Episode 151: The Final Fantasy VII Remake Rant: Part One

Wash your hands, it’s time for another episode of Pause Screen! Over the last two weeks, Kyle’s been playing a lot of games, including Doom Eternal, FFVIIR, Bravely Default, Sayonara Wild Hearts, Contra 4, and more. Meanwhile, Kaz and William have kept their focus more narrow; Kaz with Animal Crossing, and William with the Bravely Default 2 demo. Then for news and discussion, we talk the DualSense controller, Sony’s ‘Play at Home,’ Resident Evil 4 remake rumors, Kotaku, Chex Quest, the Epic of Cooking Mama: Cookstar, and more! Come pause with us!

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HYPE TRAIN – *toot toot*


  • John Conway (creator of the Game of Life) and Rick May (voice actor, did the heavy in TF2, Peppy and Andross Star Fox) have died due to coronavirus complications. 🙁
  • Blizzard had a non-update about blizzcon. I’m betting it’ll ultimately be cancelled https://blizzcon.com/en-us/news/23371505

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