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I started gaming at the ripe old age of 3 with Super Mario Bros. in my grandma’s basement, and I’ve been hopelessly addicted to pressing buttons ever since. Pretty sure humanity figured out its purpose in life with that one.

My expertise tends towards games with high mechanical demands like fighters, rhythm games, MOBAs, or platformers, but I can appreciate a good story too. Some of my all-time favorites include Dark Souls, Smash Bros., Spyro, DJ/Guitar Hero, and Dota 2.
Game collecting is my other passion—I see a lonely game in the wild and just can’t help but give it a loving home. When I’m not gaming or collecting, I’m probably running, reading, writing, traveling, or doing something with music.
Want to play games? Hit me up on Twitter @HeyItsFeroz51. I’m always looking for more fight/co-op/MOBA buddies!


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Episode 154: Next Gen Daydreams

This week we’re Williamless, but Kaz and Kyle make up for it by playing World of Warcraft, Animal Crossing, Indivisible, Minecraft Dungeons, and more. On the Hype Train, we round up all the latest next gen rumors and news—from Xbox backwards compatability and HDR reconstruction to Sony’s rumored PS5 reveal next week. We close out by talking about Valve’s excursion to China, free Raymonds for the people, the possible return of a long-lost classic and more! Come pause with us!

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HYPE TRAIN – *toot toot*

SAD TRAIN *womp womp*

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