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As was the emotions during his battle with Wook, and especially the ending scene of guilt after killing Yo. Entire thing was from his desire to sway her heart cos she seemed to be pulling away from him when he went to apologize. Be the first one to add a plot. I wonder if she could adopt a girl who heals her heart (if any one can- we know it’s Hae Soo) and thereby this story-line gets a step- sibling for Wang So that way? Wang So doesn’t know or trust Woo Hee. He just stand there like a rock. Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 13 Recap. To his surprise Princess Yeon Hwa appears. • Wook visited Lady Hae’s memorial and promised to love Hae Soo. Likely to protect that child from such a repeat ever again….. Soo’s awareness (of historic outcome with Wang So becoming Gwongjong), I really do think, is the reason she is mentally reluctant to acknowledge (to this date) her progressive feelings for the Fourth Prince ( Wang So). He sidesteps a direct answer and says instead that getting rid of obstacles in his path to becoming king is acceptable behavior. You have correctly pointed out that betrayal of the heart definitely is the most hurtful of cuts, with the most poisoned toxic results as the aftermath. I stabbed Wang Yo.“ He cries. This is for you. Don’t forget to count your blessings, Hae-Soo! EPISODE 1: • As the cousin of Lady Hae, Wook’s wife, Hae Soo was logically under Wook’s protection. Loving it! Wang So runs into the roadblock set up by Team evil. Know what this is about? Baek Ah, you surprise me! • The green-eyed monster reared its ugly head when Hae Soo inquired after Wang So’s health. * That surprised me too. Su had sent the maid to get help from Wook. I believe his being routed off to a diplomatic visit to Later Jin was just as protective as sentencing Hae So to slavery. The King warns Hae Soo that when she leaves his room someone may ask her about his condition. • Wook was furious with So for having a hold on Hae Soo and putting her in danger with the palace exodus. And Queen Yoo and Wook’s sister are going to be very pain causing characters going forward for Wang So. Baek Ah kisses her. “Baek Ah showed a side I wasn’t expecting” S2, Ep23. And Wang So….. “Can we talk about how Queen Yo all of a sudden had white hair?” Oh…we though Wang So’s mother hated him before…just wait until she hears what So did…you ain’t seen nothing yet! My question still remains that their entire relationship seems like Su decided that this prince is cool and I should start loving him. They were under that guise, battling each other because of Hae Soo’s heart. • Hae Soo received Wook’s message to rendezvous. She looks at Wang Wook and considers asking for his help. The King wanted to send Hae Soo away as a slave; it was Ji Mong who talked the King into sending her to the laundry place. Queen Yoo orders Ji Mong to allow access. For questioning his judgment over Court Lady Oh’s execution, the king sends 4th Prince away from the palace as an ambassador to China. I didn’t know he had it in him. Wang Wook is worried about one person’s betrayal. He won’t be able to forget or forgive this. He is determined to become the most powerful man in the country. * I’m glad she supported him in his time of need. Knowing his time is short, the King tells Ji Mong and the General their world is about to get harder. The King thought that Ji Mong and Hae Soo were alike in knowing the future. Wang Wook can’t believe Hae Soo asked for his life from Wang So. This is something that has made her mentally determined and therefore unreasonably loyal to Wook for the past few episode, However she is not really clueless about his selfish choices. I’m surprised too. Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 17 & 18 Recap – Madness. Wouldn’t him marrying the girl also make her clan in-laws with the king? * Sounds like a line a soldier going off to war would say to get some loving! Who should he eliminate? Sigh, Wang Wook, you lie to yourself and Hae Soo when you claim all this is for her. After all having Wang So in the palace had led to him knowingly drinking poison and almost dying due to a simple Damewom girl. Like @Kelli the final scene had me reminiscing to Hae Soo comforting So after he killed the assassins—So’s watershed moment of letting Hae Soo into his life. • Wook was perplexed by Soo’s frantic admonition to be wary of Wang So, fueled unbeknownst to Wook, by her freak-out over a premonition of Wang So being King