Episode 59: The World Ends With Us

Kaz gets ready for the Blizzcon ticket bloodbath, William goes full anime with Fire Emblem Heroes, and Kyle finally beats Zelda. In new, we get hyped for Persona 5, Destiny 2, and Heroes of the Storm 2.0; we mourn the bankruptcy of Mad Catz; and laugh at the gaming industry’s April Fools jokes. Then in save point, we all team up to tackle The World Ends With You, the best JRPG you (probably) never played. Come pause with us!



Destiny 2 officially announced! It’s coming to PC, PS4, Xbone on Sept 8th.



Mad Catz filed for bankruptcy. Goodbye, bad controllers and good fight sticks



Persona 5 comes out tomorrow (April 4th)!  If you can play it, you probably should.


Favorite april fools day jokes –

Geralt statue: https://twitter.com/CDPROJEKTRED/status/848082511846625280

Overlord voicetrack: https://twitter.com/StarCraft/status/848091935122219008


Top 5/Save Point – All

The World Ends With You



Released in North America in April 2008

This game used probably every function the DS had

Systems everywhere, food, fashion, shopkeepers.

Combat on both screens at the same time

Characters, story, music, atmosphere, it has everything

And the best part of all… Tin Pin Slammer!!

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