Episode 105: Microtransactional slurs

Another week comes and goes and Kaz hasn’t gotten to play much between streaming and puppy. William forces himself through Fire Emblem Warriors and Kyle plays a whole slew of games: Runner 3, Super Bomberman R, Oceanhorn, and Sonic Mania Plus. In the new we talk about Nathan Fillions epic Uncharted fan film, how much space Super Smash Bros Ultimate will take on your switch, and a new $30 clicker game with NO MICROTRANSACTIONS?! We also discuss how rainbow six siege’s choice to instaban user of Slurs might spread to all games, Nintendo’s relaxed(or non-existent) approach to cheaters in Splatoon, and how one typo in coding can completely screw up a game. Come pause with us!

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Clicker game with no microtransactions is kicking butt in sales.

It is bad that I’m really tempted to buy it?  https://steamed.kotaku.com/clicker-game-ditches-microtransactions-becomes-steam-b-1827703881


Rainbow 6 Siege players who use slurs are now getting instabanned.

I love it. https://www.pcgamer.com/rainbow-six-toxicity-ban/


 Someone hacked the Splatoon 2 leaderboards to ask Nintendo for anti-cheat.

It got taken down, and still no anti-cheat. Think they’ll add it before we’re supposed to pay for the privilege of playing against cheaters online? https://twitter.com/Nintendeal/status/1017539297577086976


Aliens: Colonial Marines had its AI fixed by a modder who found a single letter typo in the game’s .ini file.

Tether, not teather. https://www.resetera.com/threads/aliens-colonial-marines-ai-fixed-by-a-single-letter.55247/

Episode 104: Keeping a Legacy

Welcome back from a short break! William has come back from a short vacation, but doesn’t have much to show for it other than incremental progress in Dustforce. Kaz has begun an epic journey in both Dark Souls and Tooth and Tail, and Kyle has beaten Steamworld Dig 2, only to fall to piracy in order to play some rare games on his NES Classic. In news, we talk about Octopath Traveler, Bomb Chicken, the new Pokemon trailer, Warframe, Spyro, and Sonic Mania, followed up with some Smash amiibo and music. For our discussion, we look at ESPN and Overwatch, the banning of lootboxes in some countries, and Nintendo’s new anti-pirate hardware. To finish up, we discuss collecting games, their value, and preservation as we move into the future. Come pause with us!

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Overwatch league is now going to be on ESPN

I guess treating it like a serious sport is paying off! https://techcrunch.com/2018/07/11/overwatch-league-strikes-a-milestone-deal-with-disney-and-espn/


Players in the Netherlands and Belgium can no longer open loot boxes in CS:GO.

Wonder how long this patchwork solution will last as more and more countries ban the practice.



Nintendo is rolling out new hardware configurations for the Switch to make it harder to hack.

Maybe it’ll be effective for another 2 months.



Episode 103: Unexpected Story Royal

William is out of town but Kaz and Kyle carry on in his stead! Kaz got a boost in happy by turning to Mario Odyssey and playing with her new puppy. Kyle plays some Steam World Dig and beats yokus island express. In the news we celebrate SGDQs final donation numbers, twitch primes FREE game offerings and the return of the NES classic! For our discussion we speculate on what Amy Hennig will do with her own studio after leaving EA, we mourn Amazon prime dropping remaster and rereleases disount (thanks again Best Buy,) and fornite is pioneering story telling in the battle Royal genre, who knew? Come pause with us!

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Amy Hennig (director of Uncharted and Soul Reaver) has left EA, and is working on building her own small studio.

Remember when EA said they were reworking her project to make it multiplayer/open world? Sounds like she split with them as a result, clear back in January. Hopefully we see something from her soon, it’s been more than 5 years!




Amazon Prime no longer gives you 20% off re-releases or remasters.

I still hate Best Buy.



During all that rocket nonsense in Fortnite, some dude broke the giant staircase folks were watching it on, killing 48 people in one game and giving him the new record.

Genius or madman? This is why we can’t have nice things.



Episode 102: Fight or Flight

After a week of playing, Kyle isn’t impressed with Mario Tennis, but he loves Yoku’s Island express. William finally beat Bravely Default, and Kaz n’ Frostee give their review of Detroit: Become Human. In the news we talk about devil may cry’s dynamic soundtrack, the swelling support for waluigi for smash. In discussions we talk about announcement verses release dates, epic sewing over breech in contracts , and MegaMan changing boss names.

HYPE TRAIN *toot toot*





Tetsuya Nomura said in an interview that Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake were announced too early.

What do you guys think about the new video game culture of announcing stuff years and years in advance? Movies do the same, with pretty decent success. Should games be the same way?



Epic Games is suing a former QA contractor for leaking the whole Fortnite meteor thing.




They’re changing the names of the Mega Man X5 robot masters from the weird Guns n’ Roses references.

