Episode 76 – Shirtless

Kaz manages to put some time into WoW and Starcraft II, Kyle wraps up Mario and Rabbids to start up Destiny 2, and William updates his switch and finally finishes (and spoils) Nier.  In the News we talk about the recent Nintendo Direct, Mario’s nipples (or shirtless model, if you’d rather), and Nintendo’s recent positive buzz.  We finish up with a discussion about PewDiePie, Fair Use, and the future of let’s plays.  Come pause with us!


Happy Birthday Gamecube!

Okami HD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vekiiMbA-Zw

Nintendo Direct Megablock

Xenoblade 12-1

FEWarriors 10-20

Mario 10-27 shirtless mario broke the internet

Doom, Wolfenstein 2, Skyrim Release Date



NES Classic is coming back – https://www.gamespot.com/articles/nintendos-nes-classic-mini-edition-will-be-in-stoc/1100-6453270/

 Firewatch Dev abuses DMCA and encourages other games devs to do the same to ‘take down’ Pewdipie http://heavy.com/games/2017/09/pewdiepie-dmca-copyright-strike-firewatch-controversy-n-word-response/

But was his DMCA strike legal? And what does this mean for youtube Lets players http://www.pcgamer.com/lawyers-explain-why-campo-santos-takedown-of-pewdiepies-video-is-legal/



One thought on “Episode 76 – Shirtless

  1. This is one of those situations where I feel like everyone involved is in the wrong…
    – PewDiePie is wrong for using racist language in his video. I don’t know much about him, but it almost seems like he thrives off of self-generated controversy, which is a pretty sad way to earn and/or use internet fame.
    – The developer is wrong for using the YouTube copyright strike system as a weapon. I can understand them not wanting to be associated with him after he made the aforementioned slur, but the takedown just feels wrong to me at best since (1) as I understand it, Firewatch wasn’t in the video where he made the slur, and (2) the developer granted permission for people to use and monetize their content in Let’s Play videos. I know it’s probably technically legal, but like I said, it just feels wrong.
    – The gamers involved are wrong for review-bombing Firewatch. This incident had nothing to do with the game Firewatch itself, so they are deliberately abusing the system in order to hurt someone. As I said, I’m not totally comfortable with what the developer did either, but a game review system is the wrong place to hash that out. (Not to mention the attitude that because someone is your favorite internetainer they should be allowed to be as crass as they want without any consequences. Also, get off my lawn!)
    – YouTube is… maybe wrong? It just feels like they should have done more, rather than just sitting back and watching this spit-storm involving literally their most popular YouTuber. I’m not so sure YouTube would shed many tears if PewDiePie got enough strikes to be removed from their platform, but allowing an indie game developer to step up to the whipping post instead of taking action themselves? It’s not as if they’ve been shy about slapping the wrist of other creators who have “violated community guidelines.”

    I dunno. I could be off base on some of these. But that’s just a few of my thoughts. It’s just a nasty situation overall.

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