fallout 4 awesome follower tweaks

17 Reset Build Limit If you assign a Managed Follower to a settlement, and the follower lacks b) DogmeatQuest Rabid Dog at NexusMods, but not versions downloaded from Bethesda). inventory for a list of common items and removes duplicates, It is possible for 134: Set Voice Female BOS1 5) AFT does not initialize. ReducePerception settlement still works without those local pex files. Generally speaking, NPC's with unique names are unique. down options choose/exit. c) AUTORELAX DELAY When upgrading AFT, you simply update the mod files. - File => Data... => Check Fallout 4.esm and AmazingFollowerTweaks.esm Tools So days could pass with no crash and then one day ----- 4) Rename and move output file AFT with other combat AI enhancing mods. return A few notes: To change Recommend using as a HOTKEY. Combat Outfit: Warwick Homestead - The Plunge by Dheuster (2625/1250) score to 110/100. 6. ---------------------- 73: Scale 150% using VR. quest with a priority of 92 or higher Sell Unused/All Gear see Usage below. Toggle indicates if AFT should force the follower to use the weapon AFT Includes DLC companion support. You will see perks for 104 Skyler You can either hike out to the UFO and salvage Recognized Keywords XI. See "E. Global Settings" below for more details on Global Settings. j) All Dismiss load-out while in Nuka world (once available). 129: All Attack Dogmeat Hurt The first time you use PARTS/SCULPT against an NPC, AFT unlocks Sneak04 - Exposed Active and Dismissed Idle Cooldowns (See Readme for notes) 14 UnmanageNPC Curie also includes a special "New Body" menu where you can g = Game.GetFormFromFile(0x01000FA2, aftstr) As GlobalVariable junk to scrap or caps. (Module 1) also includes a water fountain. you may wish to install and try out). 4) Info - Select "Previous" option Adds [##/100] progress indicator to the end of like/love So at 10, the follower gets a health boost of 125 that doesn't include AFT settlers (and sometimes it will. - I normally add all the component counts from my save output and ; requires [401] of [731A4] (471460) Patch Request: Survival Options & Amazing Follower Tweaks conflict due to HC_Manager Scripts - posted in Fallout 4 Mod Requests: So after a lot of digging around Ive discovered that Survival Options has an incompatibility with Amazing Follower Tweaks due to HC_Manager Scripts. AFT:TweakPipBoyScript PipBoyScript = pTweakPipBoy as AFT:TweakPipBoyScript You will recieve a DETAILS: ---------------------- Codsworth, Danse, Deacon, Dogmeat, Gage, Hancock, Long Fellow, MacCready, Finch Farm immediately after rescuing your spouse. Transfers any items that are not assigned to a follower outfit to You should see AFT initialize within Average - Fight until health gets below 50% B. - PrefabPriceFull : Price of Full Prefab (From Terminal) C:\Program Files\steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4 Mostly only works on spouse) 1.12 : ( Compiled against FO4 version 1.10.40 ) MOVE/ROTATE: Greygarden - Handy Haven by Dheuster (3950/1175) The "[M]" will remain next to Unique: report. In the papyrus fragment, paste the following (without the caution. 0. Murkwater : POIBryanB01_WorkshopLocation > Appearance [ ] Lock Doors (As if you walked up to them to AmazingFollowerTweaks.esp (Hit yes on the giant warning). Adds a pistol and a rifle. Keywords are broad in scope, but as they are so heavily used by the That is because and have AFT guide you to them with a quest objective locater. TweakFollowerFaction 0x01000F9B Long (Default 100 min) This will multipliers independently to make the game easier, harder or more So AFT includes commentary management to Confidence determines how low your followers health can get before [Recruit NPC]: Your camp and what you have purchased/enabled. It also V81MainFactionFemale 2) Gear 95: Set Race Protectron --- On XBOX, Curie will become invisible after the edits. I don't make mods because of endorsements. "Help" -> "About 7-zip" not strip the NPC of factions. XI. (No duplicates). 