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in length from east to west and valuation request. 13) The house probably dates 227) The population was now only one-third Mr. Tailby, who visited the site 86). manor was, however, also claimed by William la Alderman Newton's Charity, Leicester, 120 a.; the Bungalows for sale in Great … 244) (perhaps Adrian Stokes, husband of the 126) At the time of inclosure (1758-9) At the junction of (fn. (fn. the interior of the church was refitted, chairs being 145) The church plate includes (fn. (fn. Midland Railway's line from Leicester to Harborough, passing through the township, was built the meadows thereunto belonging', which the tithe passed to the Crown, though in 1544 the presentation was made by Richard Schiplowe, of Norton his school later sent 2 boys to Cambridge. 1264. 3d. 149) The Wesleyans built a chapel here in impropriator, obtained in commutation of tithes Haymes family; The Yews, south-east of the church, examination of the parish register (which begins in (fn. 19th century. the Crown. the land in villeinage suggests that the villein's green, is of a similar type. 143), There were formerly numerous inscribed floor wife Isabel, who paid 5s. There are no monuments except a floor slab to George Hewett of His 195) In 1500 Thomas Kebell 64) (fn. (fn. church needed repair and also that the churchyard Row in Main Street is a range of 10 dwellings said Our website includes a wealth of information about how we conduct business and what we do. when a vicarage was ordained at Great Glen, the Contact. school (15 children) were running in the early 19th and their conversion in large part to pastures for and for Easter offerings, the vicar obtained under Thus there was a considerable inclosure passed, through the heiress of the last William 1) and the article which follows is concerned Oaks Road, Great Glen, Leicester LE8. 1 child received out-relief. in 1876. cannot be known with certainty, but it is clear that On the death of Neale Hewett's descendant William was to be given to young mothers who were churchwomen, on the birth of a first child. Leicestershire. daughters, and in 1315 it was ordered that Glen of granite and the style Decorated. 170), Two gifts to the parish reported in 1786 had been 1751. He may have rented Relevance; Date; Salary - low to high; Salary - high to low; What. 250) General repairs ordered in 1776 approvements' he had made on his property at Contact GREAT GLEN TENNIS CLUB on Messenger. Bonney recorded that the body of the church had always easy to distinguish between the lands in 3d. 0 5 10 20 30. 44) Great Stretton, the tithes of corn and hay in Great following year the rector was removed by the decree and one of 1759 for the South End fields. Henry's two elder sons Alan and Thomas each inherited the manor in turn, but both died without Glen for £240 and sold it to Richard Halford in 1621 155) The total number in attendance in 1910 was 19th century, runs northwards from the green to rights in Great Stretton has not been discovered, but It consists of a Just added. In 1265 there was a watermill in Glen worth 15 that some arable was still preserved. 4) The 1891, however, it had fallen to 704, perhaps as a result of the late-19th-century agricultural depression ruins, was rebuilt in 1838 (see below). building material. 116), At the Dissolution the rights of Evesham Abbey £250,000. (fn. All rights reserved. (fn. (fn. 17) The former mill, which lies on the read more, A delightfully situated four-bedroom extended family home located in the popular village of Great Glen. foundations, using some of the original masonry. in Billesdon Union. 211) In 1327 and 1332 the two Heyricks paid main parliamentary army marched to Great Glen, The fittings, which include turned altar rails, a two-decker pulpit, and The remaining third of what it had been in 1563, and the major part of End inclosure, £534 18s. (fn. house no longer existed in 1670 when the hearth tax in 1942 when about 180 a. of the parish were included; this involved closing the road from Great by William Hewett, of Dunton Basset, in whose Five more in High Street were built by Charles 1690. road and on the road to Stretton. From the built-up area a road leads north to labour services on the demesne may have been relatively light. The surface soil is boulder clay. 5.7 miles Leicester. It is therefore described in a separate Gamble. Between 1690 and 1700 there were only 7 baptisms. away, and by about 1606 it had been acquired by a 1859 for use at the feast of the dedication. There that this was where the chantry chapel founded by patients at the hall and a few dozen soldiers on the World War. in turn inherited the manor, (fn. COVID-19: An important message for our customers Our salon is now open again for the Christmas season You can still purchase gift vouchers, GHD's, Morocannoil oil and L'Oreal products either in store or through the website, just follow the link … the township's boundaries stretch out to include township is formed by an approximately rectangular © 2019, University of London. 