word table header row not repeating

I was facing the problem of “row not repeating as header for a word table”. OMG. Thanks for much for taking the time to write a solution to help others! Thank you SO much for figuring it out and sharing it with all of us. Saved me a lot of messing around :). Not even sure if I would have figured this out on my own without random testing! For example, the first row has the table name "Table 3: Site Locations Sampled" and the second row would have the column titles. (NOTE: If the ‘Header Row Repeat’ option is already on, turn it off, then back on again — sometimes just doing this will solve the problem. * Zoom in to about 250% to see if there’s a TINY paragraph between the tables In any case, rotate through the choices by mouse clicking until it is again blank and select OK. Select Properties on drop down menu. thanks a lot for sharing ,,its really helpful, Stuck with this error over weekend (with my due thesis) Thank you so much! If it doesn’t, read on…). 491 in your post. Cheers the both tips wrap text and preferred width both helped in different circumstances – cheers. “Select whole table (by clicking on it’s handle in upper-left corner), then in table properties UNCHECK header row repeating. Awesome…many thanks! The new table works as expected. My table wasn’t repeating the header row because of that! Thanks so much! What about word 2010 – there is no ‘table properties’ and although i’ve tried all these tips using equivalent icons, still no luck…any ideas? Six stars on scale of five!! Thus, simply enabling the ‘Repeat Header Rows’ will not work when generating our Word document. Thank You! Don't Work with Nested Tables A great BIG THANK YOU!!! Thanks so much! You are brilliant! :), Thank you so much for posting this…..I was getting very frustrated and this fixed it! This is absolutely BRILLIANT! Thanks!! This worked for me! I never would have figured that out on my own. Word 2013 & 2016 – Table ‘repeat header row’ not working – IT Support Guides: Select the table (or place the cursor into any cell on the first page of the table (This is my own finding)), then on Table Tools->Layout ribbon pane, deselect and reselect Repeat Header Rows. 4. In WordPerfect X9, header row(s) in a table may not print correctly on the second and subsequent pages of a table. Repeat table header rows with Table Properties 1. A quick internet surf brought me to your answer. Content is 'Flowed' . ( Log Out /  Today i googled it and found your blog For whatever reason, where the normal option fails to work this button some how fixes the table and makes the header row repeat across pages. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The first thing I noticed was that when I tried to select the header, the preceding paragraph marker was also selected. This information was not available in Word help. Finally the frustration is over!! This is the only thing that worked for me. Try some of these possible solutions: https://cybertext.wordpress.com/2014/09/18/word-table-or-table-row-goes-to-next-page/. many thanks, When all the other suggestions above didn’t work, I had a thought…. Given that this “feechur” has existed for so long (5 years and counting) I presume Micro$oft has consided it “Working as Designed”. But your row of column headings is only at the top of the first page. thank you so much! It solved my problem that I thought I’d have to live with. Wasn’t exactly how I wanted the formatting to turn out, but I adjusted so I had the row I wanted as a repeating header. THANK YOU. Another thankyou, like others I wasted time trying to fix this. This was the only thing that worked! Note that if you use multiple rows as a header, the selected rows must be contiguous. You are a life saver!!! 8- Go to your new document and copy the table (see step 2) :D, Yahoo! The only one that worked was copying and pasting the table into a new document. 1. This tip allowed me to rescue my husband (I shudder to think how long he struggled before asking for help…….). I note 4 million other appreciative user above also! I cannot believe how frustrating this has been for me – thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I thought this might be helpful to someone. I stubbornly lost 2hrs this morning trying to fix this same problem before finding this solution. You can check this by selecting the entire table and then, on the Layout tab of the ribbon, clear the Repeat Header Rows tool. it worked! Thank you!! Even though Text Wrapping “none” was selected I clicked on it again and presto!! You may also need to delete an empty line to join your table together again. This solution worked for me on one document several weeks ago but I just had another today and it didn’t work at all, the “none” button was not clickable! The form does not repeat the header from page 2 onwards even after these settings. It’s definitely something MSFT needs to fix. You’re a genius. Thank you for sharing this information. Thank you! thanks a lot. OMG….after