Episode 89: Pure Poetry

This week, William talks (again) about Xenoblade as a series in a (vain) attempt to wrap the whole thing up. Kyle manages to 100% Super Lucky’s Tale and grinds out some Heroes of the Storm matches. Kaz gets close to the end of Persona 4, guest stars on other podcasts, and manages to finally grind out a mount in WoW, all while gearing up to go to Sweden! In our news section, we talk about the Burnout Paradise Remaster, Warcraft rumblings, both Sonic racing and movies, Doom’s patch on Switch, and the Megaman Legacy Collection ports. We also take a look at copyright laws for online games and finish up with a small haiku session, where we describe different games via haiku and try to guess what they are. Come pause with us!


Discussion topics

Game Announcements, Rumors, and Upcoming/Recent Stuff


The ESA is fighting against a DMCA exemption for abandoned online games.

Should they be allowed to? What rights does the player/customer have? What about the preservation angle? https://torrentfreak.com/game-companies-oppose-dmca-exemption-for-abandoned-online-games-180217/


Norway is cracking down on Nintendo for not allowing customers to cancel digital preorders.

Hooray consumer rights! Also, why preorder a digital game? https://www.rollingstone.com/glixel/news/norway-accuses-nintendo-of-breaking-european-consumer-laws-w516963



Haiku poetry jam!



Hey there old woman,
What are you doing out here?
Please don’t suck my brains!
Hey Dad I need help,
What am I supposed to do?
“What a king must do”

Finally captured you,
Hey Stop trying to break out!
“Forest just set back!”


Having a bad day?
Kick, punch, it’s all in the mind
Yeah! Now I believe.

Hangin’ with my bros
Space is a pretty neat place!

The law says we’re bad.
But screw the law! Paint it black.
Tokyo-to is ours.

Kxaj wumo nuj rut (This game is bad)
Rik kxo Saurians ceeb douk! (But the Saurians look neat!)
A najx kxaj nuj Zelda. (I wish this was Zelda.)
ALT LINE: Kao Krazoa. (The Krazoa.)


A Dark Knight finding
Redemption for past crimes? Nah,
Let’s go to the moon

Find Triforce pieces!
Wait, there are no dungeons left?
Let’s just sail around…

Shadow has a gun
What do you mean ‘too edgy?’
Stop writing stories/ Please, kill this series

Let’s make the next game
This could be the series’ end
Let’s throw it all in/ But there are waifus

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