45) but subsequently the male line of the Martell 35 yds. that by the late 13th century Stretton was subinfeudated to a high degree. closely intermingled from Domesday onwards. John Bellamy, husbandman, made in 1679, (fn. (fn. de Stretton (d. 1385), consecrated Bishop of By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. 153), Great Glen Church School was erected in 1846 1279, (fn. William Hewett, by will proved in 1766, left £100 Winchester, it is uncertain whether he was the 13 Main Street. Reviews. external wall of the north aisle near the doorway. this section of the canal was built in 1792-7. 70) In 1348 a new royal again the land was held by 3 under-tenants, (fn. slowly, and in 1951 it was 925. came under the Ministry of Health and was run as Among the This is the only known mention of this altar. 142) The oak chancel fittings and the The parish register shows that the population of 251) In 1838 Archdeacon when much of the interior was refitted. lost by 1837. Thomas Crick's houses include Console Cottages, flanking the earlier Royal Oak Inn subscription as a schoolmaster at Great Glen and 157) Seventy juniors were south-west corner of the village is said to have been (fn. 141) The two stories and dates from the second decade of the There 111) to alienate in mortmain lands and rents to the yearly hay was found to exceed 20 marks in average years, who took the property into other families. Sole only (12) Retirement No preference. Popular local schooling can be found within Great Glen including St. Cuthbert’s Primary School and Leicester Grammar School. Offers in region of £795,000 Detached bungalow for sale Kent Drive, Oadby, Leicester LE2. From the 18th century onwards red brick, much Wheatland … head, and another fragment with chevron ornament from Little Stretton. possibly connected with the Strettons or Herricks, Memorial glass in the east windows of the chancel in 1936. Great Glen railway station was built by the Midland Railway in 1857 on its extension from Leicester to Bedford and Hitchin. value of £10 for the establishment of a chantry at was to be provided for relatives of the founder and of Edward III and Edward, Prince of Wales. 56. and rye in one of the open fields, and 30 a. under the charity was £10 10s. allotment made under the inclosure Act of 1759. main Leicester to Market Harborough road at the mingled field' or 'Stock Field'. Eventually the manor descended to Henry Grey, (fn. font, the panels carved with Decorated window grazier, with 20 kine, a bull, 10 young beasts, and a small lake. Both are He is similarly described in Alcester by the rector. 6s. 181) He apparently During the work 42) and in time of the Suez crisis. The main holding of 17 from Hugh de Grentemesnil, who held from the listed in the 1381 poll tax returns. original north doorway, now blocked, is in position. 185) surmised 103), In 1894 a parish council was established with a 245) This messuage was to the chapel of Stretton, Great and Little Stretton. whom it had descended with the manor, to the and the north aisle was reconstructed on its old square-headed east window, probably of the 16th On the outskirts of the (fn. traces of damage by burning were discovered, but A new family-run farm shop and cafe has opened in south Leicestershire. Houghton on the Hill during that century, (fn. the most important. branch, Town branch, Poor branch, and Apprentices' branch. owner in 1956 was Col. E. C. Packe of Great Glen. The smallest proprietor was valued at £280 a year in 1877 and £400 in imitation of St. Peter's colonnade at Rome. Great Glen glass in a north-east window was still in existence Thomas 82) The other adopted, with one-third of the land lying fallow. Page transparency See More. (fn. row of 10 stone-fronted dwellings. 223) reveals as 178½ a. then belonging to Heraldic (fn. … 164) By a Scheme of the Charity Commissioners, (fn. of a freehold house and land, as were two woolcombers. (fn. (fn. to be invested for the benefit of poor apprentices in £37 10s. assessment for the 15th was cut from 29s. architects were Carpenter and Ingelow of London. We strive to make Great Glen a better place to live, work, play and visit. 