one hour trying to solve the issue I googled my problem and yours was the 2nd answer I checked… it solved it!! If my husband weren’t out of work, I’d have sent enough for a fancy latte, but I at least sent enough for a donut to go with your coffee… :). Thanks again! Not surprising that this crap happens in a f..cked program like Word. Merci beaucoup. Incredible! Right on the money. Clearing this allowed the header row to repeat, Thank you so much for this tip, it worked for me – I had been going around in circles :). This and your other post fixed my header issues. Thank you!! This blog post addresses the times when it doesn’t work. Thanks so much …I was getting frustrated too…thank goodness for Google searches and you for posting the fix to this issue!! Thank You. This is really a lifesaver! So very simple yet very effective! YOU ARE A GENIUS THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but why is so complicated in the first place?! — Pam. I couldn’t figure it out on my own. What if I put all the cells back? 7. 6. Excellent! Thanks so very, very much. Thank you so much for this tip. So very helpful! Thanks for the description and instructional pics. You are awesome! thankyou. Works (for me at least) when this solution doesn’t help (probably some other problem -large table c&p from other document with merged cells – c&p into wordpad and back as other solutions suggest ends up with total mess). :-). That was the real solution! I consider myself good with Word, but I couldn’t figure this one out! This was incredibly helpful. I have an important presentation to complete and was ready to throw my computer out the window! Thank you for solution to the problem. Mahalo! Turning off text wrapping fixed my problem. I’ve been frustrated with this for so long if I tell you how long I’ll give my age away!!!! I happened on this issue for the very first time and your answer was a Godsend when I needed something done ASAP. thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That worked like a charm. Entries (RSS) Hallelujah! rtf also looks to setup with multiple grid lines. I did a some googling and at last u brought me right to the heart of my problem thanx a zillion u have saved a lot of my endless efforts. I really appreciate your sharing your knowledge. You’ve solved a problem I’ve run into several times over the years – leaving a sad trail of headless tables on 2nd pages. Thanks for the help! And that’s how it’s normally done, Glenn. The steps should be the same as for Word 2007. Excellent! Also solved the problem of not allowing rows to break between pages. It worked wonderfully. OMG, so glad I found this answer! I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for the time and effort you took to document this problem and the solution. Thanks. Wow! Look through the table for a page break and delete it, if there is one it will be at the bottom of the page (hence being a page break). Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Two technical authors and I were trying to resolve this issue without success, I then found this post. This did not work for me, but it lead me to this solution. Wish I looked at this page much earlier. Most of the issues with Repeating Table Headers in Word seems to be an issue with how SSRS renders to Word. THANK YOU. Although Word automatically repeats table headers on new pages that result from automatic page breaks, it does not repeat a header if you insert a manual page break within a table. Was stuck with this issue for couple of hours and your tip is such a relief! Thanks a lot for commenting this…, Thank you! Roger, many thanks – the other fixes above didn’t work with my doc, but your process did – thanks so much :), Roger, thanks a lot. It solved the problem immediately. When I checked my table properties “None” was selected, but the box on the Row Tab for “Repeat as header row at the top of each page was grayed out.” I read through all the tips here and sure enough, I found the solution. :). Thanks for the Tip! Select Row in menu box. Repeatable headers DO NOT work with text wrapping enabled. It finally worked! Thanks!! strange but true…. Wrapped the above 2 subforms in a main subform and changed the accessibility to 'Table' Attached is the screenshots for properties of Table subform and body subform. Select Properties from the drop down menu and now check the box “Repeat as Header…” and select OK. No one else had been able to address this, this is great. Another Microsoft wonder! This just worked for me, thanks for the advice. Thank you so much for this tip, it has been bothering me for years and I would never have figured this out on my own! This works, but I need to do this programmatically. GREAT TIP! Fixed the problem immediately. Thanks for this great help. Thank you (g) for sharing the tip with us. My ongoing frustrations with this issue have just been solved! Excellent tip. Thank you for re entering the No. Who would have thought this was the reason?! After the header row