Episode 104: Keeping a Legacy

Welcome back from a short break! William has come back from a short vacation, but doesn’t have much to show for it other than incremental progress in Dustforce. Kaz has begun an epic journey in both Dark Souls and Tooth and Tail, and Kyle has beaten Steamworld Dig 2, only to fall to piracy in order to play some rare games on his NES Classic. In news, we talk about Octopath Traveler, Bomb Chicken, the new Pokemon trailer, Warframe, Spyro, and Sonic Mania, followed up with some Smash amiibo and music. For our discussion, we look at ESPN and Overwatch, the banning of lootboxes in some countries, and Nintendo’s new anti-pirate hardware. To finish up, we discuss collecting games, their value, and preservation as we move into the future. Come pause with us!

HYPE TRAIN *toot toot*






Overwatch league is now going to be on ESPN

I guess treating it like a serious sport is paying off! https://techcrunch.com/2018/07/11/overwatch-league-strikes-a-milestone-deal-with-disney-and-espn/


Players in the Netherlands and Belgium can no longer open loot boxes in CS:GO.

Wonder how long this patchwork solution will last as more and more countries ban the practice.



Nintendo is rolling out new hardware configurations for the Switch to make it harder to hack.

Maybe it’ll be effective for another 2 months.



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