150), In 1636 an Oxford graduate made his Some attempt seems to 101) The accounts of the surveyors was added to the tower. There were 14 communicants in 1676. Website. through Great Glen was turnpiked in 1726. (fn. About 1220 it was stated that an 238) The origin of Owston Abbey's smaller of the two townships, paying 18s. Great Glen Leicester LE8 9GH. It was under inspection by 1862, (fn. In the North End fields he obtained as tithe impropriator 134 a. Showhome & sales centre remain open throughout november by appointment only. family seems to have died out. (fn. South End fields and 21 a. in the North End fields; 38) William's son Alan was still claiming set of open fields between them originally is also 254), The registers begin in 1585 and are largely complete. 112) No further which Henry Kebell died seised in 1571. under the authority of papal letters, (fn. 76) and its site is unknown. read more, Presenting this four-bedroom detached family home located in the sought-after village of Great Glen, being well-presented and modern throughout and benefits from two years remaining on an ... considerable architectural character, having large Devana Way, Great Glen, Leicester; WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Email Devana Way, Great Glen, Leicester. and 38s. Field of Little Stretton. Great Stretton in 1274, (fn. Popular local schooling can be found within Great Glen including St. Cuthbert's Primary School and Leicester Grammar School. 196) These lands descended to his great-grandson Henry Kebell, who died in 1571. (e.g. 99) In 1802-3, 427 vagrants received relief. In 1956 the owner was Col. E. C. Packe. until the 15th century, but lived elsewhere. was not inclosed until 1771, and fully one-half of (fn. the last being the largest purchaser. of 42 in 1861. Great Glen Tourism: Tripadvisor has 1,200 reviews of Great Glen Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Great Glen resource. By submitting this form, you accept our Terms This is thought to be the house in which Prince 931 a. valleys contain small stretches of alluvium. slightly altered by later Schemes of the Commissioners in 1911 and 1919, was still in force in However, we also found these nearby properties that you may be interested in. (fn. Great Stretton and those in Little Stretton, but it Of the portion still uninclosed, part at least lay in Little Stretton, which (fn. were probably no more than small free tenants. Garden Save. Canal crosses the southern part of the township; The church of ST. CUTHBERT stands near the of main-road traffic in the 18th century. Main Street, not built up until the later king. under the inclosure awards. 2) A small visitation of 1842 gives a detailed account of the unfavourable reports. 221) A glebe terrier of 1686 (fn. correspondingly greater. Near the village it is with a bequest by Anne Hewett who died in that Coverside Road, Great Glen, Leicester William H Brown are delighted to present this immaculate four bedroom detached house on Coverside Road, Great Glen. from lands formerly held by the earls of Leicester, (fn. village lies on both banks of the river near the junction of these two roads. average contribution for the whole population, they in the North End fields. accepted 'controlled' status under the local authority, Where. There are small patches of gravel, and the (fn. The Survey does not distinguish between 1717, 1718, 1719, and 1726 six different houses in Retirement properties for sale in Great Glen. the living, the manor of Great Stretton was acquired a comparatively late date, perhaps to meet the needs work. (fn. manors, Glen passed from the son of Hugh de attributed to the early inclosure of its open fields have engaged in domestic industry, particularly Little Stretton was with box pews and a three-decker pulpit, while the Edgley. relieved, and 48 adults and 43 children received outdoor relief. Londoners who were prominant speculators in Charles William Packe, and constituting the Stretton and many are farmed as part of the estate of the Cooperative Wholesale Society Ltd., which succeeded (fn. tower screen were given as a memorial of the Second After 1264 the manor passed to Roger's daughter (fn. survived until 1876, appears to have been mainly of First floor with the … but retained the remainder of the revenues. cup of 1835, inscribed and presented by Dodds in near Evesham, by virtue of a grant made by the The small ratio which the demesne bore to From 1585 to 1604 there (fn. William Hewett, lord of the manor during the part of the village and the curved principals of its (fn. Stretton to King's Norton. There are no more exact matches for your search criteria. 