Episode 71: Sexy Pauline City

Kaz may be out this week, but that doesn’t stop William and Kyle from having good video game times. This week, Kyle falls head-over-heels for Has Been Heroes, and William gets into the weird parts of Nier. In news, we talk a lot of Dota 2, yet more SNES Classic, Death Stranding, and Nintendo. Come pause with us!



Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has overtaken Fallout 4 and is now the game with the highest player count not made by Valve on all of Steam.



Dota 2 will now match new players with people who get commended for good behavior regularly, and will also limit them to 25 easy-to-learn characters. They’re trying to make it user-friendly, is it working?



Nintendo says that the SNES Classic Preorders will start this month



Nintendo is doing pretty well so far this year



Metroid Samus Returns has some content locked behind amiibos



Death Stranding still isn’t a game, but it does have clouds!



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