Episode 81: Digital Orphans

Kaz is back! She brings stories of her Blizzcon adventures (and huge win in the costume contest), Kyle can’t shut up about Odyssey, and William continues to be disappointed by Fire Emblem Fates. In news, we talk all the Blizzcon announcements, Telltale’s realignment, and Gamestop’s attempt to stay relevant with a hot new rental service. Come pause with us!


StarCraft 2 is going free to play

2 New Heroes in HotS: Alexstraza and Hanzo (awesome cinematic)

A bunch of new features and tweaks to heroes gameplay

Hearthstone Kobolds and Catacombs, love letter to the classic dungeon crawler

New overwatch Cinematic: Honor and Glory

Overwatch getting a new map called blizzardworld (super inside joke)

New support hero moira

World of Warcraft classic servers


Awesome battle for lordaeron diorama, Kaz was in it!


Telltale laid off 90 people, is going to be working on their tech and scaling back operations

Gamestop announces game rental program, play as many pre-owned games as you want for 6 months, then choose one to keep, all for $60.



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