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I'm working on my own panel van conversion, and I found that It's pretty hard to find the dimensions of just about any van. It's all over the place. Plancher sur mesure pour Nissan NV400, destiné à l'espace de chargement - Livraison en 72h, Housses pour Nissan NV400 sur mesure - spécial utilitaire - Robustes et confortables, fixation parfaite - Livraison en 72h, Tapis pour cabine approfondie de Nissan NV400 destiné aux places arrière - Robuste et destiné à un usage professionnel - Livraison en 72h, Seuil de porte pour Nissan NV400 - sur mesure. Adhésif puissant, robuste et adapté à un usage professionnel - Livraison en 72h, Seuil de coffre pour Nissan NV400 - sur mesure - en inox. The interior height of the Nissan NV400 is 1700mm (H1), 1894mm (H2), and 2144mm (H3). Meet the Nissan NV400, a comfortable yet durable commercial vehicle. Barre de toit pour Nissan NV400, en aluminium ou en acier. "A vehicle can make or break a construction business. 69.5" or With rear wheel drive and twin wheels, I can heave any load. can't stand up fully in a NV400 H1. Plancher pour utilitaire Nissan NV400. 32. nissan service . 30. moteur et spÉcifications techniques . It’s packed with power and cool technology like the CO 2 saving stop-start system - a great performer." Did you find the answer to your specific question? Nissan NV400 racking. Conditions de livraison Generally, everything above H2 is considered a high top, and should offer sufficient space to stand up fully. You can choose the body type, dimensions, wheelbase and payload capacity. It’s ideal." The interior roof height of a Nissan NV400 is This way, I can let you know when I've added new vans, articles, or functionalities. Conditions générales de vente Contactez-nous au du lundi au vendredi de 9h à 18h. roof The NV200 is available as a compact crew van, a combi van and a compact panel van. doors Barre LED 12V pour véhicule utilitaire. Nissan NV400 RWD: L3H2 SRW: L4H2 TRW: L4H3 TRW: Maximum load length (mm) 3,733: 4,383: 4,383: Maximum load height (mm) 1,798: 1,798: 2,048: Maximum load width (mm) 1,765: 1,765: 1,765: Width between wheelarches (mm) 1,380: 1,080: 1,080: Sill loading height (mm) 674/696: 701/717: 700/715: Side door opening width (mm) 1,270: 1,270: 1,270: Side door opening height (mm) … Livraison Colissimo 72H. BOOK A TEST DRIVE; GET A BROCHURE; FIND A DEALER; Get a Pricelist; ¹The Basic price excludes VAT, Government Vehicle Excise Duty and Government First Registration Fee but includes delivery to the dealership and number plates. Review Dimensions For sale (8) Used prices The NV300 is 11cm longer than the Primastar, meaning it now shares the boastful claim of offering the most cargo space in this area of the commercial vehicle field. 22. confort et technologie . Pour l’aménagement de ce véhicule, retrouvez notre plancher sur mesure pour Nissan NV400. That's why I've created this article. Nissan provides their NV400s with both high and low tops. Your #1 online resource for van dimensions, Jump to dimension: Fitted with our versatile Nissan NV400 van racking systems, all of which are crash tested to meet the highest safety standards, it is suited to any industry. The wheelbase lengths are 3182mm (SWB), 3682mm (MWB), and 4332mm (LWB). Le Nissan NV400 est un un véhicule utilitaire de taille supérieure. Dimensions of Nissan NV400 van racking. Contactez-nous Find out why this could be the perfect van for you. Make sure to measure your van before ie. Publié le 13 décembre 2017 à 21 h 44 min par. Hi, I'm Jim Belt and I own a 1974 Mercedes L508D. purchasing or ordering materials for your build. Nissan NV300 dimensions (2016-on) 15 May 2018 by Parkers. Voir la fiche technique de Citroen Berlingo et comparer avec les autres voitures tout en listant les cotes de consommation réelle, les dimensions It is very similair to Renault's Master, and has the same dimensions. Notre engagement qualité Quelles que soient les dimensions choisies, le NV400 est conçu de sorte à vous offrir un espace de chargement optimal. Retrouvez les dimensions, les prix, le volume du coffre, les bonus/malus écologiques, les performances, les émissions de co2 en g/km, les fiches techniques, la consommation en l/km, les couleurs, les équipements, les cylindrées, la taxe sur les véhicules de société, la puissance fiscale ainsi que les options de tous les modèles de la gamme NISSAN NV400 Combi. NV400 CAN TAKE IT MORE USABLE SPACE. The wheelbase lengths are 3098mm (SWB), and 3498mm (MWB). Jeu de 3 tapis pour places avant, livraison en 72h. Sept volumes de chargement sont disponibles, allant de 8m3à 16m3pour les fourgons et jusqu’à 20m3pour la version caisse. Discover the design of the Nissan NV400, a commercial vehicle that is both durable and comfortable. load height. The NV400 handles heavy loads too: up to … Prefer tables? 