This is a travesty. He’ll always be Duff McWhalen in my heart.



Episode 101: Physical Gaming Disorder

Kaz and Kyle both play some battle chasers, but Kyle’s warns us all not to get to excited for the ending!  Kaz gives her first impressions of Detroit: Become Human, it seems promising!  William reports on the ending of Wizards of Legend without even playing it, and Kyle pulls out some Ninja Gaiden Sigma.  In the News we get hype for Mario Tennis Aces release, and talk about the beginnings of Super Smash Bros: Ultimate.  Also how did Microsoft’s E3 conference become the most watched live stream on Twitch of all time? Is the World Health Organization’s definition of ‘Gaming Disorder’ too broad? Nintendo resumes it’s habits of banning Cartridges used to pirate games and Gamestop is looking for a buyout.  Come pause with us!


Microsoft’s E3 conference was the most watched live stream on Twitch of all time.



Sony’s bringing Greatest Hits back with a great collection of games. Go get some good cheap stuff!



The World Health Organization now recognizes a ‘gaming disorder’.



Nintendo is banning game carts from online play if they find a dump of it online.

Buying used is getting scarier.



Gamestop is reportedly in talks for a buyout. Goodbye, physical media and specialty stores?


Episode 100: A Very Special Episode


It’s our 100th episode! This time, Kyle’s finished Owlboy, become obsessed with Mario Tennis Aces, and made the ultimate sacrifice: playing battle royales. William’s saving up a discussion on Bravely Default, but has picked up Blazblue Cross Tag Battle and a little bit of Wizard of Legend. Kaz has returned from AKON, having worked through much of Skyrim and despaired at Pokemon Quest. For news and discussions, we run through our favorite bits of E3, featuring Smash Bros Ultimate, samurai games, Cyberpunk 2077, Death Stranding, and more. Moving into discussions we take a brief look at the future, specifically next gen consoles and streaming/pass services for games. Finally, we celebrate our 100th episode with a small retrospective on the podcast itself. Come pause with us!

E3 happened, and there’s a lot to cover. Here’s the games we’re excited for:


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Kingdom Hearts 3 (? Can move to Kyle if you guys aren’t excited) pirates!




CyberPunk 2077

Death Stranding


Gears 5


Skyrim Very special edition



Xenoblade 2 DLC (Today:challenge battle/September: Torna the Golden Country)

Octopath Traveler (New Demo today)

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition

Babylon’s Fall



Starlink: Battle for Atlas (aka Starfox 3)

Halo Infinite

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course

Killer Queen Black

Super Mario Party


Resident Evil 2

Nioh 2

Team Sonic Racing

Beyond Good and Evil 2

My Friend Pedro


Tetris Effect



Podcast THING OF THE WEEK     

Reflecting on 100 Episodes

It’s been 2.5 years of Pause Screen!

Old segments look back—remember Game Club and Save State?

Everyone can talk a little about what the cast means to them

Shout outs to Josh and Zeshio for being great

Episode 99: Let’s Go Conkeldurr!

The gang is back with a heavy dose of nostalgia. this week, William goes old school RPG with Bravely Default, Kaz follows suit with Skyrim, and Kyle revisits the glory days of Castlevania with Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon. In news, we talk all the pre-E3 announcements, like Pokemon Quest, Pokemon Let’s Go, Fallout 76, Team Sonic Racing, and Megaman 11. Then, we confuse William by quizzing him on recent(ish) Pokemon designs. Come pause with us!


HYPE TRAIN *toot toot*




  • Just Shapes and Beats is also out this week on the Switch and PC. Don’t overlook it!




  • Sakurai: (laughs)
  • My uncle works for Nintendo, and he said that the new Smash is going to have every playable character from every video game ever



Kaz – Star Citizen has more DLC, a $27,000 ship pack that you can only see if you have already spent $1,000 on the game.

How are people still spending money on this game? https://kotaku.com/star-citizen-now-has-a-27-000-ship-pack-1826404455


Kyle – Bluehole (the PUBG folks) are taking Epic (the Fortnite/Unreal Engine guys) to court for copyright infringement.

Wonder if they’ll get countersued out of existence like Silicon Knights did.


Episode 98: The Hype Train

This week, William’s finally picked up Bravely Default, Kaz is prepping for more cons and pushing forward in both Skyrim and Dark Souls 3, and Kyle has finished Hollow Knight and critiques Ruiner. For news, Detroit: Become Human, Dark Souls Remastered, and Runner 3 are all coming out, there’s a somewhat more credible Smash Switch rumor, Battlefield V has been announced, and the PS4 is apparently entering the ‘final stage of its life cycle.’  We also discuss Nintendo selling Switches without docks, the end of Gamer’s Club Unlicked, TotalBiscuit’s passing, and Tencent acquiring more developers. And to finish up, we create the definitive, exhaustive, and in all other ways complete list of trains in video games. Come pause with us!