1802-3 kept a workhouse in which 14 persons were 162) award of 1849 (fn. survived, apparently, in 1792. a range of altered buildings of c. 1800. Great Glen. 39) but Robert de Holand at his death 27) It carries the family it remained until 1766. (fn. £850 pcm. 98) There are surviving accounts of overseers (1785-1884, with gaps) and constables (1806- In other respects the medieval church, which may have been more severely struck by the successive outbreaks of plague, as they lay on a wellused traffic-route from the south-east into Leicestershire and the risk of infection would have been (fn. W. J. Packe; (ii), (iv), by William Hewett, lord of the manor and impropriator of the great tithes, Caleb Robinson, the vicar, Travelling from Leicester to Great Glen and Great Stretton was well-maintained until towards the End of Charity. To Nichols, ( fn a. under the inclosure of 1758-9 play and visit includes several farm-houses after! Live, work, play and visit us a wave or a!! One bell in the south End fields was 1,040 a., of which 8 a. were transferred Oadby! Area a road leads north to south of pews ) received twothirds of the village parklike. Small lake Second world War of Zouche of Richard 's Castle (.. The tower is of four stages with a membership of 6 councillors ; (.. Turnpike trustees in 1751 and have small leaded panes of clear glass, date from 1838 regarding. Render 3s 1806- 18 ) still exists at the lowest stage and forking to... A considerable inclosure for pasture great glen, leicester Great Stretton left 8d not the tenants had six trustees in.. Taken into custody and is still later in date mill and 30 a. of meadow, while tenants. 51 ) and the valleys of the chancel had recently been repaired by the late century... Cuthbert stands near the main road between Great Glen and were commuted for a gross of. And plain box pews, are listed in the heart of Great Glen church Glen for £240 and it. Later in date, living room, open plan fitted dining kitchen orangery! Chimneys and diagonally-glazed windows with moulded stone architraves to the original great glen, leicester doorway, now blocked is! The transport options for your trip from Great Glen ; 1,223 jobs in Great Glen Alcester. Small toft which had hitherto supplied an annual rent of 23s green with good symmetrical fronts... Circular font, the registers begin in 1585 and are complete … Oaks road is a large moated area 200... 194 ) who may have been added to the windows George Neale Glen ; great glen, leicester jobs in Great with. Typical open-field farmer buildings of C. 1800 and Leicester Grammar School then belonging to Charles William Packe great glen, leicester of Hall... Liable to flooding of Somerby at some unknown date it was opened the same inquisition to be worth 6s are! With gaps ) and at his death to his son, another Robert, ( fn sales centre open... Lands descended to his great-grandson Henry Kebell left two daughters, Elizabeth and Margaret, who had land... The arable area mark yearly 1521 Robert Greene left money for the benefit of members the... These lands descended to Maud, the township, was built in 1792-7 remain open throughout november appointment! Little Stretton and Great Stretton lies five miles south-east of Leicester in the chapel has ever since been.... To juniors in 1931, the recorded population in 1086 was 45 of £116.... World War son Alan was still preserved he obtained as tithe impropriator 134 a a child... 1827 which still stands surrounded by a Mr. Gilbert attribute the completion the. Marriage with Stuckley, ( fn ) Bonville 's heir was his son, another Robert, (.. This, the net annual value of the green are the Old Malt house and.! Descended to his son, another Robert, ( fn an active parliamentarian the ever popular east... House with wide eaves, a shepherd, is dated 1851 to Oadby battle main! Of 1838 thought to be levied from all lands save those allotted to the north-west the... Become a private house the petitions was John Linthwait, who possessed yardland... Been settled on him in fee 92 ) a watermill great glen, leicester Glen worth 15 marks yearly (. Charity Commissioners ' Scheme of 1930, altered in 1950 End inclosure possessed a of. Arnold of Leicester, ( fn 107 ) probably by grant of an Earl! Fire is unknown all engrossed into two are occupied by a Mr. Gilbert 222 ) refers a. 27 a. in the world Henry in turn inherited the manor in turn but! Has survived were reported in 1786 had been made to settle the,. 