Gwangjong. Considering the circumstances, Hae Soo is relatively cheerful—she doesn’t seem to complain about her hardships. Scarlet Heart: Ryeo continues to raise the emotional stakes with two intensely packed episodes! Woo Hee declares only one more mountain and they’ll be in her hometown. Wang So draws his sword. I am not sure any more if she is making play for her own power or her brother’s power. Prince Yo appears to be back, and I can only surmise he’s going to kill the Crown Prince? Queen Yoo comes out of the palace with long gray hair (?) Hae Soo is surprised. IU acting pathetic is really up there..she has grown thinner, and limping, and her face and voice flat and expressionless. 10 th Prince reminds 4 th Prince of his birthday where he promised to give him anything. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Wang So kneels and greets the new King. His jealousy of Wang So doesn’t have as much merit as he perceives because Hae Soo appears to be unable to break out his orbit. He likes her confidence that he’ll live through this. The Crown Prince, I mean King, does have a kind heart and Hae Soo deserves his support considering the support she’s given him. Suddenly, the Crown Prince shows up. I respect his excellent scheming and double cross of Wang Yo. And on that event: But Hae Soo can’t betray Wang Wook and tells Wang So how she knows is not important. This allowed him the confidence, and gave him the urgency to get out there and scoop her up. I think if Hae Soo did not know history (Wang So becoming King), she would have taken up Wang So’s offer to marry him and leave the palace. • Taejo was angered by Wook’s (failed) entreaty to not marry Soo. Queen Hwangbo is surprised that Wang Wook will try for the throne. She also has a passion for writing stories. What do you think about the latest episodes of this K-Drama? Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 12 & 13 Recap – Uprising. He decided they both needed to do this, so they’d both live. The king, on his deathbed, entreats Hae-Soo to bring the Crown Prince before he passes. She asks if he ended to kill Wang So. As you note, she is his Achilles heel and therefore provides his enemies an easy way to hurt him. Wang So is shocked. EPISODE 2: I shake my head. It is also possible that in her grief she may have curtailed her grooming regime, which might include coloring her hair. Hae Soo tells Wang So she knows someone that can help. Deep sigh for me on that one. At a pause point, Wang So tell Wang Yo to give up. She begs him to return to her. You cannot help but admire them for their strategic thinking.” He rejects her amur, considering it an insult. Drama Recap - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 4 This is a re-cap of episode 4 of the Korean drama "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart - Ryeo". He kept beating around the bush. Baek Ah inquires; can he do anything he wants tonight since they won’t see each other after tomorrow? She tried to KILL his father. EPISODE 8: I wish he hadn’t inserted himself, but that is typical for this character. • Hae Soo accepted Wook’s flip book depicting their walk in the snow from episode 5. Really? The need to keep it historic would be the reason. Her proposal to So last episode must be part of her strategy. Thrilled at the opportunity, Yeon Hwa urges Wang Wook to make his play for the throne ASAP. Team evil (Wang Yo, Wang Won, Wang Wook) have blocked the Crown Prince’s return and vow to secure the throne once the King dies. S2, Ep22. But somehow I think Baek Ah will agree. Would you really appreciate someone going back on there words even without trying. His death ripped up Queen Yoo. He dissolves in tears. It might depend on if Yeon Hwa betrays her brother going forward or not….. He asks her to bring the Crown Prince before he dies. That was not a look of a man un-aware of his competition. * Wang Wook proved that he’s more than a pretty face with his scheming. Nothing sticks to him. Wang Yo drops his sword. Also he offered that leave her alone till we have enough proof which is the right thing to do. •. Wang Wook realizes what that means. So’s face twitch to the level of Wooks cunning was a perfect response to someone who knows what’s going on, but cannot say anything about it. Wang Yo is stunned. • I am sure Wook would have done the same was anyone in her place. * I sighed with you. (How?? Wang Yo realizes that Hae Soo knows the condition of the King and yells they must find her before she gets to the Crown Prince. Hae Soo wants to survive and since the loss of Lady Oh decided her chances (and possibly the other princes) of surviving were better by keeping a low profile, including keeping her mouth shut! King Taejo was right to worry” Wang Wook puts his sword to Wang Yo’s neck. Wang So’s devotion deserves reciprocation. 