Episode 147: Game Developer Negative Spiral

It’s another episode of Pause Screen! Over the last two weeks Kyle’s been playing Children of Morta, The Surge 2, and MegaMan classic, William has barely progressed in Three Houses and Fate/Grand Order, and Kaz continues to build up her handheld collection. She’s also been playing Warcraft III Reforged, and we take some time to discuss the situation surrounding that game and Blizzard in general. As a twist, we finish up with the Hype Train, where we talk Final Fantasy VII, Platinum kickstarters, EVO lineups, shady mobile game practices, and more! Come pause with us!

HYPE TRAIN – *toot toot*


Warcraft 3 Reforged happened.

  • Not everyone got the memo that they changed direction from a full remake like in the announcement to a remaster instead, which disappointed a lot of folks. Their advertising didn’t help with that perception either.
  • They also updated the Warcraft 3 OG client, which broke its dedicated scene pretty badly by removing ladders, clans, various community tools, and even old saves from custom games by changing battle.net tag references
  • Also, they changed the ToS to make all custom maps their sole property, including authorship (technical term is ‘moral’) rights. They didn’t want another DotA situation.
  • They’re now offering automated no questions asked refunds within 72 hours of purchase, even if you’ve played it
  •  I’ve heard it’s great if you want to play through the campaign again with a shiny coat of paint though!

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