Episode 95: CoD Blops Royal

William gets sucked back into dustforce, but has no prayer of SS’ing the entire game. Kyle spends some time with Snake Pass and edge lord Victor Vran. Kaz’s dreams comes true as she has been immortalized in Battle for Azeroth! In our new section we talk about Dark souls on the switch, a new Platinum collaborate game, question the choice to leave out the single player campaign in Black ops 4, but don’t worry, they’ll probably add a battle Royal mode and we mourn Konami’s history of bad choices. For our podcast thing of the week our twitch chat was raided and we have fun thinking of old video game titles that would make “awesome” movies


Upcoming Games, Recent Stuff, and Rumors



  • They’re adding a Battle Royale mode!



Polygon is reporting that Black Ops 4 isn’t going to have a single player campaign. Kotaku says it’ll have a Battle Royale mode, though!

It will instead have a small narrative focus as part of its Zombies/cooperative mode. Too bad they’re doing it with Blops, a lot of people love this series’ campaign.




Konami is ending its relationship with UEFA, the soccer organization that the Pro Evolution Soccer series is based on.

They have a new mobile Castlevania game that looks like hot garbage though. Konami makes me sad.




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