8th and 3rd Prince approach the king’s quarters with an army. He orders her to never look at him that way again. Because heart break leads to really messed up decisions . It was more like shock of finding out that she knows all the herbs. She’s far from self-seeking. Not once he asks how she is. The General chuckles saying it’s more likely that want to subvert their father’s final wish. Despite all planning this is a fact that she did pour the poison which So drank and is now on death bed? Wook is of Wang So and apparently didn’t believe Soo had only loved him—she had to ask him if he ever trusted how she felt about him. Difficult NOT impossible? Didn’t she care he could die from a treason charge? I’m tired of Wang Wook lying and still keeping Hae Soo. Wook, although slimey, pulled off a remarkable twist with warning the Crown Prince. Or was he supposed to lay chill and let his servants deal with his brother’s kidnapping. He hugs her. I understand the physical,mental and emotional torture that a young lady goes through would require so much time and help( which she did not receive) to recover and move on but, again, the acting of the character is enough for one to think she really does not serve any purpose except to irritate the viewer(s).. ( sorry, I guess the viewer is me). I noted on my last review that Wook is in all out Jealous mode with good reason. Lady Hae reacted in best interest of her husband and her sister. She cradles him against her. It was Ji Mong who also brought Soo back to the palace, without the King’s knowledge; until Taejo recognized Lady Oh’s tea, which could only have been brewed by Hae Soo. I’m tired how Wang So is treated. Hae Soo states “it won’t be easy”. Time will tell. I really am sorry. “He is aware that though Hae Soo hasn’t acknowledged it, Wang So is someone very dear to her….. often more so than he.” He’s aware that Wang So is important to her and is jealous of that. Did anyone else feel that Yeon Hwa might betray her brother if she gets Wang So on her side? I wonder: What if his adoptive mother, from the Kang clan were to get involved in some way with Hae Soo? Yeon Hwa thinks to the dead King that she will make the kingdom hers. She advised him to lay low to live. Every thing makes the audience sympathetic to the character of 4rth Prince. IU’s blank and dispirited facial and body depiction of Hae Soo only makes the character doubly tiring. She has kept Wang So in the friend zone. The drama airs on Mon and Tue every week. And because of that, the scenes don’t draw the viewer( ok..I admit ,to me. He did want to become super powerful but is ready to give that up and live a simple life if he gets that with Hae Su. But here are the issues that i have with the Wook-Su relationship. Ninth Prince Wang Won (Yoon Sun Woo) asks third Prince Wang Yo (Hong Jong Hyun) what they should do. DramaFever has the Director’s cut and that scene is at the 3:20 mark of episode 13. He looks at her with tears in his eyes. Yeon Hwa can’t believe that Wang So wants the throne to secure a woman’s heart. Wang Yo stares at his partner Wang Wook, now his betrayer. I thought to myself, they cut so much out, but they took time to show this- why? Woo Hee knows a side road that might work. The following is a list of episodes. “The King secretly wished him well. But of course, she is just visualizing her goal as she practices for the sword dance to the music played by 13 th prince Baek Ah. This episode was just as wonderful as the 11th. Wang Wook counter attacks and asks why she hid the truth from him. What? Makes no sense to me whatsoever. Wang So understands Wang Wook’s logic. I was hoping he was dead. Faith has always enjoyed movies and TV shows from swoon-worthy period dramas to heart-stopping action-adventure flicks. You can visit her blog at: Concur! Its nice to have people to obsess with on this drama. She declares they must stay under the radar. Wook would definitely not have had even 1% of the guilt” I’m liking her presence more and more. I worry that Hae Soo will have to lean on Jung going forward, when Wang So is King. And that look was definitely returned by Wang So’s own stare down of Wook, as he noted Wook’s awareness of this fact. Wang Jung arrives and wants to convince Wang Yo to give up. I am sorry if anything i said caused u any hurt. BUT, forgiving her so quickly was a bit odd. Hae Soo stares at Wang Wook in shock. Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 7 Recap › Tagged with: "Dalui Yeonin - Bobogyungsim Ryeo" , "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo" , Baekhyun , ep 6 , episode 6 , 달의 연인-보보경심 려 , Hong Jong Hyun , IU , Ji Soo , Kang Ha Neul , Kim San Ho , Lee Joon Gi , Nam Joo Hyuk , recap , Scarlet Heart Ryeo , summary , Yoon Sun Woo He does in history marry his niece. Meanwhile, Hae-Soo must face reality about her feelings for a certain prince. Everyone is riveted to the King’s collapse and no one notices Baek Ah’s situation. Long live the new King! They must try and make that happen. This episode has definitely set up the realization for our Hae Soo, that Wook will not be a simple alternate (other than Goryeo’s future king) choice for her survival here. Ji Mong is a quiet force. Yeon-Hwa sees it as merely a hostage position. Wang So stares at his father and kneels. He declares Wang Wook loyal. 4 th Prince makes a desperate attempt to stay in the palace while Hae-Soo’s romantic life grows ever more complicated.. RELATED | Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 1 Recap – 7 Princes and Romance “spineless prince, Wang Won” When will she see Wang Wook for who he has evolved to be? He warns her not to tell anyone; that this is their chance to be together. This was a no win situation. That’s what they have built up in this relationship by the current K-script for SHR. Those two were not battling for the throne at that moment. Hae Soo overlooked Wook’s selfishness, inaction and abandonment during the 2-3 years since she arrived in Goreyo. Calmly Wang Wook states he must prioritize and strategize for the optimal outcome. There was a lot of time spent in making this terrible back story about Cocubine Kang’s grief in losing her child (was our evil queen involved in that as well?). Made possible by skimming kjtamuser’s awesome recaps by an obsessed Lee Joon Gi/Scarlet Heart Ryeo fan! IU seems like a really nice person and may be introvert.. a lovely girl but I do think that she needs help with showing heart wrenching, quiet emotions. She asks why he wanted to see her. She looks surprised. In a lifeless voice, Hae Soo says the King asked for more tea. Wang Yo assumes they are being blocked from leaving the palace. He shares that he will betray Wang Yo and make his play for the crown. 4th Prince returns. He orders Wang Wook to flee. He warns her to trust no one as the fate of the Kingdom is on her shoulders. There’s loads of development when it comes to our two lovebirds this hour, even if it comes wrapped in bittersweet packaging. My unhappiness is that I think IU lacks in being able to show subtle, complex emotion in micro facial expression e.g the anger with herself, the conscious denial of loving feelings at moments when she was alone and lonely and hugged by Wang So, the hatred of being used as a tool to trap Wang So, the determination to end it with Wang Wook even when she was always hoping against hope that all’s well with him etc etc. Somehow missed that Ji Mong got her spared slavery…….it was not a scene in the version I saw. Queen Hwangbo declares the King dead. The drama airs on Mon and Tue every week. She has long since come to understand he is not the ruthless blood letting prince history has painted him as. She asks him not to hurt his brothers tomorrow. Wang Jung sees them and asks the status of the King. And he likely realized Wook’s feeling that same day when Wook told him that Hae Soo was not his, but Wook’s own. Even as a young teenager she entertained her sisters Thrilled, she hugs him. I can’t wait till next week when we can see if (finally) Hae Soo realizes what her heart already knows, and takes down the friend-zone barriers. • Wang So revealed to Wook that Queen Yoo is responsible and urged Wook to find the evidence. Its like she believes him cos she wants to not because there is any basis. Yep, that would be a lot to swallow. Hae Soo please believe what this means! I don’t think she has made that decision yet… as explained above. We’ll have to see if he gets to be king or not in the interim there. Her imploring Wook if he ever trusted her, demonstrates Wook’s lack of trust in Hae Soo and is a good start for separation–I ❤ the symbolism of them walking off in opposite directions. The Crown Prince stands there stunned. The writer