Episode 60: Needs More Buttons

Kaz Legions and Zeldas it up, Kyle gets into Persona 5 and indie artsy-fartsy games, and William gives himself over to the dark side that is mobile gaming. In news, we talk Heroes 2.0, the NES Classic, streaming rules from publishers, and the recent Nintendo Direct. Last but not least, we introduce our new segment Death Match by pitting two of our favorite JRPGs against each other in a race for the ages. Come pause with us!


Nintendo stops production on the NES Classic, final shipments going out this month

Atlus threatens people who stream past 7/7 in-game time in Persona 5 with copyright claims and channel strikes http://kotaku.com/atlus-threatens-to-go-after-people-who-stream-too-far-i-1794004068

There was a Nintendo Direct on 4/12 with information about ARMS, Pikmin, Kirby and more.  Also some Splatoon 2 and Arms. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6X06fvObnG0
Death Match –JRPG Marathon Maddness

Who would win in a Marathon, the characters from Chronicles of Narnia? or The World Ends With You?


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