Episode 107: #DeadlyHashtags

This week Kaz is coming off of a losing streak in heroes, and a similar streak in Dark Souls 3. William is back from the dead with a shiny ‘Double S’ achievement from Dustforce and having played a little of Octopath Traveler. Kyle returns with a report on the Hololens, Beat Saber, Megaman X, and Enter the Gungeon. In our quick news, we mention Evo, Spider-Man, Valve, off disc Spyro 2-3, and the Megaman and Castlevania animated shows. For discussion, we take a look at some of Sylvanas’ actions as warchief in the upcoming WoW expansion, and a bit of the player reaction. Then, to finish up, we discuss examining games based on player experience as opposed to actual content, and subjectivity (or objectivity, if you prefer). Come pause with us!

HYPE TRAIN *toot toot*





Warcraft Prepatch is causing all sorts of distress among the community, especially the Horde

Basically Sylvanas (as Warchief) ordered a bunch of warcrimes, we all knew Teldrasil would burn down, but people were hoping it would be some morally grey events. The Horde was definitely in the wrong




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