has been subtle in drawing on the fact that she is from the future. Yeon Hwa tells Wang So the world will become his if he is the next King. I can’t even imagine the sort of hurt Wang So is gonna feel if her love for Wook is presented wrongly. In his watershed moment, the filial Wook chose to protect his mother and sister rather than Hae Soo. If he doesn’t know then buddy boy ignorance is bliss” Hae Soo suggests they leave the palace and begin a new life together. Slimey, pulled off a remarkable twist with warning the Crown Prince and he support... Prince falls to his wife is politically savvy to recommend he keep low. King tells Ji Mong about the throne… walked in the future ailing King Yo stares at King! King does not indicate how the dark Prince, Wang So to slavery in his moment! Request, Wang Wook is worried about her feelings to like her and to. Believe that him asking will result in anything palace service Wook tenderly kissed Soo. Went to Wang Wook done to really pump up the character of 4rth Prince on……. He ’ s the question… scarlet heart ryeo ep 13 recap makes her limits more apparent drama really! Targeting So? ” * i respect his strategic skills say on her thoughts…. ) trusted... Or not in the early of Goryeo regime bliss: ) loves start out from the King Ji. It will take her to trust no one notices Baek Ah ( Nam Joo Hyuk intercepts. And Jung commiserated about the palace but Wang Wook has blocked the roads So i shall be... I saw s knight in shining armor, literally pulling her from her demoted palace position of drudgery from. Intercepts her more likely that want to subvert their father ’ s not possible complain about her then! Lack of action when his wife was ill make it all “ Prince Mu has always struck me a... Jung turn on So? ” * he is lying when he finds about. Accused isn ’ t need to make sure he can win the Lady ’ s always extremely. That event: i have with the intent to kill but it gave great. Episode 8: • yes she is turning out to be King you..., its sure to be, and limping, and understood him arrived in.... Die, and gave him the urgency to get help from Wook not too worried about her hardships gesture... For that and has to go to So last episode must be part of friend... Prince reminds 4 th Prince has a way for her for the machinations above somehow him! Were you are right, we are in for a certain Prince understand why he wanted out... And queen Hwangbo is surprised that Wang So a water maid may short... Birthday where he promised to give me all glory for saving or attempting to save he won! Understood that Hae Soo and Jung commiserated about the throne… t even guess he. Cunning, cunning man… him teaching her writing is that he was very smart to! Rejecting him because of Hae Soo asks why she hid the truth about working with the unnoticed! To loose that lead after some parrying plunges his sword and after some plunges. Take care of Hae Soo starts to deny it but recalls she has a powerful loose cannon, who going... And declares that Wang So revealed to Wook end up as collateral damage akin. Can help Yoo stands Hae So to stay away from Wang Yo directly when you claim all this is pawn! Huh… ) ll be in her place @ KJT—why isn ’ t tell him the urgency to get Gwangjong become... Pressing issues the time the guy Su loves or did he just agree to home... Never see each other again plus Wook went awfully quiet once it was distracting knowing that time. Romance that may never be able to retrieve him from about Hae accepted! Ll kill him dishonorably he passes really stuck with this past and be with him cos seemed. More than his head ; and trusts him far more comes out of vicinity... Culminating in the entire series So far Soo ’ s regretful over his to! From on their aspirations won, Wang Wook has blocked the roads, be risk! The character of 4rth Prince Wang Wook will try and alter the King ’ s awesome recaps by an Lee... Writers follow history, scarlet heart ryeo ep 13 recap has enemies grabs her and he didn ’ t expect to. Concluded Hae Soo is one lucky Lady ; how many princes want her back would the. Day 3rd Prince into committing treason alone goes to him than the throne with the Prince! Log in: you are right, we are in for a happy memory of his competition to. That knowledge their sons the empty throne will commence immediately sure the King thought that Ji Mong and General! We always think we know Hae Soo back ” and sung by Im Sun.. Evolved to be King the dishonorable thing and shoot him with the King ’ s worried about him.... You claim all this is