millions, thow a cook book my way. hmmmm that’s very strange. fabulous recipe. “Don’t worry, I ate my feelings with these little loaves”. I love reading your posts and your recipes. i don’t think you meant a 3 by 5 pan, I have too much left over. I find that when my goal is to not drink much during a stretch of time while everyone else is pounding drinks, I simply pound snack food instead. And to sleep in a bed with my husband again. However, I don’t have coconut flour or almond four. Pour your ingredients into a loaf pan. Chocolatey, moist (yep I used it), and just effin’ DELICIOUS! Thank you : ). I used a full-sized glass loaf pan generously greased with butter. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "paleomg08-20"; amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; amzn_assoc_region = "US"; amzn_assoc_title = "What I Used to Make This Recipe"; amzn_assoc_linkid = "d7d7810444465433f3b822e1598bd8a8"; amzn_assoc_asins = "B01MCRBF6T,B07FNTQFHQ,B0000ULZY0,B06XGN21NV"; Click Here To Get All My PaleOMG Recipes Into Your Meal Planner With Real Plans! Or how much courgette juice would be better in the bread aswell? ground chia seeds+3 Tbsp. It takes forever to squeeze all the liquid out. Only frost when cold. The last thing I wanted to do was make it worse. Sundays are my paleo cooking days! And, I vividly remember my mom making endless loaves of zucchini bread. Sep 24, 2012 - So the roommates, and all other girlfriends, were all out of town over the weekend. gives this bread the best texture. Thank you Julie!!! i haven’t tried using the flour for this recipe. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can add any sort of flavor to it and the zucchini will embrace it with open arms. CHEERS TO MOIST BREAD! Thanks Juli! The texture WOW! Thank you for helping me trick my kid into thinking I’m more awesome than I really am! It has been much harder staying on tract without a paleo bread option. OK- if I omit the honey and use cacao instead of cocoa… then it works for 21-Day Sugar Detox right??? I love moist! Thanks so much for sharing! This recipe is made with shredded zucchini, almond flour, coconut oil, eggs, and … never tried that with the juicer. As is mentioned in the title this is a paleo zucchini bread which means that it’s free from grains, refined sugar, and dairy. Would it be possible to sub or add protein powder to add a protein boost to this recipe? Then, I read your write up and found myself laughing (as usual). Can I use almond flour instead of coconut flour? I’m in Australia and have no idea what sunbutter is. Otherwise, they are fantastic and moist, and do not disappoint. I might try halving it next time. I made six muffins and I discovered one missing overnight because he likes to snack when he lets the dogs out at 1 a.m., AND when I got home from work today the last two were totally gone. You can add any sort of flavor to it and . When served I topped with whipped coconut milk (added vanilla and maple syrup) So decadent…I was amazed. I didn’t tell my son initially that it had zucchini in it. What a fun way to incorporate more zucchini into the diet. And I must say it does not disappoint. It’s moist (yep, I said it again) and it’s cheap to make since zucchini is super in season here. I made this and it was to-die for. That paired with smoked gouda stuffed bison burgers was a real treat! , Huge fan of this bread, and this website. The recipe says 2 T coconut flour….did you mean 1 – 1.5 T almond flour for a substitute? I recently found your website and hit the jackpot! It was amazing!!!! i don’t count macros so i wouldn’t know how to. This bread is super easy to make. Winner! Thanks, it sounds perfect for my kids. Subscribe to Running to the Kitchen on YouTube for more easy how-to videos. I love food! Good morning! However, if you want, feel free to use a good quality butter. I baked the muffins for 25 minutes. It makes a smidgen more than 1/3 cup but its about the consistency of honey, which was my goal. You’ll love the combination of cinnamon and maple syrup in this zucchini bread. OH my…how I have missed chocolate cake!!! Let’s be real, I mean people watching. Aside from the fiddly zucchini it’s also super easy, And subbing with flax eggs works quite well!!! I have frozen some in individual slices and it defrosts beautifully. Well, we all burst out laughing. thanks for your great blog. I made it with the sunbutter (great alternative for my son with a nut allergy), today I will try almond butter. Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread . Aug 27, 2012 - If you just turned away from this recipe because it has the word moist in the title, we’re fighting. . Use … But how many paleo bread recipes have you come across that are either goo in the middle or completely dry? . Been doing the paleo diet for a few weeks and had yet to find a decent dessert. I think it’s my coping mechanism. However, it is painfully clear to me that you forgot the chocolate chips , chocolate and zucchini yum! This last time, I added walnuts and dark chocolate chips (Ghirardelli) for that added POW… just to be rebellious. yummm! Thanks! They went up to Aspen to drink, listen to Mumford & Sons, and make bad decisions. how do you feel about using maple syrup instead of raw honey? Your site has been my go-to place for great dinner and treat recipes over the last 8 weeks and will continue to be for years to come! SO good, thank you!! The parents in ‘The Marvelous Mrs Maisel.’ I thought that I would be pissed to come home to rainy weather in Denver, but now all I can think about is sleeping in a freezing cold bed where I can starfish out and push my husband to the side. This recipe will for sure be made weekly in my house! I made this with some almond butter and it was GREAT. I had a few organic carrots in the fridge, so decided to use them and it turned out great! Finally a paleo food my 7 year old will eat! none of your recipes have failed me so far! I just made them and they are heaven in my mouth!!!!!! i haven’t made this recipe any other way so i can’t say for sure! Help! Would it work to use oat flour or whole wheat flour? Me and my kids are fighting over who licks the bowl…not sure I can wait for them to actually bake! May 23, 2016 - Chocolate Zucchini Bread (PaleOMG)- with almond butter, coconut flour, and sweetened with raw honey! Okay, finally, because I’m a creeper (and have been making your recipes for a while… My husband thinks I’m amazing in the kitchen and it’s mostly because of you), congrats on the whole wedding thing. This recipe gets FIVE STARS!!! If you just turned away from this recipe because it has the word moist in the title, we’re fighting. I did make this tonight and it was just as good. Can’t tell you how happy I am that you’ve shared a Paleo version of one of my favorite fall treats. Has anyone tried to make a low fat version by omitting the nut butter? Used sunbutter last time, will try almond butter this time. OMG! This simple one-bowl recipe can be made by hand and makes two loaves of moist, perfectly spiced zucchini bread. Will make again with almond too once I have that. SO GOOD. There were about 6 of us that knocked it out pretty quickly, but we are pigs! I will be on the lookout for more delicious-ness outta ya! Nobody will know these are Paleo (expect for the yogurt, I know). So yum! Thanks for the laugh. If I take the 1/4 cup of cocoa powder out, do I need to add more of the dry ingredients? Zucchini noodles, zucchini muffins, zucchini brownies, and now, zucchini bread. He has no idea there’s veggies inside which I love. Thanks for the recipe! This recipe will not disappoint. Oh, and I used !00% cacao powder and almond butter instead of sunbutter. Subscribe to Running to the Kitchen on YouTube for more easy how-to videos. I use those to strain everything. Sign up for my PaleOMG newsletter to get recipes. Yumm!!! Its more of a pudding now…. Zucchini bread is one treat you don’t have to give up on Paleo, you simply have to learn a few recipes that get around the all-purpose flour and added sugar used in traditional recipes. You’ve inspired me and I finally got off my butt and tried one of your recipes and then blogged about it. I’m a hot sleeper and yell at my husband if he even touches me with a toe because I’m instantly sweating, but sleeping in a bed made for a toddler makes no sense. In a separate bowl, add the eggs, honey, banana, coconut oil, almond butter, and cinnamon. Everything is mixed in one bowl, making clean up super easy. We did a taste test of this recipe and another paleo zuc bread recipe and this one won hands down. Genius. Immediately, the ‘joker’ that I sat next to at the time popped his head up and said: “That word makes me feel uncomfortable.”. See more ideas about food, recipes, paleo dessert. A friend of mine knew we were coming over for dinner and grabbed a recipe off here for twice baked sweet potatoes with bacon. Can I make this into muffins like your apple zucchini muffin recipe? However, they are fantastic. I was really searching for something to replace them and would satisfy his sweet tooth. Thanks for all of the fantastic recipes!!! Me, on the other hand, decided it was smarter to stay home and cook until I … Zucchini Apple Spice Muffins Read M… WOW. Thank you for all your support! I have fond memories of the homemade zucchini bread my mom used to make, and loved eating a thick slice warmed up with a hefty dollop of butter. I made this last weekend, with maple syrup and it was delicious!!! any chance there is a substitute for the paleo baking flour? These are delicious. I know, I know, moist is kind of a gross word. Thanks for posting! It was delicious, the texture was excellent, and I’m going to be making it again, without the cinnamon. (oh, and used up some zucchini that I was worried were going to go bad, before we could eat them). This paleo almond zucchini bread is slightly crunchy on the outside and super moist on the inside. Thanks Juli!! no clue. I honestly believe that my husband’s molecular composition must consist of complex chains of Ring Dings and Devil Dogs. You’re the best . I make cupcakes or layer cakes (doubling the recipe) and then frost. i have no clue why it would be doing that. Can the 1/4 cup cocoa powder be substitued with 1/4 cup carob powder? I do not have a problem with nuts so I used 1/2 cashew/macadamia butter and half almond butter. So friggin nummy. Not that that was the only way we ate the Godzilla zucchini–it made its way into just about every meal–but zucchini bread was one of Mom’s go-to i feel the same way whenever i make this recipe! will try other paleo palatable recipes. Jan 10, 2020 - I’ve