Episode 73: Move Complete

Kaz is done moving and Internet is probably fixed, but will she ever have time for games again as Hogger takes over her life? Kyle shows his true colors as a Sonic Fanboy and William keeps playing the games he always is playing.  In the new we discuss cheating vs exploits in fighting games, Blizzards backtrack on naming things, and turning into cats to solve mysteries


Crackdown 3 got delayed until 2018. What does Microsoft have for this holiday season?



Update to the SNES classic preorder info is kinda there, it will be before the end of august https://www.gamespot.com/articles/how-to-pre-order-nintendos-snes-classic-edition/1100-6451207/


Player wins $10,000 For Honor Competition Prize, and proves the game is still a buggy mess http://www.pcgamer.com/for-honor-player-wins-10000-in-championship-by-abusing-an-exploit/


Blizzard renames Blizzard App back to Blizzard Battle.net.  Speaking of Battle.net, Destiny 2 and SC Remastered are now on the blizzard launcher


SWERY found a way to make a life sim interesting to me



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