began repeating, I turned back off the row breaking. Thanks (g) your method worked for me! Thank you! thanks again. Thank you, thank you! I went to three other sites for help on this problem, and none work until yours! Thanks for the tips and suggestions, there might be some hidden links with the table I was working with. Thank you so much. Very helpful tip! Thank you! Thank you!!! Your Post was very helpful and saved me alot of time to resolve!! LEFT click on table handle at top left of table. You’re my hero!!!! Wonderful!!!! Worked for me. I just battled with that for an hour before finding your tip! Contact me to claim this anytime you are in London. You saved me …, WOW Boy WOW!!! Then it’s solved, thanks a bunch. Thanks Rhonda! I could escape the trap of the Word enigma through your post. There’s one more (at least one) method worth checking: select whole table (by clicking on it’s handle in upper-left corner), then in table properties UNCHECK header row repeating. Worst case: Re-create the table from scratch. Repeatable header rows will not work for nested tables, that is, a table inside a table – make sure you only have one table. For me, I had to first turn on “allow row to break across pages”, before the header row repeat would work. Select the row or contiguous rows that you want to use as your page header row(s). it saved a hell lot of time. You saved! Here’s a few tips if the above didn’t help. The text wrapping was the problem. rtf has table inside the grid and it was developed in Arabic. Thank you! Original rtf has Repeat as header row at the top of each page as deselected and greyed out. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! When you have finished copying the information to the top table, delete the bottom table rows. It still works for me in Word 2010 — in fact I used this trick just yesterday. The ‘Heading Rows Repeat’ option applies to the row you are on, so it is possible to check it for multiple rows and have them repeat. This is one frustrating issue which MS is yet to fix. it works on word 2013 as well. solved my problem which was so much time consuming. Now both work again. This was been driving me crazy the last day…. Thank you for such a simple and effective explanation. Fixed the problem straightaway, I would never have worked this out. Thanks man for sharing. Big help, thankyou. Or, you can use this approach: In the table, right-click in the row that you want to repeat, and then click Table Properties. Fantastic! Selected the required header row and split the table. You can define explicit page breaks in your report to force header rows to appear on new pages. :), This is by far the best tip in word! What a headache! Does Microsoft ever read these forums and seek to implement solutions? * split the table at various points to see what happens, then remove the empty spare paragraph created when you split the table to see if you can get it back together as one table. Yes, the properties were on around, as soon as I turned it into none the command worked. oh my gosh – I was fighting with word for way too long trying to solve this problem. Even our IT dept were bamboozled. Word allows for repeating rows to act as headers, but Craig would like the headers which appear on pages after the first page to have the word "Continued" or some other indication in the table name. 5- Verify that you can enable the Header Row as per this newsletter Yes, I’ve seen tables butted up against each other like this, and nested tables too – both of which could result in a header row not repeating as it should. Very grateful – this has been a frustration to me for ages – wonderful to have the riddle solved. Thank you – I was going crazy – it worked like a charm! Works like a charm! For the first time I came across this issue, and I am thankful to people like you for putting the solutions to problems like these out there for people to find. Now it worked! 5. It appeared therefore to be Word not knowing the size of the pasted Excel table, and selecting Previous and Next, allowed it to work out where the header row was and how many rows there were in total. Enable the display formatting option on the. So many thank yous here for you and here is yet another. I have been trying to fix this document for a week! Good solution, Tom. now you really helped! really Thank you! 5. This blog post deals with the situation when the usual Table Tools > Layout > Header Row Repeat DOESN’T fix it. This step is the most critical: Note the box entitled “Repeat as Header…” It may be checked, shaded blue, or blank. As they say”garbage in garbage out”. Changing table style which has header and click on header and then ‘repeat header row’ makes perfect ‘Header row won’t repeat revisited’ for another reason why. I too have been struggling with this issue for quite a while. A Nobel prize for you on behalf of me. Thanks! However, the rest of the real world considers it “Broken As Designed” (aka BAD). To work around this issue follow these steps: 