Episode 121: Shadowy Corporations

We’re wrapping up the year here at Pause Screen, and other than some World of Warcraft and Celeste, all three of us have been playing a lot of Smash Ultimate! In the Hype Train, we talk a bit about the Smash DLC, Below, the Nintendo Classic Consoles ending production, and a PSVR sale. In our discussions, we tackle Blizzard’s sudden announcement about Heroes of the Storm, suing Epic Games about Fortnite dances, a Kingdom Hearts 3 leak, and the dubious Sonic movie posters. Finally, we wrap up with each of our top five ‘games we played this year’ lists! Come pause with us!

HYPE TRAIN *toot toot*


  • Joker from Persona 5 is coming to Smash!
  • Plus, Smash is selling like crazy. It’s Nintendo’s fastest selling PAL game ever.


Blizzard took Heroes of the Storm out behind the shed.

They announced via blog post that they’re not doing the HGC in 2019 and that they’re moving lots of devs to other projects. Really sucks for all those folks who got fired via blog post. https://news.blizzard.com/en-us/blizzard/22833558/heroes-of-the-storm-news

Everyone is suing Epic Games for Fortnite dances.

Including the guy who did the Carlton and a kid who was one of the first to floss on Youtube. We live in special times.

Kingdom Hearts 3 got leaked into the wild.

Nomura says the disc doesn’t contain the epilogue or ending video though, so not EVERYTHING can be spoiled. It’s interesting, this is the first use of a day one patch that I think was a good idea—because of course this game leaked from a distribution center.

Subnautica is free on the Epic Games store.

They’re doing free games every two weeks for the next year. Plus, they’ve landed a lot of timed exclusives, including Super Meat Boy Forever, Hades, Ashen, and more. https://kotaku.com/epics-game-store-is-already-locking-down-exclusives-1830997999

Sonic movie

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