Episode 145: Not Gonna Change That Much

It’s a new year, and Pause Screen is here! It’s been a long winter break, so both Kaz and Kyle have played tons of games, and William’s thought about games, or something, but there’s a lot to catch up on! In the Hype Train we talk about the ongoing AGDQ, the Pokemon direct, Platinum’s dealings with Tencent, and games workers unions. Then we talk about the interesting legal situation revolving around Star Citizen, and finish up with a couple of gaming resolutions for the new year. Come pause with us!

HYPE TRAIN – *toot toot*


Star Citizen continues to be a dumpster fire. 

We had some interesting news this week courtesy of an ongoing lawsuit between CryTek and Cloud Imperium Games (CIG, the SC guys) over them breaching copyright and making two games with on CryEngine while only licensed for one—the single player thing they were doing and then SC proper. However, CryTek is filing to drop their lawsuit without prejudice, meaning they can re-litigate later if they want, and also meaning that the single player game Squadron 42 probably isn’t coming out before the court trial date of 10/13/2020. Also, the initial steps of this case forced CIG to admit it hasn’t switched engines to Lumberyard as they’d previously claimed.

Tl;dr: Star Citizen is still an amazing waste of money and time that people throw cash at for some reason


Gaming New Year’s resolutions? Or even NYR in general?

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