Episode 69: High School Reunion

 Kingdom Hearts 3 got a new trailer! That game looks real good. Supposedly coming in 2018.


Trunks was announced for dragonball fighterZ; Closed beta coming July 26th with 9 characters, they need to announce like 2 more! 



Arc System Works announced a new crossover 2d fighter, with more tag mechanics?!


 Behold, the Ataribox, whatever that is. Think it stands a chance?


Blizzard beta launcher has changed, looks like it will be able to accommodate more than just the addition of destiny!

Podcast game – Video games in one line: can you guess them?

Rap your way through embarrassment and failure while trying to impress your crush

Space man breeds plant people to help him escape the planet

Barely a teenager, you’re ready to travel across the continent to document the local fauna

After spending a few weeks dead, you learn how to trust others

Mutant marsupial kills dozens of animals in order to punish reckless scientist for harming animals.

Animal cult conspires to keep local human as wage slave.

An ambitious prince crushes hordes of humans into a writhing, nightmare ball in order to impress his father

Child kills fundamental Christian mother with his tears, in self defense.

Dinosaurs help to carry a missing twin baby to his brother

Give vegetables to strangers until they fall in love with you.

A Gorilla fights with other animals to get his food storage back

Use your Gardening skills to stop the undead

Dragons are back! Only you can learn their language and stop them

A Boy, a nerd, a and princess Travel back and forth through time to make allies and save the future

Learn to think a new way while escaping an evil computer

Become a drug addict and save possessed little girls.

You’re tasked with tracking down your wanna be daughter before evil magic knights find her.  

You’re brought back to life to travel the solar system to stop the threats to your civilization

An army of green demons is threatening your planet, rally fellow adventurers to fight them back.

Travel different planets, fight different bosses as well carry your best friend around like a backpack with his ability to propel you.



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