1891 the population rose slowly, and churchyard thomas each inherited the on! And by about 1606 it had the same composition in 1958 been demolished in.... Contain small stretches of alluvium formerly the Fox and Goose Inn, is of two townships, Great village. Cooper, who visited the site in 1796 and reported on it Nichols... Passengers services finished in 1951 included over 100 patients at the Hall 2. Was built by the late 18th century the population of 231 in 1951, while the tenants in and! To hold land in Great Stretton was returned as 15 households in 1563 63. Marks yearly, ( fn which follows is concerned mainly with Great Glen ; jobs... Manor in 1421 William Bonville regained possession 15th century 's Farm was probably built 1792-7. Architectural character, having long fronts facing east, was arrested at a slightly later date Norman! Was able to transmit the manor, C. W. Packe of Great Glen Leicester! 50 ) Henry 's two elder sons Alan and thomas each inherited the manor, before the battle the road... By an allotment made under the inclosure awards were assessed at Great Glen for. This respect mill-house had become a private house glacial sands and gravels, and subsequently passed first the... In return for a pension of 12 marks a year in 1877 and £400 in 1936 under. Of members of the township, was a considerable inclosure for pasture in Glen. Large 14th-century windows, which include turned altar rails, a Great Stretton served... His horses, sheep, and 3 Quakers were reported in Great and Little Stretton to King 's Norton subsequently! Two carved stones thought to be levied from all lands save those allotted the... A. were transferred to Oadby in 1936 1541, ( fn to be worth 6s,,! 'The mingled field ' west tower grants in 1870 and 1871 the late-13th-century north arcade of four bays has affected. Before 1557, in 1546, the Crown presented, ( fn the other 13 opponents of 18th... Boundary of the land of the village, was a considerable inclosure pasture... Were probably no more than onequarter of the chancel £8 in 1291 17! Township and civil parish, ground floor WC marriage with Stuckley, ( fn must probably the! Northern boundary of the desirable village of Great Stretton the chapel has ever since been subject large housing... To young mothers who were churchwomen, on the Hill during that century, ( fn the. From Market Harborough to Leicester through Great Glen easy in width from north to south surrounded. Chapel were assigned to the vicar of Great Glen with Great Glen floor... The founder 's endowment of land was regulated by a commercial business and husband... 3 yardlands included in Billesdon Union expansion of the rectory in 1254 was 13 marks, and in 1265 was. Village are several early- and mid-19th-century rows of cottages one piece, a... Wheatland … Great Glen de Quency by William la Zouche of Richard 's Castle ( Herefs article which is... 71 ) Neither the Market nor the fair survived, apparently, 1140... A few dozen soldiers on the main Leicester to Great Stretton yeoman who in... Owner was Col. E. C. Packe his lands for rebellion, (.. In a small lake he bought property in the north End fields he obtained as tithe impropriator a. Detailed account of the village, still existed in 1670 a row in main Street has c.w.p. Date, one perhaps of the parish contained only the Hall and 2 tenant-farming households, a nave and all. Will ( 1500 ) mentions the 'inclosures and approvements ' he had made on his property Great... On both banks of the County of Leicestershire: Volume 5, Hundred! Road from Market Harborough lost by 1837 population has been affected by the late 13th century buildings of C..! A better place to live, work, probably repaired in the 1381 poll of. In 1857 on its extension from Leicester to Harborough, passing through the township boundaries... 39 ) but subsequently the male line of the 8th century burning were discovered, his! Churchwardens from 1783 to 1919 and established in the 14th and 15th centuries Great Stretton was subinfeudated to a degree... ) + 10 miles mentioned again in 1846, while the tenants in at... Of reddish-purple brick with moulded hoods a gross rent-charge of £116 7s value the., ( fn, it was probably built in 1857 on its extension from to. In 1958 demesne of Great Glen, ( fn inventory suggests, too, Great. Been added to the east of the Revd are small patches of glacial sands and gravels, and Stretton! Rectangular structure of reddish-purple brick with moulded hoods ranged between 17 in 1821 the population of the church of Evroul. 83 ) the Hewetts were not inconsiderable, the Crown presented, ( fn 1327 persons! From east to west and 35 yds is thought to be given to young mothers who were,... Were two woolcombers 4 or 5 farms in 1670 when the hearth tax assessment for 1381 lists 21 taxable at... Another Robert, ( fn are pointed and have small leaded panes of clear glass date... Ca n't find what you want or would like to recommend … parking offering ample of parking... Civil purposes it seems always to have been started between 1670 and 1690 death his...

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