24. technologies et performances style et accessoires. Review Dimensions For sale (28) Used prices Constructed from GRP, features include a polyester translucent roof, Wizadeck flooring, one set of Aeroquip lashing bars and two levels of lashing rails. Discover more about the engines available in the new small VAN by Nissan. Whichever size NV400 you choose, it’s packaged to give maximum load space. Why not help others that are doing something similar? Légende des cotes intérieures du Nissan NV400 : Housses pour utilitaire "I’ve been with Oakley for 12 years now and using the NV400 for 3. This page will be helpful when you're converting a van into a camper van, or when you're planning the layout for your new corporate van.'. can't stand up in a Nissan NV400 H1. surface The new Nissan NV400 comes in 3 different design variations to make sure that there is a design to suit you. VanDimensions is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. I love old vans, especially MBs - and I plan to live in one. Book a Test Drive today. outside Please note that this is an indication and does not take into account the wheel arches. Retrouvez toutes les fiches techniques Nissan Nv400 millésime 2019 : dimensions, motorisation, performances, consommation ainsi que l'ensemble des données constructeur. New Nissan NV400 Dimensions: Overall Length. 2470mm (exterior). Découvrez les prix et les caractéristiques du fourgon Nissan NV400. wheelbase The 2010 model is the first generation, which was created in 2009. The Nissan NV400 is a large panel van that is essentially the Renault Master/Vauxhall Movano with Nissan badges. Découvrez le fourgon Nissan NV400, l'utilitaire maniable, idéal pour accompagner votre journée de travail. Mentions légales In that case you Nissan Navara. 97.2" or The interior width of the NV400 is 1765mm and the exterior width is 2470mm. Discover the Nissan NV400 Van, a large van that is comfortable and durable. However, I can make mistakes. Qui sommes-nous? The interior dimensions (length) of the Nissan NV400 RWD cargo space is 2583mm (L1), 3083mm (L2), and 3722mm (L3). Nissan a pris le parti de réduire l’offre du NV400 à sa plus simple expression, sans perdre grand-chose en cours de route pour autant. 20. sÉcuritÉ . Lancé en 2010, il affiche une longueur atteignant 6m48 dans sa version la plus longue et possède un volume utile allant jusqu’à 17 m3. 28. couleurs, garnitures et jantes . 1700mm (H1) - 1894mm (H2) - 2144mm (H3) .If you are of medium height (178cm or 5"10') you Discover conversion options for the Nissan NV400, a comfortable yet durable commercial vehicle. The load deck tilts automatically at 49 for quick and easy unloading. The interior width of the NV400 is 1765mm and the exterior width is 2470mm. Built for hard work with no compromise on in-cab comfort, the NV400 Tipper is available with a single cab with 2 or 3 seats, and with the option of a secure storage compartment for tools. © 2020 High tops are elevated roofs to provide more headroom. I encourage you to read my post on how to understand van dimensions. 26. accessoires . Tapis de sol pour utilitaire Livraison Colissimo 72h. dimensions 33 service aprÈs-vente 38 design technologie et performances styling et accessoires son design annonce la couleur : le nouveau nv400 est incontestablement un nissan, un utilitaire costaud, talentueux, À la pointe de la technologie et vraiment agrÉable À conduire. Lancé en 2010, il affiche une longueur atteignant 6m48 dans sa version la plus longue et possède un volume utile allant jusqu’à 17 m3. Bâche pour utilitaire Consultez la fiche technique Nissan NV400 Fg 3t3 L2H2 2.3 dCi 125ch Acenta : les prix, dimensions, performances, caractéristiques techniques et les équipements. Tout est là, ou presque. En y naviguant, vous acceptez leur utilisation. dimensions . 64337_nv400_full_fra.indd 2 25/10/11 08:57. Short Wheel Base (L1): 5,048 mm But you can stand up in a Nissan NV400 H2 and up. Learn more about dimensions and cargo space, specs of the New Nissan NV250 commercial van.

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