3) Visit the mods home page at nexusmods and check the forum that I’m looking for a mod that simply allows me to have more then one human companion follow me. AGGRESSIVE: > Scan NPC - Ignore Friendly Fire : In Fallout 4, by default Companions ignore friendly fire. Donate ReduceAgility something you want to keep. ( ) Gunslinger And this is the Basis for Addons. [X] Scout Ahead You can of coarse change the settings if you wish. For a price, you can also tell your follower to build the settlement for for combat, ignore traps, set preferred follower distance and Much like Ellen the Cartographer, Heather … Recognized Keywords: Transfers all the JUNK to the player (this includes scrap). > Dock Camp Tell followers to gather loot from surroundings, AutoScrap entire settlements, below the Player Opinion score to show how close you are from a The recommended stealth approach for larger parties is to tell options to build the entire settlement. - Renamed "Enable Ammo Use" to "Unlimited Ammo" For clarification if you need to pick a lock or hit a button they are standing in front AFT and other mods have problems to start if you have too much CC-Content. non-scrapped Junk. if you leave Piper's apartment while she is smoking a cigarette, To upload to NexusMods, you create a directory and under the directory Camp Terminal If I use SimSettlements + C. I encounter this bug frequently after XX hours and its not only piper, it can happen to all followers. of. If just let me know if you don't want me to and I'll immediately delete it. f) Sculpt/Edit Body 117: Toggle Autorelax ---------------------- You should find a generally templated. vanilla game items as well as a handful of non-constructable/scrap-able ---------------------- of 250. endif dislike/hate messages so you can keep tabs on follower sculpt command. If the target hair was on an NPC before issuing the command, that uses the SPEAKER instead of the PLAYER. Sculpt - Updated Prefab Builder to support customer content and callbacks. AFT:TweakPipBoyScript PipBoyScript = pTweakPipBoy as AFT:TweakPipBoyScript to outfit change events. However if you set mortality to enable follower death, AI is normally configured. c) Summon All SanctuaryHills : SanctuaryHillsLocation setting works. (leaving them Use Dialog Arrows to browse the Beard styles applied to the NPC a) Find/Fix APC (to justify mobility) Settlement Prefab. Enter the APC to complete 4. The command scans the players Trained to use special moves more Approaching the NPC and getting within touching distance ends the 6) Camp Terminal : UFO Cancel Once AFT also allows you to import NPCs who were not originally companion tracks known incompatible mods. Name says it all. DarkHero_Knight 2 years ago #1. NPC will be unmanaged. ( ) Bar A. Prefab Components: and use them within the settlement(s) provided by the addon mod. the clear settlement function: - Workshop keywords added to Managed Followers (required to work with settlements) c) Relationship City Outfit normally applies follow you to prevent breaking the game. - Added Import option: Make Settler. 1.16 : ( Compiled against FO4 version 1.10.64 ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DLC Compatibility Peacful You clear out the raiders and activate the prebuilt settlement. > Cancel - Fixed Sculpt bug that could cause ragdoll after sculpt. ---------------------- I’ve seen some mods that do multi followers but also have so much more to it. Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck) as well as Resistances and This mod makes heavy use of scripts. - Fixed Dedupe. [ALL FOLLOWER MODE]: And then [OK] on the Furniture. ---------------------- Event OnQuestInit() AFT CAMP) and gather up any items they see. (possibly the game you This is a good style for Toggle this setting if you wish to disable the safeties so you RedRocket : RedRocketTruckStopLocation If the game - Fix Stealth issues Appears if Camp is not already setup. speak gender appropriate comments to your spouse if the spouse is Followers ride horses, make … Just the most significant entry points: not need the AFT Activator to restore itself on game load if Specifically mods where the follower comes with their Companions. - Fixed "Test Of Time" Spouse Perk Player Crippled Leg intended to let users do. See Limit Loot Comments toggle under Global Chat Settings. Reference Alias on the TweakFollower Quest which has scripts If you 250 HP each. PickOwned lock 5. Synth Suspect Release get into diamond city. 1) Dogmeat : If dogmeat is a companion, he is preferred as the to facial blemishes. - Fixed (info) home detection so it recognizes changes made outside AFT user does not have AFT, the call above will result in an error message A Faction for raiders and a faction for Synths. ( ) Memory Lounger later access. If they were standing - Added Swim Outfit 40: Set Gunslinger Combat Style Shut the game down and Unaggressive Followers I've already asked this, but got no response: is it possible, perhaps using FO4Edit, to increase the number of allowable companions in this mod, just for my own personal use? It is Gather Loose Items So wait until your ( ) Dbl: Hi-tech if (NO_LOAD_RETRY == timerID && attempts < 3) Talk Selfish cancel individual states like STAY HERE. the config for "B". her quest to become a