Episode 149: We Aren’t Dead Yet

We return with Pause Screen: Quarantine Edition. It’s been an interesting month and we’ve played a lot of video games. William’s still playing Three Houses and FGO, but his dreams have come true in the Trials of Mana remake demo. Kaz has finished up Warcraft 3 Reforged to move into some Fire Emblem of her own and finally started WoW raiding again. Kyle was able to play Ori and the Will of the Wisps before falling to games obscure and/or terrible. Then, finishing up with discussion and news, we talk about the Sonic movie’s performance, the newly revealed upcoming console specs, new game releases, upcoming Square JRPG remakes, cancelled events, and more! Come pause with us!

Discussion topics

HYPE TRAIN – *toot toot*

SAD TRAIN *womp womp*

  • You know that video games event you were looking forward to? It’s cancelled
    • Will E3 be able to come back from this?
  • Gamestop is remaining open despite failing to provide locations with sanitizer or instructions on cleaning stores. They claim they’re an ‘essential business’ and plan to stay open until ordered otherwise—I suspect because they’re scared they’ll never open doors again if they close. https://kotaku.com/gamestop-we-can-stay-open-during-lockdowns-because-wer-1842415962

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