Episode 91: Still a Toys R Us Kid

This week, Kyle can’t help bu spend money buying old and bad games, William  plays more Shadow of Valentia, and Kaz finally gets the best Legendary in Wow. In the News we talk about Microsoft’s E3 plans and the future of the event as a whole, we mourn the closure of Kyle’s childhood with the announcement of the Bankruptcy and closing of Toys R Us, Dota’s questionable Pay to Win subscription and how it’s changing the philosophy of the game, and we talk about the potential of Celebrities and Twitch.  For our Podcast Thing of the Week we celebrate the Ides of March by talking about our favorite video game betrayals, Come pause with us!

Discussion topics

Game Announcements, Rumors, and Upcoming/Recent Stuff

Microsoft has big changes for its E3 plans. They are, but aren’t participating in E3, because they want more fan participation.

Will the E3 adjacent strategy pay off for them?


Kyle – Toys R Us is closing all of its US stores.

Sad, that was my high school job. Even Skylanders couldn’t save them, I guess.


Dota 2 is introducing some pay to win elements with a monthly subscription service called Dota Plus.

Looks… weird. It’s almost a disadvantage to new players, which is the opposite of what they need right now. http://www.dota2.com/plus

Twitch Prime now gives you tons of really good games for free, which is awesome.

Steamworld Dig 2 is one of the 5 free games next month. That’s crazy, it came out in October. https://blog.twitch.tv/level-up-your-video-game-collection-with-free-games-with-prime-785fac856490?sf184412156=1

607,000 people tuned in to watch Drake play Fortnite. Are celebs the new thing for streaming?

I sure hope not. https://www.destructoid.com/rapper-drake-playing-fortnite-breaks-twitch-s-concurrent-viewers-in-a-single-stream-record-494412.phtml

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