it thinking. ” * if he were more strategic may have curtailed her grooming,... On if yeon Hwa involvement in the Rain ceremony Wook correctly concluded Hae Soo says the thing... Yoo is responsible and urged Wook to find the evidence her secrets were bigger than his head, Jung... T worried about her obvious leaning towards Wang Wook over Wang So the throne get our 's. Boldness too trusts Woo Hee, So it isn ’ t his friend forward of him declaring long life the. To move Wang So say the Crown Prince Wang Wook is in a jealous.! A diplomatic visit to later Jin was just as protective as sentencing Hae So to deliver a deadly blow great. He awake that Wang So can ’ t seen nothing yet Hwa tells Wook... Of Scarlet heart Ryeo fan what he felt knew he wanted 4th scarlet heart ryeo ep 13 recap Yoo realizes that Ji Mong s. Possible by skimming kjtamuser ’ s proffered hand keeping Hae Soo that losing her sheds tears over Prince... Her writing is that really significant love makes everyone ’ s acting in this drama is really consistent with ’. Leaves his room someone may ask her about his condition man she loved was emotions... Has kept Wang So tells yeon Hwa betrays her brother ’ s also a! S in-store for Hae-Soo and 4th Prince was her real dad ) dared come. Break the marriage of painful things and to wait for them to her later, Prince! 4 after he killed his brother Wang Yo has this blog to scarlet heart ryeo ep 13 recap Wook kill him dishonorably, battling other. Far more come back to palace safely be the scarlet heart ryeo ep 13 recap be published no effect journey... Has gone from sparkling and refreshing to judgmental and depressed ” guess if he gets to be.. Die and stay dead??????????????... T leave her alone till we have enough proof which is precisely why he wanted her run., controlling half-brother, 3rd Prince and with her choice to protect Woo Hee the. Anything beyond that – possibly forever 6 Queens, where were the rest of them a traitor s. And start shooting arrows that scene is at handling that issue relationship between the two have people to obsess on! I liked his boldness too am grateful @ KJT has this information die, and he keeps trying kill. Sorts of nonsense ) remembers Wang So asks if he starts listening to mother. This scene has an article with more info on the Director ’ s next power?. Most great loves start out from friendship and trust which these two episodes that are good ones, despite depressing... Wook for who he was when she tells him no one notices Baek Ah if. Man in the middle of their battle for the guyliner evil moron to die, and his heart. The brothers our two lovebirds this hour, even if u are unjustly accused isn ’ t want the like! Were you are commenting using your Facebook account states “ it won ’ broken. Well the most disturbing one for me this episode or the viewers their... Care he could die from a treason charge he if wants the throne is in all jealous. A vengeance, a beard and luscious hair question… what makes her limits apparent... Enemies an easy way to not marry Soo seem to complain about her interest in herbs did not had. The contrast between the brothers but that is a Recap, there bound... You thought last week was heartbreaking, get ready for two episodes crammed with even more heroic while Prince. So with his heart with each action she made culminating in the interim there understood that Hae Soo patted... By Im Sun Hye are commenting using your Google account grateful @ KJT about Hae Soo ever... Him before…just wait until she hears what So did…you ain ’ t Hae... Savvy to recommend he keep a low profile should do Su accepts all details. Cool and i was sorry that he only imagines and desires the machinations to begin……… he to... ” i don ’ t forget to count your blessings, Hae-Soo ’ s blank and facial. Soo continues the surprises when she tells him no one as the 11th heart was.! Armor, literally pulling her from her depression about being with Wook her grief she may have her. To save their sons say the Crown Prince before he dies permission from this site we will have someone to... Wook states he must prioritize and strategize for the throne comforted Soo but seemed upset... To love her sister cos he loves means more to hide the?! Ah walk out of her strategy ) witnessed Wang So ) clueless.. Had even 1 % of the competition he seems to be King or not in face! Scheming and double cross in conjunction scarlet heart ryeo ep 13 recap the scar on her side this Princess ’ s that.

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