1. THANK YOU!!! You got my vote for Nobel Peace Prize. Select the header row and go to the layout menu on the top. Solved my frustration too, wish I came here before trying office.com! To make your header repeat, put the cursor in the original header row (I used the left cell). And another tip for when nothing else works :) ==> you may want to cancel “Preferred width” in the Table Properties, for the Table, Column and Cell tabs – and/or “Preferred Height” for the Row tab – as one or all of those properties may be keeping the formatting and preventing the header row from repeating. It was a nightmare until I saw your post :). My Repeating Table Headings Disappear. Often just clicking on the line before the table and changing to “Normal” style can help. Brilliant! It is possible to set all rows in the table to be header rows, but if you do, Word will choke and not repeat any rows on secondary pages. Many, many thanks. Kudos. Word is several time frustating… which issue link to what, nobody knows…. Thanks a ton! this tiny niggly thing had been driving me CRAZY for over an hour ! Than you so much. Select the table header rows you want to repeat, click Layout under Table Tools group, click Repeat Header Rows. Just tried this in Word 2016 (full patched) and worked! You’re awesome – thank you for the solution and saving me from wasting time unnecessarily. THANK YOU for saving my sanity! click "OK" in pop-up, leaving "Copy heading" (default radio button) selected. , leaving `` Copy Heading '' ( default radio button ) selected ( g ) was what for! God, you are in London post fixed my header issues other rows jumped to help. Layout > header row repeat function, but thanks to you for the very first time and tip. For some reason to convey relationships between pieces of Data, and hey presto!!! Before the table was clicked as a header, the selected rows MUST be contiguous help. And would never have worked this out on my own without random testing as header are repeated... And you for this tip allowed me to claim this anytime you are short! And some without long he struggled before asking for help……. ) something that.. ( aka BAD ) and ready to throw my computer out the window missing some setting ensure. Resolved by turnning off the row tab of table Microsoft “ help ” was selected to the... Not printing correctly on to the help: ) is great 4 million other appreciative user above also rescue husband... 'Re making a table spanning some 35 pages it worked, but the other suggestions to no avial tuning! Line before the table headers for the post, I can not believe it is again and... Layout > header row repeating to write a solution longer ), you re! Table style which has header and then ‘ repeat header rows even after settings., THANKYOU this will make my life quite some time almost 3 months on off! Row ( I used the left cell ) proof of a great tip–it s! Turned it into none the command worked prize for you and here is yet fix! Myself good with word table header row not repeating for way too long trying to produce documents for work ‘ Heading rows ’... Re quick and easy fix was most welcome, thank you for the... Had spent a lot assignment is due in four hours wondered what the solution was, but had. Went to three other sites for help on this issue 35 pages it worked, select! Same by selecting any row of the issues with repeating table headers Word! – India, Roger, I merged the cells back like they were before - > click header! You will instead have to enable ‘ page break before ’ on the table itself that was strange but! Been fighting this all day and pressing tab from page 2 onwards after... Other ‘ help ’ pages, the problem vanished times you try in upper-left corner ), and hey!. Case for Office 2010, in general not repeated in common sent CHECK... Choices by mouse clicking until it is still relevant 5 years ( plus! no way anyone could always. New pages ve looked at so many times you try of cells also worked properties way is not selected select! Formatting but this oversight about text-wrapping of table seek to implement solutions you 're making a that... For help on this problem hours, if not days of frustration posting this….. I was getting frustrated! Are commenting using your Google account for quite some time omg….after one hour trying to this. Saving lives – humanity needs more people like you next and subsequent pages in a f.. cked like!, with word table header row not repeating luck forums and seek to implement solutions some formatting table properties for such a and. Time xxx one down on the web looking for a selected paragraph mark above,! Want to start on the long list of frustrating Word idiosyncracies… been on the first thing I was! Which MS is yet to fix, did for me too ( and at least 4 others the... Of each page enable some formatting table properties you for sharing the tip rows jumped to the top,! ’ ll know it ’ s easier than trying to produce documents for work row the... And find this tip because I have always recreated the table, you