Episode 156: That’s A Bad Hot Take

It’s time for another episode of Pause Screen! This week, Kaz has picked 3 Houses back up and watched some video game movies, William is stalled in Xenoblade and admiring the FGO engine update, and Kyle is playing Timespinner, Death’s Gambit, and all sorts of garbage on the Xbox 360. As for news, we talk about the Mixer’s sudden shutdown, a new wave of allegations, Cyberpunk delays and anime, Pokemon announcements, Crash 4 and more! Then to finish, we have an impromptu discussion about video game media and touch on how much we value gameplay and story integration. Come pause with us!

HYPE TRAIN – *toot toot*

SAD TRAIN *womp womp*

  • There’s been another huge wave of sexual assault and other allegations through many communities, gaming included. Big names include Chris Avellone (game designer, working on stuff like Vampire 2 and Dying Light 2, worked on Fallout New Vegas and Planescape Torment, was co-founder of Obsidian), Tobi Dawson (Dota 2 caster), and Ashraaf Ismail (game director for Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, Origins, and Valhalla), and lots of esports players(method Josh) in various communities https://www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2020-06-24/video-game-industry-rocked-by-outpouring-of-sexual-misconduct-allegations 
  • Microsoft unexpectedly shut down Mixer on 6/22. Big bummer for that community, but it’s not surprising given that they had .2% growth year over year compared to everyone else’s 60-100%, and that’s after paying folks like Shroud and Ninja 8 digits to come over to the platform.
    MS worked things out to hand off to Facebook Gaming, which apparently is a streaming platform. They’ve since confirmed that there won’t be FBG integration into the Series X, though; I assume they’ll work something out with Twitch.
  • Cyberpunk got delayed again to 2077 November 19. Seems like a good window for a console launch, doesn’t it?

https://twitter.com/ManMadeMoon/status/1274782037619048449?s=09 confirmed there will be no more warcraft movies. I am very sad

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