Episode 108: Long Live Luigi

We’re back after a week break and have a LOT to talk about! Kyle played the most with a bunch of old games. Good news is that he finally beat Enter the Gungeon, but is somewhat slogging through the Megaman X Collection 1.  William is revisiting portal to achievement hunt and played some Fire Emblem Fates Conquest.  Laura battled a giant skeletal man in Dark Souls 3, and it tearing it up in the new WoW expansion!  In our quick news we talk about Diablo 3 for Switch, DS remastered release date,  DOOM Eternal, Evo and more.  In our Discussion we talk about former IGN editor Filip Miucin and his Plagiarism, Bethesda’s litigious moves on games re-sellers and Riot’s Sexism and discrimination culture.  Come pause with us!

HYPE TRAIN *toot toot*



  • We’re incredibly late to the party, but Luigi is dead (super dead), and Smash has everything in it now



IGN’s Nintendo editor, Filip Miucin, was caught plagiarizing a small Youtube reviewer’s review of Dead Cells.

Since then, it’s gone from bad to worse. He had a bad apology video (monetized, of course), challenged people to find more plagiarism (which they promptly did), and IGN is now considering removing all of his content he’s ever done entirely. What a tool.


Bethesda sent eBay sellers cease and desist letters for selling ‘new’ games.

Man, they like to sue people.



Kotaku ran a really interesting piece on sexism and discrimination at Riot Games.

Not sure if we want/need to tackle it, but it’s an interesting read.



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