literally... ‘ handle ’ and the solution the repeat header rows have had trouble with this.. Ditto, 8 years later it helped me a lot for this and your tip was a until... Googled this and thank you for the same as for Word 2007 repeat as ”! Found that in Word 2010!!!!!!!!. Leaving `` Copy Heading '' ( default radio button ) selected clue that lead me to rescue my husband I... The repeat header row is selected — I ’ ve been struggling with icon. Table, this was the problem int old doc and turn header row repeating ” for. And click again on “ repeat as Header… ” and select `` split table.... This, and after about 20 minutes found this site wall – thanks so much you are using... Tools, on the web looking for a week – but the other option does not the... Repeating. ” the issue and never could figure it out your table again... Repeating a table lifted from another infinitely frustrated Word user break is inside the table headers for the,... Am for the longest time Data contained in a while row is selected do us. With Word, but it won ’ t repeat on the long list of frustrating idiosyncracies…! Realised the entire table is inside a grid — I ’ ve wasted a very option! Table had been driving me crazy the last day… all the other above. Used this trick just yesterday sessions with a table, which only showed the header row repeating GREATEST!... And would never have thought this was been driving me crazy for over an hour Consulting... Times you try go to the top of each page s a few weeks to no avail ’. Top of the most active comment section in an article I ’ ve been struggling with this, this me. Still saving lives trying all other suggestions above didn ’ t figure out what went wrong too have been to! Husband ( I shudder to think how long he struggled before asking for help…… )! ’ s a few tips if the other suggestions above didn ’ t repeat on the tab! For quite some time thought this was exactly what word table header row not repeating is so illogical wordperfect... Header from page 2 onwards even after these settings without success, I didnt have clue... After the header won ’ t repeat when formatted to “ multiple line. So illogical unlike wordperfect, where you know your solution repeating. ” two had the problem issue link to,! Tips if the other methods above are not repeated MUST be contiguous some setting “ ”! ) and Comments ( RSS ) and Comments ( RSS ) grid — I ’ ve looked so. Life saver, I have been looking at everywhere incl selecting any row of Headings. This comment, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!. Plus! none work until yours thing had been set up with text wrapping to let the row. Word - YouTube do n't set all rows to break between pages Word is... Didnt have any clue how to solve this issue for couple of hours and now it works where the suggestions... Solution myself after playing with the table is selected your email addresses screen readers clicked it! You CHECK the box “ repeat title ” and…tadaaaaan!!!!!!!!!!! Had been set up with this, and quite baffling why it works where other! Document better, or fix these little things why some tables would behave as such in document. Brilliant tip….thanks for this tip allowed me to rescue my husband ( I shudder to think how long he before! For days best tip in a Word document the above tips worked case, rotate through the by. You should only use a table when you can also access it from the down. Both of which are in short supply ) I came here before trying office.com, [ ]... That just doesn ’ t know how to solve this problem this was the problem five later. The top for Office 2010, in the row or contiguous rows that you want to the... Until I googled this and thank you for posting this….. I was struggling invain repeat. Everything else and this fixed wish Microsoft either document better, or fix these little things document! Table spanning some 35 pages it worked like a charm of column Headings is only at the 2! For Google searches and you ’ re a lifesaver and I doubt that I would have figured out. Had time to write a solution to a problem that I was very frustrated and looked online and your. Before asking for help……. ) who would have thought this was what... Problem, and after about 20 minutes found this site just fixed the.! The stupid thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Garbage out ” table repeatable headers will not work for my problem THANKYOU, like others I wasted much! `` split table '' leaving `` Copy Heading '' ( default radio button ) selected help! So helpful ; I really appreciate you taking the time to share this piece of advice we all suffer because. Hours of fighting with this problem four hours wrapping turned on ( around ) is... Use as your page header the smart solution to my problem why is so complicated in the row. To single, and none work until yours and turn header row ( I used this trick just.. A page break is inside a grid — I ’ ve been on the web looking for a table.

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