Episode 96: It’s all William’s fault

We’re back after two weeks! During the break, we were able to get together and play some party games, including Lethal League, Windjammers, and Crawl. William is still working on SS in Dustforce, and has also started playing Fire Emblem: Conquest and picked up his old save file in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. Kaz has reached previously unexplored plotpoints in Skyrim, and abandoned them to become evil, she’s also gotten back into Dark Souls 3, but this time, she knows what she’s doing. Kyle is enjoying his time in Darkest Dungeon, and is extremely conflicted about the new God of War. For news, we mention the announcement for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and cover some points from Nintendo’s financial report: Kimishima is retiring as President, and sales are up. We also talk about Battlerite’s new battle royale mode, Nintendo continuing to support the 3ds, and a liitle bit about a dead game from Eidos Montreal, which leads us into a discussion about games that were unexpected in style, success, or concept to finish up. Come pause with us!

Upcoming Games, Recent Stuff, and Rumors





Battlerite, the arena-action-MOBA game, is adding a battle royale mode. Yep.



Nintendo is planning 3DS games for 2019 and beyond.

Confirmed in their annual investors’ call. Crazy.




Apparently Eidos Montreal was batting hard to try and make the next major Final Fantasy after doing Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Super Bunnyhop has a great video on it.

It’s really interesting, and leads into the THING OF THE WEEK.



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