Episode 94: Melancholic

We’re back after two weeks! Kaz has come back from a con in Atlanta, got herself a new rig, and has caught up with her old self in Skyrim. William has finished Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, but still finds time to disparage Kirby. Kyle has found an amazing game in Celeste and a dissapointing game in The Evil Within 2. In our news section, we cover the Spyro trilogy remaster, talk about God of War’s new reviews, Minit, the Megaman X Legacy Collections, and Nikki Minaj(!). We also talk a bit about the shutting down of Steam Spy, the success of GTAV, and the conclusion to the relationship between Twin Galaxies and Billy Mitchell. Finishing up, we take a look at sad games; some that we liked, and the mechanics and methods used to enhance them. Come pause with us!


Upcoming Games, Recent Stuff, and Rumors



Steam Spy is shutting down thanks to privacy changes from Valve.

Profiles now have libraries hidden by default, so we all lose a valuable tool. Too bad.



GTAV has made an estimated $6 billion, which makes it the most successful media property of all time.

Just…. wow.  Think this changes how we think about/develop games and IP, or is it just a crazy outlier? https://www.marketwatch.com/story/this-violent-videogame-has-made-more-money-than-any-movie-ever-2018-04-06


Billy Mitchell has finally had all of his high score records purged from Twin Galaxies.

Not that he’s relevant anymore. https://www.twingalaxies.com/feed_details.php/1047/billy-mitchells-donkey-kong-and-all-other-records-removed/4


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