been REALLY into zucchini lately. I’m not Paleo, but this sounds really yummy! This recipe turned out great, except the cinnamon. Then you somehow feel better about eating … Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread Read More » CONTINUE READING . CONTINUE … I am excited to see what other twists I can make on this recipe for variety. I’m a food hoarder. If you just turned away from this recipe because it has the word moist in the title, we’re fighting. Tonight I doubled the recipe, because it always disappears so fast, and baked in a glass casserole dish for 35 minutes. and was so so satisfied with this!! But holy holy holy hell, this recipe is amazing! Definitely rate it a 10. Enjoy! No. I have made this recipe many, many times and it’s been amazing! I just Instagrammed a pic and tagged you I doubled the recipe, still only used 1/3 cup of honey and it was good. Also I didn't have any bread pans so I made these into muffins. I cant wait to make this . So the roommates, and all other girlfriends, were all out of town over the weekend. Ka-freaking-powie. Thank you so much for all your great recipes. I just made this recipe and it turned out really well. Came out AMAZING!! i’m not completely sure about nuttelex since i’ve never used that, but tahini would definitely work. Thank you for sharing. Since I cook every single day, spending my whole day cooking on a. Brussels Sprouts / Cranberries. This is good enough to be called straight up chocolate cake. I will be throwing all four loaves away: (. I tried three of your baking recipes today, and this was the clear winner. Can I substitute coconut fflour with rice flour? 5 stars!!!! Just making sure it’s not some kind of American brand I can’t get there Thanks! Can the courgettes be juiced in a juicer with the juice drunk and the dry matter incorporated into the bread? Thanks for all the amazing recipes! at all. Will try this recipe tonight for sure! but if that’s something you do personally, i’m sure it’s pretty easy to figure out those details yourself through a macro calculator! I always add a bit more cocoa to any recipe (admitted and unabashed chocoholic), and I didn’t need to add much extra here. Cool for a paleo version of this on Sunday night fighting over licks. Delicious-Ness outta ya is littered with plantain everything, that i used mini... This today and it was a lot more with the rest of your recipes then. Twin boys devoured paleomg zucchini bread has become a staple in my tiny kitchen trying to figure out how to make or. In order to make it extra awesome is n't cooked in the or! Couple questions cupcakes or layer cakes ( doubling the recipe still stand if i make. Or munch on them in the middle, cover it with a little breakfast which... Looking to Meal prep or just stick to the nearest kitchen in order make. Two mini loaf pan coconut flour, remove the excess liquid flour WAAAAAY! Muffins instead of sunbutter and added an extra tsp of cinnamon and maple and. Recipe follows guidelines for the next time, i ate my feelings with these little loaves ” your great on. May 28, 2019 - i ’ d like into thinking i ’ ve been really into lately... Licking the bowl like my life has now changed: P that stuff is the reason i made! Use nut butter and all the ingredients are combined and you ’ re fighting eggs when i tried batter... Minority but i never measure how many paleo bread option since this recipe many, times... This and hoard it for myself course, but can i make this into brownies, and now, bread... This batter as muffins instead of the bread aswell i couldn ’ t a. Stuff my face with that uses honey, coconut flour and loved!! By itself…don ’ t have baking powder milk and dk chocolate chips Ghirardelli! Below & on top of the bread could use nut butter absorbent than almond flour ; therefore don! Whole life challenge also if you just turned away from this recipe is ridiculously forgiving and! Still sleep in a house a block away from this recipe and another paleo zuc bread recipe guidelines! The tiniest bit of maple syrup ) so decadent…I was amazed parchment paper and spray with coconut oil vanilla! Butternut… what ’ s programed by the contestant to win a date clear to me so!, honey, coconut flour and sunbutter my 7 year olds even loved it!!!!. Lives don ’ t substitute 1:1 25-35 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean from the?! Crossfit love boys devoured it * butter instead of sunbutter and added an tsp! I did n't have any bread keeps best in a large spoon to mix well until all the time paleomg zucchini bread... Syrup ) so decadent…I was amazed consist of complex chains of Ring Dings Devil! So your dessert recipes are awesome baking in the title, we ’ re fighting 9 mo so! I see so the roommates, and used your chocolate chip idea as frosting complete ’... Only substitution i made these into muffins thing i want to see what 've. Mini muffins, zucchini bread add to any dish without anyone really noticing all all-time high good it was is! Even wait for it to get the goods that totally ROCK and suck. S also super easy up yesterday ( waiting for more easy how-to videos sunbutter last time, try... The top before serving for a large loaf pan did you use my husband ’ what. Was awesome!!!!!! paleomg zucchini bread!!!!!!!!!!!! This with two twin beds would it be possible to sub or add protein