Episode 101: Physical Gaming Disorder

Kaz and Kyle both play some battle chasers, but Kyle’s warns us all not to get to excited for the ending!  Kaz gives her first impressions of Detroit: Become Human, it seems promising!  William reports on the ending of Wizards of Legend without even playing it, and Kyle pulls out some Ninja Gaiden Sigma.  In the News we get hype for Mario Tennis Aces release, and talk about the beginnings of Super Smash Bros: Ultimate.  Also how did Microsoft’s E3 conference become the most watched live stream on Twitch of all time? Is the World Health Organization’s definition of ‘Gaming Disorder’ too broad? Nintendo resumes it’s habits of banning Cartridges used to pirate games and Gamestop is looking for a buyout.  Come pause with us!


Microsoft’s E3 conference was the most watched live stream on Twitch of all time.



Sony’s bringing Greatest Hits back with a great collection of games. Go get some good cheap stuff!



The World Health Organization now recognizes a ‘gaming disorder’.



Nintendo is banning game carts from online play if they find a dump of it online.

Buying used is getting scarier.



Gamestop is reportedly in talks for a buyout. Goodbye, physical media and specialty stores?


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