Upcoming Games, Recent Stuff, and Rumors





William – Nintendo is now selling a dockless Switch in Japan.

Pretty interesting that they see a market for that. Think they’ll finally kill the 3DS? https://store.nintendo.co.jp/customize_dockless.html


Kyle – Best Buy cancelled Gamer’s Club Unlocked. RIP.



Kaz – John Bain, Total Biscuit, has passed away today. Our deepest condolences to his family and friends.

Very sad day, he was a force in the gaming and critic community, keeping devs and critics honest and frame rates high  https://twitter.com/GennaBain/status/999785407087808512?s=19


Kyle – Tencent bought the Path of Exile developer, Grinding Gear Games.

Next purchase? The world.



Episode 97: inb4 E3

Kyle has a lot to say about God of War and Hollow Knight. William finished Order of Ecclesia and trials Blazblue.  Kaz has more adventures in Skyrim and gets to her first real boss in Darksouls 3

In the news we cover many games and rumors: Bloodstained is getting an NES style prequel game, Rage 2 got leaked (it looks special), CODBLOPS4 is confirmed to have a battle royal mode and no single player campaign, Battlefield 5 gets a splashscreen teaser, and pokemon switch rumors continue to fly.  the Crew dives deeper to discusses the new open source adaptive controller that Microsoft is making,  Sony’s discontinuation of Vita cartridges, the closure of Boss Key Productions, Details of Nintendo switch online and more. Come pause with us!


Upcoming Games, Recent Stuff, and Rumors





Kaz – Microsoft introduced their new ‘adaptive controller’, aimed at making gaming more accessible to folks with disabilities.

It’s really neat, and they’re keeping it open source and are encouraging other people to build on it, even Sony/Nintendo. Very cool initiative. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fcK19CAjWM


Kyle – Sony is ending production of physical Vita cartridges in February of 2019. Final code requests have to be submitted next month. RIP Vita.



Kyle – Boss Key Productions is officially closed, per Cliff Blezinski on Twitter. Lawbreakers and Radical Heights just weren’t enough, I guess.



William – Nintendo released the details for Nintendo Switch Online

Featuring family plans, cloud saves, old games, and no Virtual Console. But $20 ain’t bad.



Kyle – Walmart Canada accidentally ‘leaked’ (aka posted) a bunch of games. Some of them seem real, others perhaps not.

Full list here! https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/pavyg8/walmart-canada-leaked-rage-2-bethesda-splinter-cell-e3-glitch


William – Well, we don’t have to speculate about what Sony’s showing at E3

Unless you think they have some surprises.  Death Stranding, Ghost Of Tsushima, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and The Last of Us 2







  • Gear of War 5. Halo 6 probably isn’t a thing this year given 343’s saying they want to take more time, and Microsoft NEEDS something new to anchor their presentation.
  • The Last of Us 2: Battle Royale (I’m not sure if I’m joking or not)
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 release date, and it’ll be in 2018
  • Square will announce a sequel to a beloved franchise, but with no release date. Maybe the World Ends With U2?
  • Nintendo will announce a new peripheral that no one asked for
  • Dr. Mario Switch? I dunno, it feels right.



Fire Emblem Switch, we might see some MP4 footage, we’ll see

I’ll predict Halo for you, Kyle

If there isn’t any FFVII remake footage, it’s not coming out until 2030



  • Bloodborne 2 trailer/date
  • Death stranding gameplay
  • New elder scrolls something
  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Animal crossing switch
  • Diablo 4, save it for blizzcon

Episode 96: It’s all William’s fault

We’re back after two weeks! During the break, we were able to get together and play some party games, including Lethal League, Windjammers, and Crawl. William is still working on SS in Dustforce, and has also started playing Fire Emblem: Conquest and picked up his old save file in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. Kaz has reached previously unexplored plotpoints in Skyrim, and abandoned them to become evil, she’s also gotten back into Dark Souls 3, but this time, she knows what she’s doing. Kyle is enjoying his time in Darkest Dungeon, and is extremely conflicted about the new God of War. For news, we mention the announcement for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and cover some points from Nintendo’s financial report: Kimishima is retiring as President, and sales are up. We also talk about Battlerite’s new battle royale mode, Nintendo continuing to support the 3ds, and a liitle bit about a dead game from Eidos Montreal, which leads us into a discussion about games that were unexpected in style, success, or concept to finish up. Come pause with us!

Upcoming Games, Recent Stuff, and Rumors





Battlerite, the arena-action-MOBA game, is adding a battle royale mode. Yep.



Nintendo is planning 3DS games for 2019 and beyond.

Confirmed in their annual investors’ call. Crazy.




Apparently Eidos Montreal was batting hard to try and make the next major Final Fantasy after doing Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Super Bunnyhop has a great video on it.

It’s really interesting, and leads into the THING OF THE WEEK.