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Scott was soon given another spaceflight assignment as backup commander of Apollo 12, and then was made mission commander of Apollo 15, landing on the Moon in 1971. [37], Apollo 9 used CSM-104, the third block II CSM to be flown with astronauts aboard. "Apollo 9" was a hit a year before Vive Le Rock's release. [48] NASA required more formal call signs for future missions, starting with Apollo 11. He has also worked as an actor, appearing in over two dozen films and television episodes from 1985 to 2003. [58] Over the next hours, McDivitt fired the LM's descent engine at several throttle settings; by the end of the day the LM was thoroughly test-flown. Adam Ant - Goody two Shoes 1982 With the heartbreak open So much you can't hide Put on a little makeup makeup Make sure they get your good side good side If the words unspoken Get stuck in your throat Send a treasure token token Write it on a pound note pound note Don't drink don't smoke - … Adam Ant is a British post-punk, new wave artist. Other objectives of the flight included firing the LM descent engine to propel the spacecraft stack as a backup mode (as would be required on the Apollo 13 mission), and use of the portable life support system backpack outside the LM cabin. Apollo 9 Lyrics: Ten - dress it up / Nine - dress it up / Eight - dress it up / Seven - dress it up, dress it up / Six / Fa fa fa fa fa five / (Ooh!) On March 24, NASA made it official. This device had been created in 1967 to allow for stand-up EVAs from the hatches of the LM or CM, or for brief ventures outside. The burn was extended to allow for testing of the propellent gaging system, which had been behaving anomalously during earlier SPS burns. [63] The initial burn, at 22:12:04.1,[60] lasted 110 seconds,[63] and including swiveling or "gimbaling" the engine to test whether the autopilot could dampen the induced oscillations, which it did within five seconds. Ten - dress it up Nine - dress it up Eight - dress it up Seven - dress it up, dress it up Six fa fa fa fa fa five (ooh!) [81] Such photography allowed different features of the Earth's surface to appear, for example, tracking of water pollution as it exits mouths of rivers into the sea,[56] and the highlighting of agricultural areas using infrared. "[77] Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin stood in Mission Control as Spider and Gumdrop docked after their separate flights, and with the docking, according to Andrew Chaikin, "Apollo 9 had fulfilled all its major objectives. Comment and share your favourite lyrics. [39], The Earth-orbit mission was originally supposed to use LM-2 as its lunar module, but the crew found numerous flaws in it, many associated with it being the first flight-ready lunar module off Grumman's production line. 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The CM and SM arrived in October, but even the experienced KSC team from North American had trouble joining them together. This was a modish choice but also a thorny one. With Bruce Dern, Michael Paré, Catherine Mary Stewart, Adam Ant. Flight Director Gene Kranz deemed the Apollo 9 crew the best prepared for their mission, and felt Scott was an extremely knowledgeable CMP. [75] McDivitt brought Spider close to Gumdrop, then maneuvered the LM to show each side to Scott, allowing him to inspect for any damage. There were no lengthy delays, and on January 3, 1969, the launch vehicle was taken out of the VAB and moved to Launch Complex 39A by crawler. After McDivitt and Schweickart inspected the tunnel connecting the CM and LM, the assembled spacecraft separated from the S-IVB. [28] Present in the firing control room was Vice President Spiro Agnew on behalf of the new Nixon administration. Apollo 9 B-side B-Side Baby South African release in a glossy card sleeve. The support crew for Apollo 9 consisted of Stuart A. Roosa, Jack R. Lousma, Edgar D. Mitchell and Alfred M. Worden. I Could Be Happy; 4. [76] After McDivitt and Schweickart returned to Gumdrop, Spider was jettisoned, its engine fired to fuel depletion remotely by Mission Control as part of further testing of the engine,[2][58] simulating an ascent stage's climb from the lunar surface. Adam Ant (born Stuart Leslie Goddard, on 3 November 1954, in Marylebone, London) is an English musician who gained popularity as the lead singer of post-punk group Adam and the Ants and later as a solo artist, scoring 10 UK top ten hits from 1980 to 1983, including three No. [3], Scott used a sextant to track landmarks on the Earth, and turned the instrument to the skies to observe the planet Jupiter, practicing navigation techniques that were to be used on later missions. Watch official video, print or download text in PDF. Two more SPS burns followed, lightening the SM's fuel load. [50] This included the Portable Life Support System (PLSS), providing oxygen to the astronaut and water for the Liquid Cooling Garment (LCG), which helped prevent overheating during extravehicular activity. "[102], 3rd crewed mission of the Apollo space program. [70] This was the only EVA scheduled before the lunar landing, and thus the only opportunity to test the PLSS in space. [59] Once the third stage cut out at 00:11:04.7 into the mission,[60] Apollo 9 had entered a parking orbit of 102.3 by 103.9 miles (164.6 by 167.2 km). [30] Colin Burgess and Francis French, in their book about the Apollo Program, deemed McDivitt's crew among the best trained ever—they had worked together since January 1966, at first as backups for Apollo 1, and they always had the assignment of being the first to fly the LM. The patch was designed by Allen Stevens of Rockwell International. [82] The photography was successful, as the ample time in orbit meant the crew could wait to allow cloud cover to pass, and would inform Skylab's mission planning. Free song lyrics from Adam and The Ants, for example A.N.T.S, Ant Music & Ant Rap. The isolated Lost Wells outpost survived the holocaust and the inhabitants guard the source of their existence.

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