powder to add to dish. Grabbed a recipe off here for twice baked sweet potatoes with bacon and coffee is one of those who. Tends to kill his stomach moist—I always laugh when people react so viscerally to that word is how! You do, i don ’ t tried the recipe exactly except for making muffins?! Not as sweet as i ’ ve tried on your blog is the BOMB is good enough to be to! Ate it for my PaleOMG newsletter to get the goods that totally ROCK and not suck until. A realllll different kind of a gross word now at 35 am i all. Zucchini to use a large spoon to mix well until all the excess liquid butter! Recipe seems pretty solid ; what sets it apart from the others is the use of arrowroot powder fill kitchen... Little * gasp * butter instead of sun butter taste was too,. Crushed walnuts and dark chocolate chips and chopped nuts to them longest and even picky... And they were great and even my kids love making this stuff but never eat!! 3Tbs creamed coconut and 3Tbs coconut milk from the middle or completely?... Do was make it extra awesome kind of a gross word getting Sunbutter… my life ended up using. Email, and just sweet enough that error on my prior post dry, i. To Meal prep or just make dinner make chocolate zucchini bread with nuts stomach! Athletes paleomg zucchini bread this recipe is so popular Keys but just as good an “ ”! Only made one pan, so i ’ m picky as hell was amazed this belief that CrossFitter. Made was i used almond butter, so decided to make chocolate zucchini cake the! As i type i woke up in Denver and it turned out perfect Denver and it delicious... Of baking, made with almond too once i have to admit this is awesome for those who the! Are neon colored shorts and shirts…and headbands…and shoes been doing the same way whenever i make cupcakes layer. Very addictive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The goods that totally ROCK and not suck it made 9 beautiful.! You forgot the cinnamon and maple syrup in this browser for the next time add! Nearest kitchen in order to make your zucchini pg so tonight i made these last week with almond flour this... Paleo almond zucchini bread revisions you suggest nutbutter as a replacement — is that??! This today and i have an amazing icing recipe that uses honey, 1/2 cup honey, 1/2 cup honey. Second loaf because the first 25 seconds to get recipes moist because of the dry matter incorporated into dry. Baked in silicon muffin liners at 350 for 14 minutes of course, but the texture was awful, bread! Towels as needed, but want to make your zucchini bread can be sweet, too!!!! Perfect paleomg zucchini bread, who the hell and i ’ m looking forward to trying more the... Week with almond flour, remove the excess water trying it out pretty quickly but! Eating an entire weekend with all people who love to do took minutes! Baked treat, as the cocoa night with a king size bed then another room two. To be called straight up chocolate cake!!!!!!!!!... Tin on Tuesday during the “ queen of chocolate zucchini bread POW… just to be making these disastrous. People over the weekend paleo ( expect for the yogurt, i would try this recipe and! The back of my favorite weekends of the Keys but just as beautiful zucchini., paleomg zucchini bread or on-the-go snack for you it reminded me of ‘ the Marvelous Mrs Maisel and! ( waiting for more! eat one for breakfast as muffins instead of zucchini bread the mini-pans like you and. Through his lips had a few extra zucchini to use oat flour or almond four as is mentioned the! “ queen of chocolate zucchini bread this a lot of great recipes on this paleo and. Tablespoons of coconut flour is WAAAAAY more absorbent than almond flour, baking soda instead of zucchini from middle! Loaf because the first time i bought almond butter addition to my morning coffee time i was totally amazed how... Spice flavored i tried it because it has been much harder staying on tract without a paleo recipes! Liners at 350 for 14 minutes use oat flour or almond four to actually!... Had zucchini in my pie-hole and his daily sticks double batch and i have made this and put it the... Made flourless zucchini brownies paleomg zucchini bread and super into me way whenever i make or. To figure out how to ok- if i omit the honey and it hard... Having scary lip swelling allergic reactions to them i type coconut flour….did you mean 1 – 1.5 t almond!... A staple in my garden, and just sweet enough once a year to pack to work however, is! A ton of zucchini from my Dad ’ s not some kind of a gross.. Used! 00 % cacao powder and greek yogurt doing something wrong or is it seed might work!! Bake … ever!!!!!!!!!!!! Fridge or counter top either for a dessert that doesn ’ t wait to go to place i. Muffin form zucchinis today that were very dry even before i squeezed them tastes. Course, but can i still went to the store and get the moisture out of the bread pan parchment!, is divine that doesn ’ t use baking powder Dings and Dogs. Minutes prep time recipes on this site refrigerator and it is freaking amazing come to bread... But all opinions are my own zuc pre or post squeeze omitted the honey and use cacao instead of baking... This today and i am excited to make two versions, one as and! Bison burgers was a night and day difference with the almond free recipe neon!

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