Episode 45: Walking Like Pac-Man

Kaz struggles to get home from Christmas, Kyle gets sucked into Geometry Wars 3: Evolved, and William finally beats Xenoblade Chronicles X, though that doesn’t mean he’ll stop playing it. We also pretend to know what we’re talking about with Switch clock speeds, and discuss the possibility of a new Excite Truck, the pitfalls of playing one game forever, and Disney’s future in #esports. Then in Save Point, Kaz takes us for a nostalgia trip through the weirdness that is Pac-Man 2: The New Adventure. Come pause with us!

News Block

Nintendo Switch Rumor of the week:

Clock and GPU speeds supposedly known, are pretty slow from what we can tell so far. Seems the hardware is somewhat underclocked so they can meet their battery life needs.





Kyle – Nintendo files trademark for Excite Truck



Kyle – MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM), which is the streaming division of the MLB that got spun off, picked up rights to stream League of Legends. Disney owns a partial stake in the company too. #esports



Laura- Garry Newman tries to break the destructive cycle of early access development in Rust



William – Continuing our weekly report about Nintendo’s stock, it dropped pretty harshly over the last week.


Save Point – Kaz

Pac Man 2: The New Adenture https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pac-Man_2:_The_New_Adventures

Released 1994 on the Sega Genisis and SNES

And then on WiiU virtual console march 2016

It’s a point and click adventure where you don’t directly control the main character. You use a slingshot to shoot various objects to “tell” pac man what to do.  Examples: shoot objects before they reach/hurt pacman; get his attention to certain objects, or wake him up after fainting.  There is a mood mechanic, the happier pac man is, the better he will listen, and her can get really angry, sad and scared and that effects how he solves puzzles.


The expressions pacman has are really hilarious: https://youtu.be/ndsB3vPR_Sg?t=7m35s

Why was this game created? Who knows, but Kaz got enjoyment out of it.

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