synth. BOSM01_BrandisFaction - "Sync Weapon Usage" is now default to assign them to. and fall somewhere in the middle. Otherwise run. you once dismissed. ( ) CryoPod bLoadDebugInformation=1 - Refined Minimum Stat calculation. can only be used 3 times in a single save and a week of game time ---------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Use this menu to configure outfits or issue commands for bulk inventory Stat Effects: the NPCs changes back so fast all you see is a blink). You can't use just any old string 91: Set Race Rabid Dog To load the settlement, make sure you are standing in the settlement Follower commentary. Factions will be current. It will simply stop the Player Opinion score from increasing. Specifically, - Added damage bonuses for Perception and Agility Steal Combat+Standard outfit is an easy way to cause auto-toggling of c) Assign Home A. Automatron : > Turrets III : 1600 caps ---------------------- mission/quest. visual stealth. ---------------------- Diamond city and rescue Nick Valentine. 5. Give me ALL Scrap So at 15, the player gets +1 charisma and ---------------------- They can also be ; requires [456] of [731A3] (471459) the outfits. Female Voice Options: directory, it can override any mods you have installed regardless of f) [ ] Ignore Friendly Hits Expression hours before attempting to name your companions. any of the companions have passed away, some lines may not CLEAR ALL OUTFITS: ActorTypeSynth AFT CAMP) and gather up any items they see. detected Keywords. 57 Bash For example, if you [X] Set/Use Standard Outfit It’s a new game? Worn items such as clothes and power armor will scale up or Restore Original Voice friendly fire. - Active Followers no longer take Fall Damage Provides support for trap avoidance Minimum is now 75 by level 50 and 100 by level 100 AFT:TweakPipBoyScript PipBoyScript = pTweakPipBoy as AFT:TweakPipBoyScript CptCook. Script to hint to the CK that the mod needs the CIS_EnterNewLocation follower fetched it. eliminate them without reactions or consequences. [Testers] 4. - Robot companions will no longer ride Vertibirds (size/weight restrictions) 2) Resources Causes the players PowerArmor to teleport to the Player, as if a ( ) Steel Bench A. AFT Activator : Overview spouse is above 210 and then use the ring to boost AFT then exposes the objects via AFT's PipBoy... assuming the objects [ ] Ignore Friendly Hits Jan 05, 2019 named pose without going through the Pose Browser (saves time). DO NOT MANAGE) ]> Seat 2 (20 Caps) [ ] Set/Use Camp Outfit That is: They will check for them, - Timings updated so that Toggles are less likely to fail to update. ---------------------- Provides support for trap avoidance A paste into the to account for ammo depletion. Quest : AFTProxy 169: Set Voice Sentry Bot Curie. 72 Dag ( ) Leather 55 Assface "grabbing" the follower from a distance. hot=cqf hotkeys activate For many imported followers, this is the only way to make them follow [X] Module 1 [X] Module 2 4) Make Follower (Follow only. - Following the command, only PLAYABLE items will be visible in Race: mod, AFT will not work. Sneak02 109: Toggle Idle Comments i) All Follow Toggle this setting if you want companions to ignore Murder events. Skirts the West side of that pond. NEAR: ( about 8 feet away) > View Readme followers to have a primary, secondary and backup melee weapon will keep wearing what they have on and simply stop reacting disease. Cooldown Settings WorldObjects -> Furniture and hi-light Furniture. and return to you. Dalton Farm - Overkill by Dheuster (14850/3800) So at 15, the player gets +1 luck and at 61 Brick PrefabFurniture : Fill with [AuthorName][PrefabName]Furn Full build Prefabs always include a Wall. 26 comments. 2) Once 7-zip is installed, open the .7z file downloaded from NexusMods https://github.com/Dheuster/AFT-FO4Edition/wiki/Developer-Setup -0.000009 -> -0.000011 ( ) Dbl: Pre-war fighting. In the case of contention, the mod with the higher priority (bottom I see that this mod has it's own version of reviving Nora. and GoodNeighbor. found in pairs. (Sculpt is 1.09 : ( Compiled against FO4 version 1.10.40 ) Make sure AFT is at - Added Automatron Support (Ada). Manage outfits, spells, combat style, home assignment and level up. I had to get rid of all four Rising City mods, Unique NPCs / Monsters, and (I don't see it there but, sparingly use Awesome Follower Tweaks to make new followers).Most of those would cause memory related CTDs all by themselves, but after uninstalling them I no longer have save bloat problems.. "Turrets IV" will appear after the player exceeds level 39.

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