Episode 114: You Have Brought This Upon Yourself

This week on Pause Screen Kaz catches us up on some Battle For Azeroth, William battles the whales, and Kyle finishes up Spiderman and tries out some smaller games. In news, the Ace Attorney Trilogy is ported to the current console gen, Castlevania Requiem is announced, and we talk a bit about cloud saves, Warcraft classic, and the slowing down of Smash Ultimate character reveals. For discussion, we take a look at the sudden implosion of Telltale, the sleazy microtransactions in DMC5, and PlayStation finally joining the crossplay party. Then, to finish up, we talk about… terrible Deviantart submissions???  Come pause with us!

HYPE TRAIN *toot toot*



  • Sakurai says to expect character announcements to slow down between now and launch



Telltale Games has basically shut down. They fired all but 20-25 of their staff with no warning, and have ceased all development—including on the only partially completed Walking Dead final season.

They’re getting sued now. Sounds like their management is/was complete scum. http://gamasutra.com/view/news/327085/Report_The_Walking_Dead_developer_Telltale_Games_closing_down.php



Devil May Cry 5 is going to let you buy red orbs.

Sounds like it hopefully won’t be too bad, though. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/devil-may-cry-5-lets-you-spend-real-money-to-upgra/1100-6461972/



Playstation finally gives us crossplay!

They did some hard backpedaling on things they’ve said, but at least we have it now!



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